Someone To You

Chapter 4

Introduction, pt.4

[4]- First Day at Hogwarts

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September 2nd, 1989

„God, Alec! It's not as if we have to spend every minute of every day with them! And like you said- Snape prefers Slytherins and that might make double potions fun."; Katherine said, rolling her eyes.

The trio was sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall for breakfast. The heads of houses had previously handed out the timetables to their students. Many of the Slytherin first-years had groaned when they had first seen the sheets- they had more lessons with Gryffindor than any other house and that seemingly bothered most of them.

Lyra personally couldn't care less. She didn't mind having so many lessons with the house- it meant that she would get to spend more time with Fred and George.

She was also bloody tired. She could barely concentrate on the delicious looking food presenting itself on the plates in front of her, her eyes just kept falling shut.

The young witch hadn't slept all that well in her new bed. It wasn't that she had felt homesick, although she did miss her little brother already. It was more the fact of getting used to sleep in a new environment that was so different from home.

Never in her life had she shared a room with someone else before, except for her brother. It was unusual but not horrible. Lyra would get used to it at some point, he was sure of it, it might just take some time.

Lyra was taken out of her thoughts when Kate started snapping her fingers in front of her face. "Hey! You don't want to eat?"

The blonde was a little bit taken aback. She tucked a loose strand of her behind her hear before answering, "I'm not all that hungry."

"Didn't sleep well, huh? Me neither." Alec commented.

"You are going to get used to it, don't worry. But Lyra, I would really recommend you eat something- we're not going to have time to grab a snack until lunch time."

"Aside from that- these sausages are bloody delicious! Not even our house-elf could cook this good."

Kates eyes went wide. "You have a house-elf? That's so cool!"

Alec chuckled. "Yeah, almost every pureblood family has one. There are some that think it's barbaric, but I think it's just what they do."

"Do you have one too?" Kate asked. She had heard some things about houselves but her parents would never allow one in their home.

"Yeah, his name's Dobby. He's good although he's a bit too rebellious sometimes." Lyra murmured, rubbing her temple. She really hoped that tonight she would get a better sleep- this was torture. The loud noise this morning didn't help either.

She looked over to the Gryffindor table, her eyes looking for two redheads. She spotted Charlie but didn't find the twins until her eyes rested on a crowd at the near end of the table.

The crowd were a bunch of first-years that seemed to be really interested in something Fred and George were showing them.

Lyra would've really liked to go over to them and take a look but she still had the meeting in the afternoon to look forward to.

"… Lyra? Are you coming?"

Alec and Kate had gotten up and were waiting for Lyra to follow them.

"We want to get our books and head to the greenhouses."

Alec laughed as Lyra struggled to get out of her seat before all three of them left the Great Hall.

George just spotted Lyra's blonde head leaving the hall before having his attention turned back to the table. Yesterday night in the common room, the twins had let loose a range of small, self-made fireworks which had apparently made them popular over night.

Their older brother Percy had only acknowledged their behaviour with a disapproving glance, whereas Charlie had found it rather entertaining until calling them off before they'd blow everything up.

A lot of older students had asked them about how they did it and many first-years were know constantly at their heel.

They had already found some friends they really appreciated without knowing them al that well. Two girls in their year, Angelina and Alicia, had held up a conversation about Quidditch the whole rest of the night and Lee Jordan had told them about the many creatures his family had at home which had many of the students constantly hanging at his lips.

Lee had actually asked if he could help the twins improve their inventions and they had gladly excepted. They had talked about pranks and fun inventions the twins had thought of all night- much to the dismay of their housemates.

The twins had gotten another purchase of theirs- a dungbomb- out of Fred's trunk this morning and were now showing it to a few interested Gryffindors.

While his brother explained how the bomb worked George actually took a look at their timetables. He wasn't really looking forward to potions, as their brother Bill had warned them about Professor Snape not being very fun to be around.

It's not going to be that bad, thought George and threw a glance towards the door again. Maybe Lyra had already changed her mind and wouldn't want to hang out with him and Fred any more. He couldn't really blame her- her family was one of the best known and wealthy pureblood families in the wizarding world. Whereas the Weasley family might've been known but not for their wealth- more for the disgrace they brought upon pureblood families with sympathizing with muggles.

George sighed. If she decided to do what her family expected from her after all he would know today after History of Magic with the Ravenclaws.

"Ey Freddie! Let's get our things- we don't wanna be late on our first day, do we?!", George exclaimed and got up from his seat.

The twins made their way out of the hall with Lee Jordan. Waving shortly at Charlie, they started discussing a prank they were going to pull tonight.

This is going to be awesome, Fred thought with a grin and followed George and Lee up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room.

"If I'd known that Herbology was this boring, I'd have stayed in bed.", groaned Kate supporting her heavy feeling head on her arm.

Lyra chuckled at her before looking back at their small Herbology Professor, Pomona Sprout. Lyra had realised she was also the head of Hufflepuff house, which explained the positive smile that was resting constantly on her face.

Her mother had told her that in their first year they would only be taught theory, the practical care of magical plants and fungi would come later in their second year.

And although she could understand Kates boredom she found it far more interesting to look at Alec who was practically hypnotized by what Professor Sprout was explaining.

She leaned into Kates direction without taking her eyes of Alec and whispered "Just look at him. He doesn't even realise he's starting to drool."

The two girls started to giggle which caught the attention of Alec and soon after that also from the Professor.

"Do you two mind enlightening us on what is so fun to discuss in my lesson?"

"Sorry, Professor. It is really not important.", said Kate, trying to cover her wide grin.

"Good, then you can discuss later after the lesson." Professor Sprout shook her head slightly before turning back to the subject of the Devil's Snare she was discussing prior to the interruption.

Lyra wondered why she hadn't taken any points from the two girls, but then again, it was their first lesson so maybe the Professor would let it slide just this once.

After Herbology they went to Charms class, which was way more interesting than their lesson before. Professor Flitwick, who was way smaller than Professor Sprout and was standing on a tower of books for support, explained to them the important art of charm-casting and how they would be crucial to their career as witches and wizards.

The only thing that bothered Lyra was that there was a particular group of three Ravenclaw girls who kept looking over at her and her friends and were whispering constantly. She tried her best to ignore them and kept looking at Professor Flitwick to focus but Alec and Kate weren't helping the case. The two kept talking about the three girls on the other side of the room.

"Hey! You three keep your eyes off! Seriously- and you're supposed to be smart."


"Mr. Fawley! I suppose you have a good reason to interrupt my class like this?", Professor Flitwick spoke in his squeaky voice. He didn't seem too threatening but Alec had just insulted students from his own house.

Alec leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "Well, Professor, why don't you ask your students. After all, they have been talking this whole time haven't they!?"

"As far as I recall it, Mr. Fawley, you were having a fairly interesting conversation with Miss Grey as well. I will not take any points from you or Miss Smith and her friends today, but bare in mind that I will not be as forgiving next time. Let's move on, shall we? Now, who can tell me what the Wand-Lighting Charm does? … Yes, Miss Malfoy?"

Alec scuffed in defeat. This was the second time today a teacher had been nice enough not to make them loose points, but it was really annoying that those gossip girls on the other side wouldn't stop looking at them. Maybe he could hex them after the lesson? But then again- he didn't want to loose points on his first day, so he let it be.

Lyra cleared her throat before speaking, "The Wand-Lighting charm, spoken as Lumos, is a charm that illuminates the tip of the caster's wand, allowing the caster to see in the dark."

"Yes! Bravo, Miss Malfoy, five points to Slytherin!" Professor Flitwick squealed in delight."As though it is a fairly simple charm, it does require concentration. Be careful not to light you wand on fire, as it will be permanently damaged. Now, I want you all to get out your books and seek out a bit of important information about the Wand-Lighting charm"

Lyra heard Kate grunt in annoyance as she pulled her textbook out of her bag. Her friend didn't seem to enjoy the day as much as she had expected apparently.

As if she'd read Lyra's mind, Kate sighed while opening her book and whispered, "It's really not that I don't find this totally awesome, it's just that it is so much theory. I don't want to learn about the charms, I want to cast them!"

"Yes, but in order to be able to cast them we have to learn about them first.", Lyra mumbled.

"The lesson will be over any minute now any way, so don't bother." Alec shrugged.

At that exact moment the bell rang and students started to pack their books back into their bags.

Professor Flitwick, who seemed like he had forgotten about the bell, was trying to maintain his balance on the stack of books while shouting, "Oh! Don't forget to have finished your assignment until next lesson!" Some students got a small notebook out of their books to scribble the homework in and Lyra intended to do the same but before she could, she was pulled out of the classroom by Kate and Alec.

The two started laughing the moment they exited the classroom and started making their way to the dungeons.

"That could've gone so wrong! We almost lost points twice today and we aren't even finished with the first day yet!", Kate laughed. She was really excited. Apparently she thought Flitwick almost falling down a stack of books fairly hilarious.

"I don't really see how that is something to be happy about?", Lyra sighed.

"Well, it makes this whole day much more exciting than it was."

"I do agree with Kitty Kat over here, Lyra! Get that stick out of your ass and laugh a little!"

"Thank you, Alec, but I think I'll let it stick." She rolled her eyes. "I just think it is unnecessary to draw so much attention to ourselves on our first day."

Alec jumped down the last staircase that led down to the dungeons and then proceeded going backwards. "Um, as far as I believe you were the one almost loosing us points in Herbology!"

"To be fair, Alec- it was bloody hilarious the way you were looking at Sprout!"

"Yeah, you were just starting to drool as she called us out." The girls giggled at that and Alec rolled his eyes. They stopped in front of the wall that led to their common room.

"I just find Herbology to be a very interesting subject.- Does anyone know the password?"

Kate, still laughing, answered, "Amortentia" and the wall opened to lead them through a small corridor into their common room.

"See you in five minutes down here again!", shouted Alec before running off to the boys' dormitory.

"Don't forget your books!" Kate called after him before linking arms with Lyra and leading her up the staircase to their common room, still giggling.

After their last lesson Lyra parted from her friends and made her way to the Great Hall. She had been looking forward to meeting up with the twins the whole day. She was curious about the thing they had presented their housemates this morning, as she had heard rumours about two first-years that had entertained the whole Gryffindor common room yesterday evening. The blonde was pretty sure those two first-years had been Fred and George, as they had entered the compartment on the train yesterday because of fireworks.

But before she could even take a look around the corner into the Great Hall she was forcefully pulled into a small broom closet a pair of hands.

"What the-! How dare you! What is your problem, you-" Lyra swore before looking into a pair of fairly familiar brown eyes. "Fred?" She wondered while looking around to see where the other half of the boy in front of her was.

"Actually it's George, you'll get used to it. Fred's in the Great Hall waiting for you if I hadn't caught you at the right time."

"No, it's not."

The twin looked at the girl questioningly, "Pardon me?"

"You're not George."

"Wha- How do you know?" Fred asked surprised.

Lyra just shrugged, "Don't know, I just have a feeling… and your voice is a bit deeper."

Fred chuckled at that. Not even their Mum could tell them apart and this girl they just met yesterday knew because she 'had a feeling'.

The door opened and George came in. "Hey." He smiled at Lyra before he turned his head to his still surprised looking brother. "What?", he asked.

"Lyra can tell us apart." Fred chuckled and shook his head slightly in amusement.

George's eyes went wide for a quick moment.

"No way!"


"Finally." laughed George and sat down on one of the boxes that stood all around the small room. He was genuinely surprised. The only people who could tell them apart were their father and Bill, their oldest brother.

As Fred leaned against the wall and crossed his arms, he looked at George with a knowing glint in his eyes before he continued the conversation. "So, how's your first day?"

Lyra shrugged, "It's school, isn't it? But I really liked Transfiguration and Charms, although I can't say the other subjects were boring. Alec, Kate and I almost lost Slytherin a few points because we couldn't keep our mouths shut." She chuckled.

When she saw the confused look on the twins faces she remembered that they didn't know who Alec and Kate were and honestly she hadn't thought about the fact yet, that her friends might not get along. It wasn't unusual that Gryffindors and Slytherins butted heads in the heat of the moment and knowing Alec, his short temper wouldn't be helping at all. But then, could she do anything else than try to communicate between them? She'd have to sit and wait.

"They're friends of mine, both in Slytherin. We kind of 'bonded' over the feast yesterday." The blonde chuckled again and subconsciously tugged a loose piece of her hair behind her right ear.

"Isn't this Alec part of the Fawley family?" Fred asked.

"Well, yeah, but I mean not everyone who comes from a pureblood family is bad or bound to have been a Death Eater."

"Maybe." Fred's voice showed a clear tone of criticism, which Lyra ignored- she wasn't going to get into an argument with the two boys she had just met yesterday.

Instead she tried to change the subject to something more fun. "What was that thing you were showing off at the Gryffindor table this morning?" She grinned.

It seemed like the mood had just shifted from an uncomfortable tension between her and Fred to a mischievous aura between the two brother that know expanded onto Lyra.

"It's really cool!" George started with a wide grin.

"Yeah; an advanced and maybe even improved dungbomb from a joke shop we visited in Diagon Ally!"

"We worked pretty hard on it all summer-"

"- the dungbombs and our customized fireworks-"

"- had a few arguments with Mum about bringing the things to Hogwarts."

"Couldn't convince her, but Charlie helped us hide a few things in his trunk."

"Because, of course, Mum wouldn't suspect him."

"Her perfect, little Charlie."

The boys laughed. The two Weasleys had all sorts of happiness radiating from them as they talked about their beloved hobby. It made them much more appealing and suddenly Lyra understood why they had grown popular practically over night.

The way they talked, full of confidence and conviction, and how they presented themselves, open and friendly, could convince anyone to join them with their inventions.

The trio stayed in the broom-closet for a while, talking about their adventures, getting to know each other.

Fred and George told Lyra about the time Fred had transfigured their younger brother's teddy-bear into a spider because he had broken the older boy's broomstick and about the time he had burned a hole in their brother's tongue with an Acid Pop.

It all sounded so fun that Lyra almost got jealous. They had talked about their families yesterday on the train, but Lyra still found it rather intriguing to hear about so many fun things she had never gotten to experience.

Her expression grew rather sad over the thought and the twins noticed that.

George smiled lightly at her with a concerned glint in his eyes. "You okay?"

Lyra was taken a little bit aback by the question. "Oh, yeah! Just tired."

Fred wanted to ask further but George kept him from it by jumping up and suggesting to meet up tomorrow before their Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

"We could meet here again right after breakfast, then we can walk there together." He clapped his hands as Fred and Lyra nodded, a bit surprised by his sudden energy.

They exited the room right as the first people entered the Great Hall for dinner.

"We could show your our inventions on Wednesday after Potions if you'd like?" George suggested, still smiling.

"Yeah, maybe. We'll see- I heard Alec and Kate talking about possibly exploring the castle as bit more in the next few days and I'm sure they would want me to go with them. I don't think they'll stay off each others necks for long if I'm not there."

The three first-years made their way up the short staircase. "See you tomorrow!" Fred shouted after the young Malfoy, as she made her way down the stairs to the dungeons, grinning like she had just been accepted to Hogwarts again. This was going to be so much fun!

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