• Buddies

    A story of beautiful, strong, bold majestic beasts and their riders (but not horses: elephants). Oneshot. Happy Easter!

  • Fix You

    If only everything was as easy as mindless, raving automatons and magical weaponry. Oneshot.

  • Those Who Run

    Ten years after the Doors of Death have closed there are still supernatural messes to clean up across North America. Ten years after the Doors of Death have closed, the lines between running and hunting are blurring. Oneshot.

  • The Fighter

    Annabeth isn't subtle and the world is as blind as it is fair. Oneshot.

  • The Scent of Roses and Then

    In which the Doctor hates casseroles, he rather be wearing a sweater and a little girl is confused (among more important things that none of us really want to talk about). Oneshot.

  • The Doctor's Schizophrenic

    In which the Doctor, a pissed teen girl and a myriad of ghosts somehow have to interact at the cost of one girl's world. Oneshot.

  • The Name Game is On

    In which Sherlock is the worst person to name an unborn child with. This story does not take in consideration the events of S3 E3. For Humus and Peeta. Oneshot.

  • The Confiscation of the Marauder's Map

    Filch's files are opened to public after the Battle of Hogwarts and the Marauder's biggest slip-up is revealed. Oneshot.

  • Excuses

    Of which James is king and Lily is destroyer. Oneshot.

  • La Bise

    Teddy's favourite French tradition: la bise, a kiss on both cheeks. Oneshot.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Lupin's metaphore goes horribly wrong when his life starts going fantastically right.

  • Colours

    Teddy Lupin's hair is one big mood ring, and his life is one rainbow. -Oneshot

  • Le louveteau

    Teddy Lupin en a assez d'être harceler pour être 'le louveteau'.