Someone To You

Chapter 6

Introduction, pt. 6

[6]- Full of Change

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Again- this is one of the filling chapters with important/ meaningful moments in the timeline before the story actually starts.

Last chapter for the Introduction!

This is a chapter about thoughts and moments and opinions and stuff in Lyra's first and second year. Pay attention to the fat printed names otherwise it might get a little confusing.

Fred Weasley

If someone had told me that I would be friends with Lucius Malfoy's daughter a few months ago I would have punched them in the face. By someone I mean Percy and by punching them in the face I mean killing him, but that's beside the point.

But honestly- I would've never expected for a daughter of a wealthy pureblood wizard, that had a stick so far up his butt that not even Aunt Muriel with her long, thin fingers could pull it out, to be so open. Well, not particularly outgoing- she doesn't talk a lot- but rather open about welcoming people- even if they were half-bloods or known 'blood-traitors'.

I did realise that she wasn't particularly fond of Muggleborns though, but she manages to be nice enough around them and not call them the bad 'M'-word. Although I don't think she'd ever use it- I asked her about it once and she slapped me with one of her books and looked really offended.

George has set himself up to a mission to get Lyra to understand our ways of looking at those kinds of things and even if she really tries to be nice about it and not make any mean comments, sometimes she slips and then it's bad.

George and I generally try to ignore what she said and change the topic immediately. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't.

I guess she can't really help it- her family raised her with beliefs like 'Muggleborns aren't supposed to be here at all' or 'they steal our magic'. Maybe someday she'll be able to get over it and build an opinion herself, but until then the Muggleborns have to deal with weird looks and impulsive comments.

Otherwise I have to say, Lyra's great. She's really smart and she uses it- sometimes to her benefit or against us but mostly to gain house points in classes. She also finds our pranks hilarious and helps us out with most of them, but when it comes to pranking her housemates she usually encloses herself. Which we get, of course, but that doesn't prevent us from doing it anyway.

When we presented her the Marauder's Map, we had found it Filch's office, she immediately began researching and helping us figure it out. Thinking about the fact that we almost had thrown it away when we had first seen that it was just an empty piece of parchment makes me want to hold Ron out of the window again.

We discovered so many things through that map- mostly secret passageways and students or ghosts we'd never heard about. But the most fun thing for me was that we always knew were Percy was. Not because I cared for his whereabouts but more because he was easier to 'entertain' because we always knew where he was.

The most fun thing for George to do with the map was look for , when she wasn't with us, he would watch her every step on the map. It's creeping me out most of the time but I couldn't really blame him for his crush on her. I'm pretty sure it will go away eventually, but right now I don't really mind.

It's a bit fun even. I don't think he has realised it himself just yet but I'll make sure he does soon.

Any ways, back to the topic; Lyra introduced us to her friends Alec and Katherine a few days before she left for Christmas. I can't say we've become best friends yet, especially after we shot a few jinxes at Alec in November- he wasn't willing to hang out with us for long after that.

When everyone had left for Christmas, George and I pulled a few pranks on our little brother Ron. Well, actually I was the one who pulled them; George was to busy exchanging letters with Lyra.

At some point she stopped writing and George thought he'd done something wrong. I was feeling sorry for him for a very short minute before our little sister Ginny was caught steeling one of our brooms and flying around with them in the garden.

Ginny really had a bad influence from us- according to Ron she causes any kinds of trouble when we're not at home. But of course Mum forgives her for everything- our little sweet no-wrong Ginny.

George was sad for the rest of Christmas break and it made me feel sick. I asked him a few times if we wanted to blow up the ghoul in our attic and he never even acknowledged my attempts.

It didn't get better when we came back to Hogwarts; Lyra ignored us whenever she could afford to and only hung out with Alec and Kate. George and I pulled the latter aside once in a hallway.

When we asked her what was going on with Lyra she strictly refused to tell us and then left without another word. Rude if you ask me.

George Weasley

After our talk wit Lyra's friend Kate I got even more confused. I just couldn't explain to myself why she would suddenly stop sending me letters. Was it something I had done? Or had she finally realised that hanging out with two Gryffindors who were also Weasleys was ruining the reputation of her family?

It turned out that neither of those were true; Charlie came to us one day and told us that Lyra had come to talk to him. To him! Out of all people Lyra had the chance to talk to she chose my older brother! They hadn't even officially met yet!

Charlie said that her father had thrown a huge fit when he found out that his daughter was friends with the kids of the man he hated most, and then it did made sense; in the last letter she had send me she had said that she would be away over the rest of the holidays and only her father would be at the Manor- it only made sense that he had received the letter and read the forwarder.

I internally cursed and blamed myself for my stupidity- I've been so wrapped up in just communicating with Lyra, even over the holidays, that I didn't even think when I send that last letter. Seriously how stupid could one be?

Fred eventually forced me to confront her, but that turned out to be nearly impossible. Every time I tried to talk to Lyra, she either hurried away or she actually waited for me to approach her but we were detained by her friends.

Three Slytherin girls- who I didn't know the name of- seemed to have made it their job to prevent me and Lyra from talking. They were the ones that dragged Lyra away every time she actually looked like she was willing to talk to me.

At some point after the thirteenth time I tried to solve our problem I decided that I had to meet her somewhere where no one else would be with her.

The first place that came to mind was the library but that wasn't exactly the best place to hold a conversation about her father. So I chose to skip watching the next Quidditch game.

Yeah, when I told Fred he was just as shocked. I quote; "How can you give up a game like Quidditch for a talk with a girl? That's insane, man! Let's go and get you checked with Madam Pomfrey!"

I know him well enough to get that he was definitely not at all concerned about my mental health, but I also know that he didn'twant to go to the game without me. Not that I'd tell him that ever.

It turned out that I was right; Lyra didn't go to the game. I found her in the Great Hall- studying.

I would be understating if I'd say it wasn't awkward, but we figured everything out eventually. We complied that there would be no letter exchanging over the holidays any more and that we would keep our public interactions to a minimum.

It wasn't the ideal compromise but it was better than nothing at all …

Ophelia Cruore

What does Lyra Malfoy have with these twins? They're annoying little prats that think themselves better than everybody else. Pulling pranks on every one around them, hexing teachers and befriending the Poltergeist of the school! It really couldn't get any more annoying, could it!?

I, for one, think that Lyra deserves much better friends. Hanging out with Gryffindors only damages her reputation and more importantly the reputation of her family!

My parents have been friends with the Malfoy family for ages, so I do know them pretty well. I know that Lucius would never let his daughter around people like the Weasley- twins and I honestly don't know what's gotten into Lyra to actually do that. I really hope that it is just a phase.

We don't want her to turn into a blood-traitor, do we?

Alec Fawley

Okay, what the hell is the matter with girls at this age? At first they treat you as if you mean the world to them and then suddenly they have better things to do than spend their time with you?!

I hadn't been too sure of Lyra at the beginning of the year but after the Christmas holidays I thought some sense had finally gotten into her. Now she's hanging out with the Weasleys, again!

When she'd told me and Kate what her father had said about her receiving letters from a certain 'George Weasley' I'd thought she'd finally realised her mistake. After all, Lyra is a very smart witch.

But no! Apparently she had to prove me wrong- She thinks we don't notice but we do know that every time she leaves us to 'study in the library' or to 'go take a walk to think' she's actually meeting up with the twins.

I just don't really get what's so awesome about being around blood-traitors. She's a Malfoy, for Merlin's sake! She shouldn't be doing that!

Katherine Grey

I don't really get Alec's problem. It's not that I particularly like to think about Lyra being with two guys who are known troublemakers but I also think that she out of all people can take good care of herself.

I'm pretty sure that she calculated everything out- she's a Slytherin after all.

When Lyra had told us that her father had been mad at her about exchanging letters with one of the Weasleys we didn't dare ask any more. Lucius Malfoy wasn't known to go easy on people that didn't play by his rules- at least that's what Alec told me. But Lucius Malfoy would also never punish his children for something that simple, right?

It didn't take too long for Lyra to start meeting up with the twins again. It was after the Qudditch game between Slytherin and Ravenclaw that she started disappearing with bad excuses.

And even though Alec stopped caring about whether Lyra got caught or not after just a few weeks, I couldn't shake off the feeling that the Weasley twins were starting to have a bad influence on her.

When we talked about our families or anything in that direction she talked about her father as if he was a stranger and she didn't mention her mother or her brother at all. But then again- she could never hate them.

It wasn't until exams started coming up that Lyra started to skip meals in the Great Hall just to eat in the kitchens later at night. I was really worried about her at that time.

She wasn't always with the twins when she wasn't with us but in the library- studying. And although I didn't mind that she wanted to study rather than help the twins cause trouble or do nothing with me and Alec for hours, she spent way to much time in front of books.

I had to tell her off more than once and she snapped at me more than enough. It was getting to her head, I realised that quickly.

This time I was the first one to give up on her though. Alec continuously tried to persuade her to stop studying and go out of the castle with us, but not even he could do it. He was so desperate that he even asked the twins for help once but they just told him that it was better to let Lyra do whatever it was she was doing.

And we did.


Finally, when exams had finished Lyra decided to honour us with her presence at our table in the Great Hall.

"Good Morning." She said, letting herself fall into the space next to Kate. The two of us just exchanged a quick glance.

"Morning?" Kate answered questioningly.

I could see it in Lyra's eyes that she didn't want to talk about the past four weeks or so but I really didn't care right now. She ignored us for a pretty long time and the first words she speaks to us again are 'Good morning'!?

"What the hell was going on with you the past month! You didn't talk to us for weeks and now you come here with 'Good Morning'!?"

My eyes widened at Kate's voice. "Calm down, Katie! We're not alone!" I murmured glancing around the table.

"I'm sorry okay? I was just so caught up in studying-"

"And you couldn't eat with us because you were studying? You couldn't answer our questions because 'you were studying'. Next time you should think about a better excuse to ignore your friends." Kate's voice had changed into something calmer but her eyes were still glistening with anger.

"Maybe I wasn't just studying! But I needed some time on my own and I thought you'd understand." Lyra seemed to actually mean it and I genuinely believed her.

Kate on the other hand still didn't look convinced. "Alright." She said calmly, which surprised me a bit. "But next time you should seriously think about a better excuse than 'I was caught up in studying'"

And although the two girls laughed, the tension wasn't gone yet.

Lyra Malfoy

Honestly I hadn't been too worried about anyone's thoughts in the past couple weeks. I just had four weeks of studying and drowning in self-pity, because of a letter my father had sent me, behind me and I was now looking ahead at maybe the worst summer ever. Just thinking about seeing my father everyday made me want to throw up.

In his letter he had told me how disappointed he was in me and that he would overthink sending me to Durmstrang next year.

I knew that he wanted to send Draco there and that it had been his initial idea to send me there too before Mother had interfered and said that everyone in the family had gone to Hogwarts so her children would as well. I doubt that he cares about Mothers opinions at all after he found out that I was still in contact with the Weasley twins.

I knew that Kate was still mad at me- she didn't make it a secret. But I was pretty sure that she'd calm down eventually.

One hour before the Hogwarts Express would begin it's journey back to London I went up to the first floor corridor, waiting patiently for the twins on a windowsill.

I had told them that it wouldn't be possible to say goodbye in London because my parents would be there to pick me up and I didn't want Fred and George to get killed by the hands of my own father.

They had found it funny- I hadn't.

On the train I sat in a compartment alone with Alec and Kate. We didn't speak at all, but it wasn't uncomfortable silence- it was enjoyable, really. Kate was drawing something and Alec was watching her while I read the book Mother had given me for my birthday.


I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss Lyra. More than once I found myself looking for a piece of parchment just to realise that I couldn't write to her. She had explicitly said that if we'd write to her she would send someone to murder us by hand if she was still alive.

She had laughed- I hadn't.

Fred and I had a pretty awesome summer; we pulled a few of our best pranks and even played Quidditch with Ginny while Mum, Dad and Percy were gone. But something was missing.

When I asked Fred about it he just shrugged and went back to structuring an idea for a joke article on the back-cover of an old book.

After a few weeks I decided to stop worrying about it and actually help Fred out with some of our jokes. Like I said; a pretty awesome summer.

Back at King's Cross Station on 1st September I spotted a head of platinum-blonde hair that looked suspiciously similar to Lyra. I could only get a glimpse of her talking to a house-elf before being pulled into a bone-crushing hug by Mum.

On the train, Fred and I were looking for a compartment as we found Lyra sitting in one, talking excitingly to Lee Jordan.

Lyra had changed clearly over the summer; her hair was even brighter than before but her skin looked more tanned, probably from all the sun. She had grown a good few centimetres but still was shorter than me and Fred. She looked even more beautiful than last year.

When my brother and I entered the compartment she greeted us with a hug as if we hadn't acted like strangers in the hallways all of the past semester. She smiled brightly but her eyes held dark circles.

Something was off- really off.

I seemed to be the only one noticing her weird behaviour though- Fred just sat down next to her and started partaking in the conversation between Lee and Lyra.

Why wasn't she with her Slytherin friends? Not that I didn't want her here with us but she had demanded from us last year to act as if we didn't know each other in public.

After a while, Lee excused himself to go look for Angelina and Alicia and Lyra was left alone with Fred and I.

But instead of the uncomfortable silence, that I had expected, laughter filled our compartment. Fred had told Lyra about the time we had transfigured Percy's glasses into toilet seat-shaped ones by means of Dad's wand.

Just then on the train I hoped that maybe this year wouldn't be as stressful for Lyra as our first. I knew that she hadn't only been studying all May- but I also didn't know what else she had been up to.

I would have really liked to ask Lyra about her summer. But then again- she didn't look like she had had enough rest. I was pretty sure that her father had been the cause of that and asking about it would only make it worse. Maybe she'd tell us on her own some time.


Georgie and I had decided over the summer that we'd try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch-team this year as beaters. I was looking forward to it and honestly, our brother had probably never seen better beaters in his life.

As George and I grew up with Quidditch and had an Charlie as an older brother, who was the best seeker Hogwarts had seen in a while, the conditions were looking pretty well. Not that I'd let that fact get to my head, of course.

When we had told Lyra she had grunted at first but then she had cheered us on. I think she just wasn't too keen on having to go to every Quidditch match of Gryffindor if we actually made it into the team. It was a known fact that Lyra Malfoy wasn't a huge fan of every wizards favourite sport.

Around the time the try-outs had begun George started complaining that something was off, but couldn't tell me what it was. He asked me weird questions and for the first time in our short lives I found myself confused by George's behaviour.

I knew it had to do with Lyra- I wasn't blind- but I couldn't guess what it was.

Georgie had a crush on her- of that I was certain- but aside from that I didn't know what was bothering him.

Until he told me a few weeks later;

"Don't you think it's weird that, after the summer holidays, Lyra didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that she was publicly being around us again, after what she had asked us last year?"

And he was right- it was weird.

Last year, Lyra had been as careful as ever not to be seen with us and now she sometimes sat with us at our house table. She studied with us (well, she studied, we planned) and she even pulled pranks with us.

And although she was still spending time with her other friends I had gotten the feeling that she was purposely trying to avoid them at times.

But to be honest, I really didn't want to ask- last time I had asked her something she had hit me with a very heavy book. I think that's why I have developed an allergy against the library …

It took us a while to pluck up some courage to actually ask the witch what was going on. Although bravery was one thing that I prided myself on, asking Lyra about her family demanded more than that.

So, when we finally approached her we were very careful to phrase everything right, and it worked. She stayed calm- maybe that was because we were surrounded by people but I like to think she did it because she actually wanted to tell us.

When she told us about how her father had commanded her around all summer and had acted like she was a servant rather than his daughter, George and I were shocked.

We both knew that Lucius Malfoy was an arrogant git who thought himself better than anyone else, but we had also thought that he would treat his family just as highly as he always pretended to around other ministry officials.

It was odd to think about someone who grew up in conditions like Lyra, to actually still be nice to most of the people around her, but somehow Lyra had managed not only to be better than her ancestors at almost anything but also to have rather good heart, you know, for a Malfoy and all!?


After the rather unusual dark conversation we'd had with Lyra, almost everything went back to normal. I had to give it to her; she was a strong girl- that was undeniable. How she managed it was a mystery to me, but as long as she stayed the way she was, it would be fine with me.

The way she was- she was actually very Slytherin, but then again, who'd said that all Slytherins had to be pricks? She was really clever and I think without her we wouldn't have gotten away with some of our pranks. Also, she was really funny and-

What was I thinking? This shouldn't be happening! I didn't want Fred's accusations to be true! Or did I?

I knew that I saw Lyra in a different light than Fred, but I quickly shoved that thought far back into the debts of my mind. It wasn't right and I should know that. Especially considering our families reputations ...

Sometimes Fred left me alone with her for quite a while 'getting something' or 'going to talk to Lee'. Lyra didn't seem to notice that Fred was playing us out and that he was behaving like a five year old, but I did. It annoyed me back then and it probably always will. Just thinking about what ideas he had in his head made me want to smack him ...

At some point before Christmas Lyra came us and asked us something I'd never thought possible; she asked if we would mind her visiting the Burrow after Christmas.

Of course we had told her that she'd always be welcome with us (mainly because we wanted to show Mum that Lyra wasn't so well-behaved around us as she thought her to be). Mum has been dying to meet her ever since I told her about 'this girl in our year'. I mean she did freak out when we told her Lyra's last name but for her that was just one more reason to meet her.

Mum still went stiff whenever we mentioned Lyra's name but I'll just blame that on her being excited fo the time being.

But when Lyra actually asked us if she could stay, that blew my mind. She had only shrugged it off when we had presented her our offer and now she was the one sugeesting it to us. Saying that I was mildly surprised would be an understatement.

Fred had the nerve to ask her if everything was alright (although we both knew that that was never a good idea) and she had taken it quite personal. Go, Fred!

After a while, when she had calmed down, we asked her again if she was sure and she responded with a simple and clear 'Yes'.

So the next day we wrote a letter to Mum to tell her that Lyra would stay with us for the last week of the holidays. Mum was quite surprised to hear it but eventually gave in.

I have to say that those letters were probably the weirdest ones I've ever written and the weirdest ones I've ever received.

Because really; why in Godric's name would our mother really accept a Malfoy to set a foot over our doorstep?!


I had been really nervous to ask the boys about my holiday plans. It wasn't a secret that their family and mine didn't really get along and asking them to let me stay must've sound really suspicious if not completely crazy.

Mrs. Weasley was an amazing mother, of that I was sure. Every time Charlie and I had talked- which hadn't been often- he had given me a positive picture of his family. Even the twins' eyes glimmered in admiration when they talked about their father or their oldest brother Bill.

But why was it so hard for me to just accept it when they told me I could come? Why was it so hard to believe them that their mother was not thinking about killing me the first time she looked me in the eyes?

"It's not a problem, really!" George had said with a genuine smile.

Fred on the other hand, tactful as always, had asked, "You alright?"

Of course, I had been offended at first. To my defense, it had sounded a bit personal.

I admittedly had thought about not telling them the truth, but how would that helped our friendship?

"I honestly don't know ... my parents definitely won't let me, but-"

"Then why? I mean, I don't mind you staying with us and I'm sure our family'll be fine with it, but if you are certain that it won't work out, why do you even asked?" Fred had interrupted me.

I had just scoffed at him and said; "As I was saying, Fred; I'm going to try and convince my mother. She won't be pleased, but I know she'll let if I present her reasonable arguments."

"And how do you plan on doing that?"

"Let me worry about that." I had smirked at the confusion on their faces. To be honest, back then I had no idea what I would tell mother.

"What about your Dad?" George had asked.

Of course my response to that had been a deep sigh. Yeah, what about my Dad?

"Well, mother said he won't be at the manor over the holidays, which roughly translates to he will be attending very important and secretive meetings, no one is supposed to know about." Another sigh. "I guess I'll just have to rely on my mother's words here. I'm not going to ask him ... That would-" I had barely stopped myself from revealing something I'd later regret. Telling them about my father's ... well, emotional outbursts, would only result in them worrying. And I couldn't afford that right then.

"That would only make things harder than they are, wouldn't it?"

The twins had dropped the subject after that. They trusted me in asking my mother for her permission, and although I was sort of dreading the confrontation, I was sure she'd let me. After all, she did love me.

The next day I wrote a letter to my mother about my situation and I tried to sound a reasonable and sweet as I could. Maybe I shouldn't have said the name of the family ... Why didn't I think about telling her I was going to Kate?

Mother didn't know her parents. But then again- she would want to meet them.

I was sort of glad that my mother wouldn't want to get in contact with Molly or Arthur Weasley- a mutual feeling according to Fred.

Of course I was rather nervous about going to the Weasleys. Especially because I had been the one to ask. Maybe I should stop worrying about it to much. I was going there because I wanted to have a good time with Fred and George- not to impress their parents. After all, I wasn't dating one of them or anything so there really was no need to impress anyone.

Right ...

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I saw frantic movements in the corner of my eye. Someone was standing next to me, trying to get my attention.

Looking up from my book I spotted a girl, dressed in Hufflepuff-robes and unnaturally looking yellow hair.

It was the girl I had seen at the beginning-of-term banquet last year. She had been looking at me curiously as if she knew me.

I had crossed paths with her more than once in my time at Hogwarts, and although I knew that Hufflepuffs were the kindest and most loyal people on earth I'd always found her suspicious.

Fred and George had always just suggested to pull pranks on her because she was one of Charlie's friends.

Now that girl was standing right next to me, smiling and looking quite confident.

"How can I help you?" I asked her. Honestly, it was slowly giving me chills seeing her so- well, happy to see me. Had she confused me with someone?

The girl seemed to realise that she wa staring and shook her head, apologising for her odd behaviour.

"It's fine, really. I just don't usually have people I barely know, watching me in the library."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, about the staring! I just- I didn't know how to approach you, really. Have been trying to do so since March."

My eyes went wide at that. This girl had been trying to approach me since March? What a weird usage of tjat word ...

I cleared my throat. "Oh, really?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sound weird." She sat down next to me. "It's not that I've been wanting to talk to you in that way- Not that I wouldn't! Because under other circumstances I totally- Merlin, I'm rambling. Sorry."

Her rambling made me grin. Never had I seen a seventh-year so nervous around other students or ever, for that matter.

The girl looked at the books on the ground she had knocked over with her wild hand gestures. Sighing, she pulled out her wand and whispered a spell. The books rearranged themselves and she leaned back in the seat next to me.

"Can we start over? I had planned out this whole conversation but you must know that I'm a bit awkward. Not always, of course, but sometimes I just lose my point and then I start to ramble- As I'm doing right now. Sorry"

I was laughing at her. Not out of a hateful way but rather because she was acting really nervous, as if it was something special to meet me.

"Yeah, alright, let's start over. My name's Lyra Malfoy." I reached out with my hand to shake hers, but she didn't comply.

"Nymphadora. Tonks. But if you ever call me Nymphadora I'm going to hurt you, just so that is clear."

I remember staring at her, dumbfounded. I was so shocked by her last name that I completely forgot my confidence.

"T-Tonks? As in Andromeda Tonks' daughter?"

"Yeah ... I know. I reacted the same way when Professor McGonnagall called your name at the sorting last year." She hesitated about what she wanted to say next. "Look, I know this is awkward, seeing as we're cousins and all that jazz. But I heard really good things about you from several people, mostly Charlie of course, but I really think that maybe we could work this out? Maybe not what happened between our mothers, but at least what's between us? Only if that's fine with you, of course-"

Clearing my throat, I straightened up again and slowly closed my book. This was amazing! I remember thinking about meeting my cousin for a long time. What mother would think if she could see me now?

But honestly, I couldn't care less. I had broken more than one of my familiy's beliefs and rules since here at Hogwarts. I had become best friends with so-called blood-traitors who were despised by my whole family and I had turned my back on some of the more douchy housemates of mine. What else could happen if I became friends with the daughter of the sister my mother really despised?

"Um ... I mean, I'd love to, really."

Nymphad- no; Tonks smiles brightly at me, her eyes glimmering with happiness.

I really couldn't believe it- I had just met my cousin for the first time in my life! Of course I didn't know much about Tonks' mother or father for that matter. Mother never talked about them. Sometimes I have the feeling she regrets whatever her and my other aunt did to Andromeda to make them so angry at another. Maybe I would get the chance to find that out at some point ...

The rest of the term went by pretty fast; the twins came up with even more joke-products and pulled more than enough pranks on their fellow students. I helped them with a prank on a first-year, drowning him completely in water balloons, whixh earned us an applause from Peeves, the Poltergeist.

I received the letter from my mother two weeks after I had sent it. The letter clearly stated my mothers disbelief in my request and her guilty feeling about not my plea not to tell father about any of it. The piece of parchment was rather long, as my mother ranted on about how she would be disappointed in me if she didn't know I was responsible and could take csre of myself. I personally think she could've just sent a letter with the last two sentences on it, because those included the only information I needed; that I was allowed to go to the Weasleys.

When I told the twins, they were clearly surprised by my excitement. George gave me a warm, long hug. He wrapped his arms around me as if he wanted to never let me go, heaving me slightly from the floor, just so he didn't have to bend down so much.

Fred had made a face at that, which I couldn't quite decipher. But I was just enjoying George's hug right then and there, s I didn't really care.

I couldn't even say why I was so excited to spend some of my holidays with them. I just was ...

Christmas at the manor wasn't as awkward as I had imagined it. The tension between mother and myself was clearly tangible, but Draco didn't seem to notice. He asked me so much about Hogwarts, that sometimes I was so overwhelmed that I didn't even know the answer.

"Did you find friends easily? Do we know them?" were some of them.

We were sitting in the dining hall, eating dinner. One seat at the end of the table was empty per usual, while mother sat at the other end of the long table not looking pleased with some of Draco's questions.

I glanced at her, unsure of what to say to my little brother. Mother glanced back at me, a warning look on her face.

"Um, yeah. I met two of them on the train, but I'm sure you don't know them. But you have met Alec Fawley!"

"Yeah, the guy who had a crush on you when we were children." He laughed.

Mother looked up from her plate, eyeing Draco disapprovingly. "Draco, please, don't forget your manners. We are still having dinner. Behave."

Not for the first time in my life I was glad when the time at home came to an end.

I did start missing my little brother the moment I entered the Burrow for the first time, but aside from that I wasn't mad about leaving my family behind until summer.

The week at the Burrow was one of the most amazing but awkward times of my life. I met the twins' siblings, who all treated me nicer than I thought. Mrs Weasley even pulled me in a bone-crushing hug when she set Charlie, Percy, the twins and me off at King's Cross.

It was lovely, even though I couldn't ignore the mistrusting looks from almost everyone in the family. Percy was the only one who didn't say a word to me, neither did he look at me, really.

I shared a room with the youngest of the siblings, Ginny, for the week. She talked so much about Hogwarts and her older brothers, that I almost thought I had Draco in front of me again. Well, she was rather nice of course.

But the week didn't only provide me with enough social interaction to last a lifetime but also with some much needed alone time with the twins. Well, almost only with George. Everytime the three of us were alone, Fred just disappeared, leaving me with George.

We didn't talk too much. Sometimes we just sat in comfortable silence. I was painfully aware of him watching me while I read, but I didn't comment on it, neither did I mind after a while. And although I'd never admit it to anyone, I found myself feeling relaxed whenever we found ourselves in that situation.

Fred on the other hand found it hilarious that his twin and I were getting along so much better than we'd expected.

I caught myself comparing the twins more often and finding even more differences between them, that didn't meet the eye.

George was the more quiet twin (as quiet as a Weasley twin could be), that was for sure. He was more perceptive than Fred (which was not very hard, as Fred had the empathy of a mistreated owl) and he was a very good listener.

Whereas Fred was more impulsive and blunt. He never thought before he talked, which put him in more trouble than he'd like to admit.

I think that without George's rational thinking (sometimes) they would have been expelled a few times by now. Although I also like to think about me being the one who keeps them grounded, but I don't want to praise myself too much.

The time flew by so fast after we came back to Hogwarts. I spend most of my time with the twins. Alec and Kate had had one of their fights again and I didn't want to be caught in the middle. Sometimes they acted as if they were five and I wouldn't out up with their out-of-character behaviour around each other.

So I found myself spending more time with Tonks in the library. We bonded over our family, even if we grew up with completely different measures.

Around the time of the fifth Quidditch match the twins finally got me to watch one of the games. It was not as boring as I thought it would be, but it wasn't very fun either. All three Weasleys landed in the hospital wing after the match, luckily with nothing more than a few bruised ribs. I went to visit them right after the game, greeting the twins with a simple I told you so look.

The rest of the year went by rather unspectacularly. Professor Snape stopped sending me suspicious looks and I actually had the feeling that he preferredme over some other students. Of course that could be because I was a Slytherin and a Malfoy, but I highly doubt that he'd never gotten wind of my relationship with the twins.

I knew he was acquainted with my parents and I'd heard him sneak around the manor more times than not, but I never thought he'd be able to be actually nice to someone.

The other lessons got more interesting the closer we were getting to the exams. With Professor McGonnagall we learned how to turn beetles into buttons (not very useful, but fun) and in History of Magic we learned everything about the Founding of Hogwarts (probably the only few lessons where almost nobody fell asleep). Charms was interesting as ever, we learned not only the theory of the Disarming charm but also the Slowing charm.

The moment Alec and Kate had made up again, we started studying together in the library. I found studying with them a lot more effective. They actually did study- something I can't claim about the twins.

The only thing that started bothering me after a while was my mother. Her writing felt tense in every letter she send me and she never even got so close to mentioning my father or my relationship with the twins.

Over the easter holidays I stayed at the manor. I had never felt fully comfortable in the enormous, dark building. You could hear every step echoing from the walls and arguments couls be hardly overheard as they sounded through the whole manor.

But this time it wasn't just the weird feeling I got everytime I stepped a foot in one of the rooms, it was also the tension in the air- and it wasn't even static.

Father was in a bad mood (as always) and treated me as strict as ever, Mother didn't even bother to hold up a normal conversation with and sometimes even avoided looking at me. Draco was the only one in the house who behaved as happy as ever; his time at Hogwarts was coming closer and even though he never verbally said so, I knew he was really excited to go.

At this point I was pretty sure Mother had told my father about my stay at the Burrow. She would never lie to her husband, even if telling him held consequences for her children (mostly me).

I could only hope that my exam results would make up for some of my mistakes. Not that I saw them as mistakes, but my father did.


Two weeks before the summer holidays Charlie pulled us aside to anounce that Oliver Wood would become the new captain of our Quidditch team. He was a nice bloke, so I wasn't too mad.

Oliver had been helping us out in the beginning of the year with Quidditch, because Charlie had been too busy.

It was weird, thinking about Charlie graduating. Of course we still had Percy, but he wouldn't help us out when we had problems and he certainly wouldn't be laughing about our jokes and pranks as much as Charlie did.

I was only glad that Ronniekins was coming to Hogwarts next year. Not that I had missed him (no way), but he was a pretty easy target when it came to hexes and jinxes.

Lyra didn't approve of our plan of sending home a water-tap before the year ended. But that didn't mean we listened to her.

Of course Mum sent us back a Howler but it wasn't too bad and not even our first one.

When the end-of-term feast started coming closer, the castle started getting more hectic. Everyone was hurrying to the library to return books or just for the sake of annoying Madam Pince one last time.

Fred had left Lyra and me alone again and we were sitting on a windowsill on the fourth floor. Lyra was reading a random book (of course).

If I'd been the hat I would've sorted her into Ravenclaw ... But then again- there was no reason not to put her in Slytherin. I had learned over the past two years that not all Slytherins were bad and even Mum liked her- that must mean something.

I just hoped that Lyra wouldn't get into any trouble with her parents this summer- she didn't deserve that. Hell, she didn't deserve any of that shit her family put her through.

When she told us about Tonks a few months ago, she had been so excited- but of course she couldn't tell her parents about that. It was so unfair- how such a charming girl couldn't celebrate her happiness with her own family.

Lyra did talk about her brother, Draco, a lot, but I highly doubt that he is as amazing as her. He'll be the son of the arrogant prick everyone makes Lucius Malfoy out to be. Of course I couldn't tell Lyra that.

It made me sad that she wouldn't come visit us this summer. I knew that Ginny would have appreciated the female company, but not just her ... I would really miss the beautiful girl in front of me this summer ...

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