Someone To You

Chapter 5

Introduction, pt. 5

[5]- A very happy birthday

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September 3rd, 1989

The next morning was just as exciting as the first, as the first owl post of the year arrived. A few hundred owls came flying into the Great Hall, all carrying packages or letters in their beaks or around their claws.

Lyra spotted Amelyn flying directly in her direction and then landing gracefully on her shoulder. Smiling, the young Malfoy gave her Tawny Owl a treat for her well done job. She loosened the small package from her owl's claw and gave her another small treat.

"Well done, Amelyn.", she smiled and stroke her pet's feathers. "I'll come by later." At that the owl hopped off her shoulder and flew out of the Great Hall again.

Lyra turned her attention back to the package in her head. She had a suspicion that it contained a few treats from home. Draco had once told her that she should always open her packages very carefully just in case it contained something dangerous. They both had laughed at that, but Lyra had seen the glance her parents had thrown at each other. It didn't concern her at the time, but know she would probably think twice.

The thought of her brother made her little homesick- she actually missed the annoying prat. Although Alec reminded her a little bit of Draco, he sometimes was a little more endurable than her brother.

Thinking of the devil, at that exact moment Alec entered the Great Hall. Yawning he sat down right next to the young girl and poured himself some milk in a bowl and added cereal. Without a word he started eating and looked grimly at the black owl in front of him.

"Good Morning?" Kate asked, looking up from the newest edition of the Daily Prophet she had taken from Lyra's package.

Alec just nodded at her and continued eating.

Sighing, Kate took an owl treat from Lyra and gave it to the black owl before removing the letter from it's beak and tossing it right next to Alec's breakfast bowl. The brunette gave the owl another treat before releasing her and letting her fly out of the hall.

Kate just scuffed, leaned back in her seat and continued reading the newspaper.

Lyra watched the whole act with a look of utter confusion on her face. It really looked like they had done this a thousand times, even if it was their first time receiving post by owls.

Alec looked like he hadn't slept at all last night and Kate glared at him every ten seconds as if she wanted to kill him.

The blonde thought to herself that she would wait and observe for a while before asking the two why they suddenly seemed like they had woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Lyra just shook her head and turned back to the letter her parents had sent her. She opened it and read:

Dear Lyra,

We are so proud that you got into Slytherin! We believe you already met people you will spend your time with? Send us a letter when you find the time.

Although he won't admit to it Draco misses you badly. He's been spending some time with the children of associates of your father.

The Malfoy gulped at that. Draco had always been different from the others. He had always been more attentive and even more mature than any of the other pureblood children they knew and Lyra was insanely proud of that. But she feared that the behaviour of the other children would somehow influence her little brother.

He spends the rest of his time reading books and helping your father out with his ministry work.

Draco also pleaded me to ask you what you'd want for your birthday? I told him he knew the answer but he insisted, so if you could manage to think about something to tell him, that would be appreciated.

We dearly miss you and hope to hear from you soon.

Love from your mother

N. M.

Lyra smiled to herself and folded the letter to put it back into the beautifully engraved envelope. She would write back to her mother after class, so she could be unbothered. She wanted to pay a visit to the library any way.

She threw a look over to Kate right when the other girl glanced at Alec again. Lyra just shook her head again and sighed. "Okay, does anyone care to enlighten me about what happened yesterday when I was gone?", she asked with an expectant look at her two friends.

The two Slytherins glared at each other before returning to their previous tasks. After a while Kate finally spoke up, "Alec and I had an argument."

Lyra was waiting for her to continue but nothing came. "And?" She asked impatient, rolling her eyes.

Alec sighed and sat down his bowl of cereal. "I just told her that I thought she'd probably been better off in Gryffindor."

"But you said it in rather different tone! It's like you really want to get rid of me!"

"Well, maybe I do!"

Kate gasped and Lyra hit Alec with her spoon. "Gosh! No you don't! Can you not keep your mouth shut for a second or at least think before you talk!?"

"She's the annoying one." Alec muffled and turned back to his breakfast.

Kate slammed the Daily Prophet down on the table, which drew the attention of a few fellow Slytherins to them.

"I am not annoying! You just can not handle the fact that my father is a Muggleborn! Honestly! We are not living in the medieval ages any more, Fawley! Wake up!" Kate looked at both of them with an angry look and made a rather dramatic exit out of the Great Hall.

Lyra looked after her for while before turning back to Alec. "Damn it, Alec! Please just think next time before you say something like that. What would you feel like if someone would tell you that you are evil just because your ancestors were?"

There was a short awkward silence between the two in which many of the people, who had been watching them, turned their attention back to their own problems. The blonde took a glimpse at the Gryffindor table and spotted the twins right way. Fred was grinning at her while George had a concerned look on his face that said 'Everything okay?'. Lyra nodded and smiled at them.

"Do you think I'm evil?" Alec asked, taking Lyra by surprise.

"What? No! Of course not! Look, you're just a bit insensitive, that's all."

The raven-haired boy chuckled. "Thanks."

"What? It's true." Lyra paused. "You know, go after her and apologise. We'll meet before DADA. Yeah?"

Alec nodded and smiled at her before getting up and exiting the Great Hall.

The girl smiled and shook her head. Maybe Kate and Alec didn't get along just yet but she was sure the tension between them would change at some point.

She pocketed her mail from this morning, as well as Alec's letter, and shouldered her bag. She threw another glance at the Gryffindor table and saw that the twins were getting up right at this moment. Lyra smiled again, before making her way in their direction.

October 3rd, 1989

"You what?" Lyra exclaimed with widened eyes and a mouth filled with chocolate.

The twins had just told her that they had went into the Forbidden Forest last night and managed to not get caught by Hagrid or Filch.

Over the past month she had realised that the twins hadn't been exaggerating when they had told her about their pranks and plans from the past and for the future. They had managed to loose Gryffindor more than fifty points by now and had gotten themselves into detention more than once. And although Lyra definitely did not approve of their ideas all the time and refused every time they asked her to join them, she found it rather hilarious when they told her about their adventures.

The trio had found a better spot to meet up and spend their time than the old broom closet next to the Great Hall. They had an amazing outlook on the grounds of Hogwarts from a windowsill on the fifth floor. It was the one that was the furthest in the back and almost always empty, because students preferred the ones closer to their classrooms and common rooms.

Even though she sill spend most of her time with Alec and Kate and sometimes even the other first-year Slytherins, she enjoyed the twins' company just as much. The two redheads had introduced her to their friend Lee Jordan, who at first wasn't to eager to become friends with her, but eventually warmed up to her. They had held a rather long conversation about magical creatures and he had seemed really surprised at how much she knew about them. After that all his prejudices were gone.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when Fred led out a loud laugh.

"You look great, Malfoy!"

Lyra threw Fred a confused look before realising he was laughing at her face. She turned her head in George's direction and threw him a pleading look. The other twin smiled broadly at her before reaching into her bag and pulling out a tissue for her.

"You got chocolate all over your face." He said in a fond voice before passing her the tissue with a wide grin.

Shaking her head and feeling her cheeks go red, she quickly wiped across her face. It wasn't that much chocolate but she now knew why Fred was laughing at her- her nose had a whole lot of chocolate on it.

"Shut up, Weasley!" She laughed and suddenly all three of them were laughing loudly.

Another thing Lyra had learned about the Weasley twins was that their laugh was awfully contagious- and she loved it.

October 25th, 1989

The blonde Malfoy was sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall on her own, eating lunch and reading the book they had been assigned to read for History of Magic.

The rest of the Slytherin first-years had decided to eat later, as they had the afternoon off, and were spending the supposedly last warm day of the year outside on the grounds. Lyra had seen that as her chance to spend a bit time on her own, as she was always surrounded by her friends or other students.

The Great Hall was rather empty. It seemed like many students had decided to spend their lunch break outside, but Lyra wasn't feeling up to that right now.

Instead she had decided to be productive and finish her assignments for the next lessons. She had just finished the chapter on the Gargoyle Strike of 1911 when she saw two people sit across from her out of the corner of her eye.

"Wow, Georgie, guess what I didn't expect to see?" The voice of Fred Weasley spoke.

"I don't know, Fred, what would it be?" His twin answered.

"Lyra Malfoy, sitting in the Great Hall- studying."

The blonde shook her head, smiling, and closed the book in front of her. "Something you both should take into consideration some time."

"Very funny." Fred playfully rolled his eyes before shifting his look into a more serious one. "So, when did you want to enlighten us about it?"

"About what?"

Again Fred rolled his eyes but this time George spoke, "About your birthday being in practically a week!"

Lyra just chuckled. "Certainly sounds like I didn't need to tell you. You found it out yourself, didn't you?"

"Not exactly."

"We overheard a conversation between your two Slyther-friends, Alec and Kate, and thought we'd ask you personally before jumping to conclusions."

The girl brushed a strand of her straight hair behind her ear and smirked. "Stalking my friends now, Weasley?" It was directed at both of the twins but she looked at neither of them as she packed her books back into her bag.

"Wha- No!"

"I'm just joking, don't worry!"

She heard the boys sigh as she stood up from the table, grabbed a green apple and made her way out of the hall.

The twins immediately followed behind- of course she was heading to the library.

"Any specific wishes?" Fred asked.

Lyra thought about it for a short moment but then decided she already had everything she wanted. "Don't worry about it. I don't need anything at the moment, but thanks."

"Oh, come on."

"Everyone wishes for something!"

"Yeah, we insist!"

Lyra stopped abruptly in front of the library, which made both boys almost bump into her. "You know what? Surprise me!"

"Can you make it easy for us just this once?"

"I'm a Malfoy- I don't do easy." The blonde smirked and then entered the library.

Fred and George just sighed and made their way after the girl.

"Alright, a surprise it is then." George whispered as they sat down at a table between two bookshelves. He then remembered that they had forgotten to tell Lyra about an idea they had had the other day. He grinned at Fred who immediately knew what he was thinking.

Lyra, who had opened her Potions homework now, was completely oblivious to the wordless conversation between the two brothers and was gald she got a moment of silence.

"We had an idea." Fred suddenly said out loud which earned him a 'Shhhh' from someone else in the library.

"We had an idea- for a new invention." He said again- this time in a lower voice. The phrase had the intended effect on Lyra, who closed her homework and devoted her whole attention to the twins. "I'm listening."

October 31st, 1989

Lyra had been woken up this morning by an overenthusiastic Kate, who immediately had started bombarding her with birthday wishes, waking up the other Slytherin girls in the process.

Her best friend had told any one who wanted and didn't want to hear it about Lyra's birthday. And Alec, who had been laughing all morning at Lyra's misery and Kate's enthusiasm, had loudly exclaimed his birthday wishes at breakfast. Lyra had been greatly embarrassed but acted like it didn't bother her at all.

All three of them were currently sitting at their house table in the Great Hall, doing their homework and eating lunch.

The Great Hall was being decorated for the Halloween feast tonight. A big number of pumpkins, hand carved by Hagrid himself, were being put in place and Professor Flitwick was summoning live bats to fly around the room all day.

The tables were decorated with small pumpkins, black cauldrons and goblets that were al filled with a vast variety of sweets.

Lyra had received some presents today already. Amelyn had greeted her this morning with a large package- exhausted from the long flight she had went to sleep in her cage right away.

The package had contained two books; Animal Ghosts of Britain from her mother and Qudditch Through the Ages from Draco, with a note saying:

Maybe you'll grow to love the sport by reading about it.

Happy Birthday,


And although she didn't get anything big from her father (which wasn't unexpected), he had written his initials under the letter he had received from his mother.

From Alec she had gotten an expensive eagle-feather quill and from Kate she'd gotten Omnioculars which were useful for following the players at the Quidditch game. Lyra wasn't particularly interested in the sport but would probably follow the games here at Hogwarts.

It wasn't until later in the day that she had her first encounter with the twins. They drew just as much attention to them while congratulating her as Alec had this morning.

"Hey! Birthday girl!" Fred had shouted from across the room with a huge grin on his face. He and George came running in her direction and both started singing 'Happy Birthday' rather loudly.

They both seemed satisfied when they saw Lyra's embarrassed smile. "Thanks, but could you maybe stop drawing so much attention in our direction." She murmured and scratched her elbow.

"What? It's your birthday!" George said in an exaggerating manor and even bowed. Lyra just lightly shoved him out of the way with a grin and made her way up the stairs next to Fred.

"I assume you want your present?"

When George reached the two he was breathing heavily. He pulled a small package out of his worn robes and presented it to the young girl.

She took the present with caution and eyed it suspiciously. The twins wouldn't gift her something dangerous would they? No, she was sure they wouldn't. But then again, they had gifted their housemate Angelina Johnson a box full of itching powder on her birthday. She wouldn't put it beyond Fred and George to gift her something mischievous.

Just to make sure she tried asking them about it but they refused to tell her as it was supposed to be a surprise.

"Don't you trust us, Lyra?" George asked, a faked hurt look on his face.

The blonde sighed. She slowly opened the green wrapped package while holding it away from her body (just in case). As nothing exploded or hopped out of the box she cautiously glanced inside it.

Feathers. There were feathers in the box. What the hell? This was one of their pranks, wasn't it? But it didn't have any thing dangerous to it. But then again, never trust a book by it's cover, right!?

"Feathers!?" Lyra asked, eyeing the twins suspiciously. They were know both sitting on the windowsill, looking expectantly at the girl in front of them.

Fred chuckled. "Remove them, dumbass!"

A little bewildered Lyra took a hand full of the white, soft feathers out of the box and put them down. She was a bit perplexed as she pulled out a rather small item and set the box down.

In her hand was a small radio. It was dangling from a chain indicated it was to be a necklace. She didn't know what to do with it or whether or not this was a joke. She looked back at the twins, tilting her head just slightly so they would know what she was asking.

"Doesn't look like much, does it?" Fred smirked and leaned his back against the window.

George got up and carefully took the radio on the chain out of Lyra's hand. "Can you see this small button?" He asked pointing to a red dot on the radio. "When you touch it with the tip of your wand it will enlarge itself and you have a normal, functioning radio!"

Instead of demonstrating it himself, he indicated for Lyra to do it. He put the radio down next to Fred on the windowsill and waited for Lyra to pull out her wand.

Carefully, and still keeping her distance to the object, Lyra pulled her wand out of her robes and did as George had shown her. And really- the radio enlarged into its normal state and started playing a quiet song.

"That's brilliant." The blonde heard herself saying.

Radios were not very common in the wizarding world as many Purebloods disapproved of the usage of them. Lyra knew from her father that Muggles invented them and that there were quite a few radio stations hosted by wizards or witches. Some were informative ones, some talked all day about news and some played music by wizarding bands.

Lyra had always thought she'd buy one for herself if she ever had the chance but how would the twins know that?

"Thank you! I really like it." She smiled. "But why, if I may ask?"

The twins both shrugged. "Dad has tons of these laying around at home and we asked him to send us one per owl."

"Yeah, you can consider it a present from him too." The three laughed.

It had been a pretty amazing birthday until now and Lyra knew that the feast would just add to this magical day. She'd received amazing presents from people she hadn't known for long but who had become her friends on her first day.

She loved it here at Hogwarts and although she'd felt homesick at times the castle had become her new home in just two months.

As the bell rang, indicating that the Halloween feast was about to begin, the trio made their way down the staircase and into the Great Hall, talking about whether or not they would be staying here over Christmas.

The twins waved at her with bright grins when they parted ways to sit at their respective house-tables. Lyra found Alec and Kate on the other side of the Slytherin table and walked up to them with a bright smile, thinking to herself that this was what she had wished for when she had started here- friends and happiness.

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