Someone To You

Chapter 2

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[2]- Hogwarts Express

After another month of sitting in her room (which was way to hot all the time) and reading through all of her school books and basically inhaling any extra information Lyra could get on Hogwarts, it was finally time to gather all of her things and make her way to King's Cross. This time her mother would accompany her along with her brother.

Lyra had been relieved when her mother had told her that her father was busy at the Ministry- that meant she wouldn't have to worry about saying anything wrong. Not that her mother wouldn't acknowledge it- Narcissa was just way more attentive than Lucius.

It was half past ten when the small family arrived at the train station in London. Lyra was walking behind her mother and Draco- they were talking about doing something new in the house while Lyra was gone.

The young girl was thinking about a conversation between her parents she had overheard a few weeks ago. They had talked about the possibility that Lyra might not end up in Slytherin.

While Narcissa had been fairly sure that her daughter would end up in Slytherin- Lucius had talked about how not everyone in the family had been 'so lucky'. He had mentioned someone named Sirius Black- who had ended up in Gryffindor and later was disowned by his own mother- and someone named Nymphadora Tonks- apparently her cousin- who had ended up in Hufflepuff and was actually a half-blood.

That must be Aunt Andromeda's daughter then- was the first thing that Lyra had thought about when she heard the name Tonks.

She knew that her Aunt had been disowned by her family as well after falling in love with a muggle-born but she had never known they had a daughter.

Lyra would never say anything but it actually excited her that she had a cousin. She had also heard her father mentioning that Nymphadora was still in Hogwarts- so there might even be a possibility to meet her.

But what was bothering her right now was that she knew herself that there was a small possibility for her not to end up in Slytherin. She was sure she wouldn't be a Hufflepuff- but just thinking about being disowned for being a Gryffindor made her shiver. Would her family really do something like that? Would her family really give her up for not being in the house she was required to be in?

She knew that in Hogwarts there was some sort of rivalry between the houses- especially between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Maybe she could put these differences aside and actually make some friends in other houses …

Before Lyra could continue her thoughts they arrived at the wall that they would have to run through. Her mother looked expectantly at her- it had been a while since she herself had had to run through the brick wall, but she remembered the weird feeling she had when she did it for the first time. Now it was her oldest child who would have to do the same and although it wasn't really anything special she was still proud of her daughter. She would arrive at Hogwarts and make so many new friends because of her name and it would all be rather easy for her- Narcissa was sure.

"Go on, dear. Nothing's going to happen- just don't panic.", the elder woman smiled reassuringly at Lyra.

Before she could think about it any longer, Lyra started to run- pushing the trolley with her trunk and the cage with Amelyn on top in front of her. She ran through the barrier and arrived on the other side.

Directly in front of her was the Hogwarts Express- big and old, just as she had imagined- it throned next to Platform 9 ¾. There were so many people standing around the train she could barely see anyone's face.

On her way farther down the platform she bumped into a boy with red hair, who immediately started apologising before calling for someone and running away again. Lyra just grinned and shook her head- slowly she started to feel the excitement.

"Well, this is Goodbye then..."

Lyra turned around to see her mother standing right in front of her, arms around Draco- whose smile he had been wearing permanently for the past month, had turned into a sad frown.

Was her little brother actually bummed about not seeing her for the next three and a half months?

"Yeah, well, I'll be back for Christmas break. And I will send you owls whenever I can, I promise.", she assured her family. "Tell Father I will send a letter tomorrow as soon as I have time. I am fairly sure he will want to know which house I got into. Right, Draco?" Lyra smiled at her little brother who gave her a quick hug before standing next to their mother again. "I hope you have fun. And don't forget to send me something!"

"I won't forget, I promise."

"We'll send you an owl every now and then to keep you updated on everything." Narcissa pulled her oldest child into a big hug. She wasn't really ready to let Lyra grow up so soon, but she didn't have a choice. She was sure that her daughter would manage just fine on her own but she also had a feeling that this had been their last summer as a family in which everything had been normal- well, as normal as it could get.

"This will be the best time of you life- don't waste it by thinking about anything your father and I have ever said that might not make any sense to you." Narcissa immediately regretted what she had just said- but she wouldn't ruin the moment and take it back.

For one last time Lyra hugged both her brother and her mother before heaving her trunk into the train and looking for an empty compartment.

If she was to make friends she would have to wait until someone approached her- she just wasn't the type of person to walk up to someone and ask to be friends with them.

It didn't take her to long to find an empty compartment as the train itself still seemed rather empty.

Lyra felt weird- everything around her felt weird. She now was alone, completely on her own- no friends, no family, no one.

It made her feel sad for the first time in weeks. She hadn't been sad about leaving, she hadn't been sad about her father not coming with them to say Goodbye- only now did she realise that it made her sad that she was alone.

There was no little brother she had to take care of. No Narcissa who she had to worry about. Not even her father who she was always so mad about. No. It was just herself and her owl.

The train had already started when Lyra finally decided to do something else than just staring out the window. She rummages through her bag and found a random book she started to read while listening to the soothing sounds of the Hogwarts Express on the railway.

She must have read for some time- the next time she looked out of the window the scenery had changed from suburban London into fields and small villages.

It was quiet in here. The only sound was the rattling of the train, aside from that- nothing. It stayed like that for a while. The scenery had changed into small hills and wide grassland when she heard a loud bang right in front of her compartment. Lyra jumped- there were small, colourful fireworks outside in the hallway.

Suddenly the compartment door was pulled open and Lyra jumped again- the readhead she had run into at King's Cross came in and looked at her for a short moment, before sticking his head out of the door again. "Come on, Georgie! It's almost empty- Percy won't find us here!", the boy called and stepped aside just as another redheaded boy came into the compartment. The first one snapped the door shut before sitting down right across from Lyra.

The young witch was confused. Why were these two boys in here with her? Why not with someone else? And who would name his child 'Percy'?

Now the silence had changed- it wasn't comfortable anymore. No one in the small space really felt like starting a conversation. It felt like hours had passed as one of the twins finally spoke up. (She had come to the conclusion that they were either twins or clones)

"Who are you?", he asked in a confused tone and crooked his head. His brother kicked him in the shin and shot him a warning glance- that was not how you introduced yourself to someone who just let you invade their private space without complaint.

The boy who had kicked his brother know turned his head to Lyra and smiled kindly at her. "I apologize for my brother- he isn't very tactful, as you can tell-"

"Says you-"

"Anyway- what he meant to say was that we are sorry for invading your space, but we kinda set off some fireworks in the hallway- nothing too big, don't worry- and our big brother kinda freaked out about it and we had to run."

Now Lyra was completely bewildered. This complete stranger had just apologized for coming into her compartment although it wasn't only hers. She hadn't talked to someone so nice and happy since she met Madam Malkin in Diagon Alley.

Politely the girl returned the smile and nodded. Their story about setting of fireworks had sounded really fun and she would have loved to hear more about it- but she only had known these boy for less than five minutes.

After a short pause in the conversation the other twin spoke up. "Sorry, that I was so rude before, but it's a little weird to see a pretty girl like you sit completely on her own in here.", he shrugged.

"Yeah, well, unless she doesn't want us to, we could accompany her. We already got into enough trouble today, Fred. Percy is gonna write to Mum if we don't hold back a little." Both boys looked at her with an expression that implied they wanted to stay but would leave immediately if she said so.

George was feeling a bit uneasy and started playing with his fingers- something about this girl was making him nervous. He hadn't intended to invade her privacy but Fred had called him into this compartment and his brother thought it was alright, so why did it bother him so much?

Lyra didn't know these two boys- she couldn't be sure about what they wanted here. But they were on the Hogwarts Express- no one at the age of eleven or twelve would ever be so nice to her just to later start being rude. So the girl just nodded.

She needed friends and these two boy seemed really fun, although she doubted from their behaviour that they would be in the same house. But didn't she want to have a friendship that went above these house differences in Hogwarts?

Fred's frown turned into a bright grin after Lyra approved them of staying here. Although she hadn't said anything yet he could tell that she was finding them fun to be around- this seemed like a good start.

"Well, let's start over- my name's Fred and this is my brother George.", he cleared his throat and bumped his shoulder against his brothers, who was seemingly nervous.

Lyra's voice was tense as she spoke. "I'm Lyra- Lyra Malfoy."

"Malfoy? As in the daughter of that prat Lucius M-"

"Fred! Don't be so rude.", George shouted. But his brother was right- their family had never gotten along with the Malfoys. Lucius kept making fun of their father at the ministry and constantly talked about how poor their family was. George hated him- but that didn't mean his daughter was just like him. Right?

"You must know that our family never got along with yours-"

"Never got along? George they hate each other! Her father is the reason our father hasn't gotten a promotion in five years! He's an arrogant prick who thinks he's better than anyone else just because he is a pureblood and has tons of money!"

Suddenly Lyra felt the urge to laugh out loud. The boys looked at her as if they'd seen a ghost. Why was she laughing? They had just insulted her father and she was… laughing!?

"Sorry- I- I just found that description of him so accurate- It's awesome to hear that- that he behaves just as horrible at work as he does at home- I'm really sorry-"

The twins looked at each other in surprise. That wasn't what they had been expecting. But instead of just sitting there and staring at the blonde they starting laughing as well. Maybe this wouldn't turn out so bad.

"So, you must be Weasley's then?", Lyra asked with a grin after having calmed down. Both boys nodded at that. "Yeah, well it's not an uncommon thing, is it?", Fred chuckled.

"It's true then? That you have many siblings, I mean?"

"Well, yeah. We have a younger sister and a younger brother, but the other three are older than us- as we said, Percy isn't very fun to be around."

"He's striving to become a prefect in his fifth year- that's why he's so stuck up all the time. What about you? Any siblings? Our Dad mostly talks about what an ass your father is, so we don't know that much about your family."

Lyra chuckled at that again. She found the twins to be really fun to be around, although it was rather surprising to her that they had so many siblings, Their poor mother, she thought.

"I have a little brother- his name is Draco. Comes across like a little devil but he's actually a softie."

The three children continued talking about their families for a while until they heard a clattering outside in the corridor. A small, dimpled woman slid back their door and smiled kindly at them. "Anything off the trolley, loves?", she asked.

Lyra immediately pulled a hand full of money out of her jacket pocket and handed it to the kind lady. "I would like a bit of everything. Except for the Liquorice Wands, please!", she turned around to the twins who both didn't seem to bother with getting any sweets. For a moment she wondered why but than she remembered something her father had once said about the Weasley family. She decided not to dwell on it for long and instead threw all the sweet onto the empty space next to her seat.

"Help yourselves- you don't think I'm planning on eating all of this on my own, do you?", she laughed and threw a Chocolate Frog in Fred's direction. At least she was pretty sure it was Fred- how would she ever know the difference?

While Fred shook his head and opened up his Chocolate Frog with a wide grin, George just stared at the girl in front of him in awe as she handed him a Pumpkin Pasty. He had really not expected her to give them anything free- she had paid for all of that after all.

Lyra seemed to realise that George was staring and felt her cheeks go red. She looked down at the back of her bag with Bertie Bott's Every-Flavoured Beans she had just opened and swallowed. "I think I'm only spending all this money father gave me because, well, he gave it to me, you know? Doesn't hurt as much when you know the person who gave it to you doesn't deserve it at all."

Now that Lyra had spoken up, George took his eyes of her and opened up the Pumpkin Pasty in his hand. He found it admirable how Lyra saw her father and talked him down without even flinching. He wondered what Lucius Malfoy could have done to his daughter, for her to dislike him so much.

The trio continued eating through the sweets up until they looked out of the window and saw a major change in scenery had occurred. Lyra swallowed down her Chocolate Cauldron and said, "Maybe we should leave the rest for Hogwarts- my grandmother always said I should buy enough to last for a few weeks- no idea why, but the feast at Hogwarts is supposed to be huge and I feel like we won't be hungry anymore if we continue." Laughing, she looked at Fred who had just eaten an Every-Flavoured Bean and it seemed like it hadn't been a good one.

At that exact moment the compartment door was slid open and a boy with equally as red hair as the twins' looked inside. "There you are. I warned you- Mum will hear about the fireworks, trust me. But that's not why I'm here- we will be arriving at Hogwarts soon, so maybe you three should put on your robes. You will be led to Hogwarts in boats over the Great Lake by the gamekeeper, Hagrid. He will greet you and then you will be lead into the Great Hall and be sorted into your house.- Don't get in trouble, Fred, this is very important and I will not let you ruin this day for any other students or teachers, George." As the boy spoke the twins' names he looked them each in the face (definitely the wrong way around) before turning on his heel and strutting down the corridor.

"Percy.", the twins said at the same time while rolling their eyes.

While the boys were bickering about Percy, Lyra got her robes out of her trunk and made her way to the door of their compartment.

"Where are you going?", Fred asked.

Lyra chuckled. "Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not going to change in front of you- leave myself some dignity, you know?" She knew that wasn't the only reason she didn't want to change in front of Fred and George, but they didn't have to know that- nobody had to.

With a bright grin and a wink she exited the compartment and made her way down the corridor to find a place where she could change without being watched.

"Never expected to say this about a Malfoy, but I like her. She was nice enough to give us some of her sweets and didn't even ask why we didn't buy any for ourselves. I believe we even ate more than she did. Is that considered rude? And she seemed really interested when we told her about the fireworks we invented. She seems really nice to me, right Georgie?" Fred grinned when he saw his brother still staring at the door Lyra had walked out of a few minutes ago. George either had a thing for the blonde or he just thought about how someone could be so nice to them without that someone even really knowing them.

It was such a George-thing to do- overthinking. Fred just shook his head at his brother and tossed him his robes.

"Let's get ready before she comes back or she'll have to wait outside for us to get changed."

"Hmmm.", was the only thing George let out before standing up and changing into his robes. He shouldn't get his hopes up to high- they were probably not even going to be in the same house. If she would get into Slytherin and they would be put into Gryffindor a friendship wasn't really all that possible. But maybe they could put the house differences aside and stay friends.

After the twins had changed they sat down again and Fred started a staring contest with Lyra's owl Amelyn, who sat comfortably on top of her cage.

After not more than ten seconds Fred gave up and leaned back into his seat. He grabbed the book that Lyra had laid aside as they had entered the compartment.

"Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them", he read out loud. "Isn't this the book we were required to buy for Hogwarts?", he asked his brother and held up the book.

"Yeah, I think so. Why?"

"Just wondering. This copy looks really new- not like the ones we got from Bill and Charlie."

"Yeah, well, her father has a lot of money, Fred. She probably got everything new. Also, she doesn't have older siblings, so where would she then get the book from?"

Fred just shrugged. "Dunno. Just curious. You be happy that you got Bill's copy- Charlie has scribbled all over the pages, he even insisted on me giving it back to him in one piece after we don't need it anymore."

"I don't think he'll become an Auror- no matter how hard Mum tries to convince him.", George laughed.

They continued talking about their brothers for a while. Just before the train came to a halt, the compartment door slid open again and Lyra slipped in.

Some weird girls had stopped her on her way back to the compartment and wanted to talk to her. Gladly, they had let her go after she told them if they wouldn't she would tell her father.

As much as she hated taking her fathers reputation as an advantage sometimes it could come in handy.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually quite nervous.", Fred murmured.

"At least you know which house you're going to get into.", Lyra sighed and gave Amelyn a last treat before letting her into her cage. "I'll be back.", the blonde muttered and closed the small cage door.

As they went out into the corridor they continued their conversation.

Fred squeezed himself through behind some older students as he asked, "And you don't? I mean almost all of your family has been in Slytherin, why wouldn't you be?"

"As you said; almost."

"Don't you wanna be in Slytherin?", Fred asked again. George kicked his brother in the shin. Fred was really playing dumb right now. It was obvious that Lyra didn't want to continue talking about this topic.

Lyra sighed again before jumping out of the door, that was being held open by George, and onto the hard surface of the train station, "Of course I do. It's just that-"

Before the girl could continue she was interrupted by the deep voice of a giant man standing in front of them. "Firs'-years over here! Come on! Don' be shy! Firs'-years over here!", the man called.

There was a mess when suddenly all the first years were heading in Hagrids direction. Everyone was talking about how excited they were for Hogwarts and which house they were hoping to get into.

Lyra suddenly started feeling really uncomfortable- too many people were talking and it made her head hurt. She swallowed and baled her fists, this was too much but she wouldn't let it get to her. Not on her first day.

Fred, who had been talking to a guy named Lee Jordan, now leaned over to his twin, who was looking concerned at Lyra. "Let's make a deal- whatever house we get in, we will meet tomorrow afternoon."

"Where?", asked George shifting his concerned look towards his brother before grinning widely.

"In front of the Great Hall of course.", said Fred grinning before he turned around to follow Hagrid down the dark path that led them to the Great Lake.

While Fred walked next to the boy he had been talking to earlier, George stayed next to Lyra. He felt her uneasiness and felt like he should comfort her. Instead he tried to get her attention and make her focus on other things.

"You know, my big brother Charlie says there is a Giant Squid living in the lake. He's not supposed to be harmful though. Charlie describes him as semi-domesticated."

Lyra cracked a smile at that, "Very reassuring, George, as it is not like we will be travelling by boat over the lake. We might not be lucky and he has a bad day or something and is craving some first-year flesh."

Both of them had to laugh- the possibility to get eaten by a giant squid before they were even sorted into their Hogwarts houses for some reason was pretty funny to them.

As they arrived at the dock Hagrid told them to get into the boats in groups of fours. Lyra shared a boat with the twins and Lee Jordan who seemed to get along with both twins fairly well.

It didn't take long for them to see the huge castle that is Hogwarts right in front of them. Some students gaped in awe and one even expressed her admiration by shrieking.

After getting a short view of Hogwarts the boats were lead into a dark tunnel that seemed to lead them right beneath the castle.

The students and Hagrid arrived at some sort of underground harbour where they climbed onto some rocks.

"All firs'-years here? Good. Follow me.", called Hagrid before he started walking up a flight of dark steps and stopping in front of an enormous wooden door.

George bumped his shoulder into Lyra's before Hagrid nocked on the heavy door three times.

"Ready?", the twin asked, grinning.

Lyra sighed and grinned at him, "When you are."

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I personally see the twins as pretty accepting people as long as the other person shows them they can trust him/her. I do not think that Molly Weasley raised her sons and daughter to be that judgemental of other people. Also, you must note that the main characters in this part of the story are eleven years old- not 18.

About Lyra- I know her talking down her father doesn't make sense to some people but it makes sense to me. Lyra has seen her parents do bad things, she has heard them talking about horrible things and she simply hates how her father thinks he's better than anyone else. As I'm going to talk about that later in the story I'll let it be for now.

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