• Dead To The World

    "You know, if I get the chance and find an idiot I will tell him a bunch of lies about vampires so that he can write a book. And I'll tell him my name is Sanguini. Just Sanguini, because between you and me - Ana isn't quite the right name for a big, bad vampire–" This is Anastasius Sanguini's story ( based on my story "Basilisk-Born"; can stand alone but contains major spoilers).

  • Lay Down In Potter's Field

    "Every Potter who died on a Potter's Field always returned to the living." The dead are watching. The dead have always been watching. And when their Master jumps through time back to his fourth year and is promptly killed, they answer his call. Time travel! MoD!Harry

  • Ministry Approved

    HELLO, AND WELCOME TO THE PINK CARDIGAN! We are the new and ministry approved, student issued newspaper! After Headmistress Dolores Jane Umbridge confiscated our usual interesting magazines, we, the team of the Pink Cardigan, decided to ensure you will always be up to date with the newest gossip and the most important news Hogwarts has to offer.

  • Castle Siege

    His neck was itching. It irritated him, like a fly on his nose, like a sunburn on his shoulders. "Hogwarts is threatened! Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!" He woke with a start. The Battle of Hogwarts is starting - but Hogwarts is the last place people should be fighting when the sleeping child awakes. AU!Battle of Hogwarts.

  • Refusing the Cold

    Sirius is freezing in Azkaban, there's no hope left - especially when he finally stops shaking from the cold. Mentions of imprisonment! Mentioning of possible death!

  • Magic Graffiti

    Hermione wakes up hurt and without a wand in the Department of Mysteries after she, Harry, Neville, Luna, Ron and Ginny went there to save Sirius. There's just one thing she can do now to help her friends. AU! HP5 ending; AU!Granger Family! Slight "The Eternals" spoilers;

  • One Last Stand

    Regulus is dragged under the water. "Give up," a voice in the back of his mind advised him. "Give up and let them drag you under. At least then, it'll be over quickly." It's up to Regulus, if he want to follow that advice, though. Could be canon. Hints of possible canon character death.

  • Forget-Me-Not

    Actions have consequences. Neville has always been aware of that. Listening to Harry's reasoning for not speaking up about Umbridge, Neville can't say he understands at all. AU! But Canon until 5th year.

  • Once In A Blue Moon

    "Why don't we go ahead?" Luna asked. "Because it's a wall?" Ginny said with a sigh, her hands clawed into the sleeve of Luna's pullover. "I can't walk through a wall, can you?" Apparently, that doesn't faze Luna. Based on HP5, the Department of Mysteries chase.

  • It Takes A Village

    "Aren't there birth announcements?" Harry asked, confused. "From a Potter?" Sirius snorted. "You're lucky if you know that they spawned before their kid turns up at Hogwarts bright-eyed and bushy-tailed." It takes a village to raise a child – and it's not Harry's fault that his family was apparently the only one born with common sense. AU! Potter family shenanigans.

  • Focus

    Severus' eyes are burning. He can barely keep them open. It feels as if he has been awake for three days and counting. But he still hasn't done what he needs to do… He hasn't fulfilled his promise. "It won't be long now," the man says. "Just keep your eyes open until then." Canon based; canon character death!

  • Conditions of Need and Valour

    "This is suicide," Severus whispered to himself. "Only a Gryffindor would jump into a frozen pond." What has the world come to that Severus will have to do the same? Based on HP7 canon.

  • A Grave Decision

    Petunia, unlike Lily, listened to the stories their mother told them when they were little. The magical world already got part of her family. When Lily dies, Petunia decides that she won't give it more. "We are leaving." Good Dursleys! AU!

  • Bushy Haired

    "Did you know that using Manegro every morning doesn't make you prettier, Granger?" Malfoy is making fun of Granger every morning since they learned about the Manegro Potion. Sometimes, it's hard to stand up to a bully - especially when he has the backing of a teacher. AU! Takes place in HP4, before the Yule Ball.

  • Why to Sort a Student is a Horrible Job

    The Sorting Hat needs a vacation after it was forced to sort a special student. Sadly, Albus isn't happy with the idea. Luckily, there're always old... friends (?) who are willing to help out. If the Hat had known, it would have stayed home... AU Reincarnation-fic.

  • Red Room

    Neville walks into a red room. "Hello, Harry," he greeted. "I see you were busy in the last eight years since we saw each other." Some people change their profession after a loss. Harry is one of them. With Neville's and Malfoy's plan, the world will rue the day Harry lost his loved ones... even if the world might not remember it. Time travel! Somehow Dark-not-Evil!Harry

  • Luna-Tic

    "She's loony, totally away with the fairies."- "That's not possible." - "Shut up, Loony! Fairies aren't real!" Coming to Hogwarts is like entering a strange world, for Luna. Thankfully, she finds a guide who is just as lost as her but willing to help her anyway. Now Luna just has to figure out how to interact with other people... which might be the hardest part of it.

  • Potter Child

    After the Dementor attack, Harry goes to Gringotts to find out his monetary options in case his wand is snapped. He gets more than he bargained for. Where in Merlin's name does all the money come from? ! What did the Weasley twins do if that is his account after investing in them the previous summer? ! And what does the goblin mean, Hogwarts is taken care off? ! Crack!

  • Not The Right Time

    Orders are orders - and when Lucius Malfoy says so, then the Death Eaters will do exactly what he says. Sadly, nobody told that the Death Eaters. A discussion between the Death Eaters based on the beginning of HP OoP's DoM showdown between Harry Potter and his friends and the Death Eaters. Crack

  • The Threat of A Snake

    "Snape is my burden to carry." Neville has always been afraid of Snape. After the Boggart incident in third year, the Bloody Baron forces him to confront his fear. Canon compatible, but AU.