• The World's Most Beautiful Bride

    Effie loves the big white weddings and her favourite part is the bride looking gorgeous, and so damn it, Katniss will smile. Oneshot. Mockingjay spoilers?

  • A Thousand Years

    A thousand years is a long time to wait, but to Ella, Tyson is one in a million. Oneshot. Written for the PJO Ship Weeks.

  • Silent but Deadly

    So maybe Jason and Reyna's first encounter wasn't as suave as it could have been... Oneshot. 10/16

  • Starstruck

    In which Grover grows out of his childhood hero. Oneshot. 11/16.

  • The System

    Jason is constantly getting himself injured, which leads to the girls taking things into their own hands. Oneshot. 12/16.

  • Cadmium Yellow

    Rachel just can't look at sunsets the same way that everyone else can and Octavian loves it. Oneshot. 13/16

  • The Future is Ours

    Rachel sees the problems in seeing the future, Octavian sees the solution, they both see red. Oneshot. 14/16.

  • Flower Shop Fretting

    A strange client walks in needing more help than any man should in a flower shop. Oneshot. 15/16

  • For Everyday Use

    An examination of the trouble of demigods living in the twenty first century and their constant run-ins with mythology. Oneshot. 16/16.

  • Animal Behaviour

    In which language barriers will not stop this interspecies friendship. Oneshot. 1/16

  • Ten Places where Annabeth Looked for Percy

    And ten places in which she did not find him. Oneshot. 2/16

  • Things that Can't Be Said Outloud

    Octavian may be a great orrator, but he can't talk to girls. Oneshot. 3/16

  • Flirting with Disaster

    Which Jason excels at. Oneshot. 4/16

  • Opposite

    Exposing the flawed nature of the thinking behind the Hunters of Artemis. Oneshot (drabble?). /16

  • It's All in the Name

    Hylla gets used to being Queen of the Amazons and all the other quirks that come with. Oneshot. 6/16

  • A Minimal Height of 54

    In which Sammy tries to join the military to defeat fascism, nazism, communism, Germany, and whatever else he's seen on the propaganda posters. Oneshot. 7/16.

  • With You in my Heart

    Thalia's life is 300% harder when you think of the secret she carried while living it. Oneshot. 8/16.

  • Homesick

    If you think San Francisco and New York are far apart, wait until you see Rome and Greece. Oneshot. 9/16

  • Our Brother Clarence

    Foreign exchange with Camp Jupiter has never been weirder for the Ares Cabin. Oneshot.

  • The Whole World Blind

    There's nothing quite like a mother's love. Or the way a mother cuts out your eye. Oneshot. Rating is for language.