• All The Fun Parts

    When James wants to learn about the Muggle world, Lily decides that he'll need help to find all the best parts—tucked and hidden away across New York City. 1920!AU, Prohibition!AU ft. Flapper!Lily. Oneshot.

  • Gifts Once Given

    Harry should have lost the ability to speak Parseltongue when the Horcrux living inside him is destroyed. So why can his son speak to snakes? Oneshot.

  • All Was Well

    Slice of life drabbles in which everyone lives, and by everyone I mean Remus and Tonks—who get to teach at Hogwarts, crack cold cases, and raise their son.

  • I Wanted Them To Be Ours

    It was already incredible enough to have spent a summer writing Lily Evans letters; James never imagined how far those words would take them. Oneshot, Soulmark!AU

  • In Time To Be Late

    In which Kingsley runs through the London Zoo trying to find Harry after abandoning him for Ministry work on his birthday. Oneshot.

  • What About The Flowers

    Angelina takes her job as Captain very seriously, or so she says when she brings flowers to Katie after a Quidditch accident lands her in the hospital wing. Oneshot, soulmark!AU

  • In Good Hands

    Angelina suspects (rightfully so) that Oliver won't be able to hand in his Captain's badge and graduate without bursting into tears; so off she goes to help. Oneshot.

  • Stifling

    It's too hot to think properly or move, but Draco Malfoy is wearing long sleeves and Theodore Nott will kiss him for the first and last time. Oneshot.

  • How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now

    Harry pulls an impressive but dangerous stunt at work and Ginny is not happy to hear about it. At all. Oneshot.

  • Knowing How To Pick Them

    When a farm hand gets injured during the harvest, Kingsley takes it upon himself to make sure he heals as quickly as possible. Sirius, meanwhile, is more focused on flirting his way through his recovery. Oneshot. Farm!AU

  • The Crowd On The Piano

    Teddy has a conversation with his grandmother about how their family's about to grow, and Andromeda can't help but think that that boy is carrying on their family's most beautiful tradition. Oneshot.

  • The Wrong Side Of The River

    Lily goes to collect Sirius when he's released from Azkaban after killing Peter Pettigrew for what he did to James, and for the first time since that night at Godric's Hollow she knows she'll be with someone who understands. Oneshot. Lily Lives!AU

  • Out Of Everything

    On a snowy December day in Muggle London, Merope pools the last of her change in a phone call that might save her life. Oneshot.

  • Dancing On My Own

    Remus and Tonks cross at an Order meeting and they can't help but notice (even if they really shouldn't be noticing things about each other) that they look terrible without one another. Oneshot.

  • Taint My Skin and Spoil My Lips

    The Black family is outraged when a Muggleborn-run magical tattoo shop moves in across the street from one of their businesses, the flower shop where Andromeda has been lending a hand. Andromeda, however, is curious about the meaning and weight of the ink that dances across peoples' skin—and one of the handsome artists who puts it there. Oneshot, Tattoo Shop/Flower Shop!AU.

  • Absolutely Guiltless

    Ron is happy to sneak wine into his wife's office to make sure she properly celebrates her swearing in as Minister for Magic. Oneshot.

  • The Nice Things We Learn

    Figuring out the phone is the most intimidating part of marrying a Muggleborn. Dean knows, which is why he makes sure that he's trying to learn new things too. Oneshot.

  • The One That's There

    When Lily comes to a life-changing realization and bursts into tears while James is out on Order business, Remus is deeply aware that he is not the person that she needs or the best person to handle this situation. But he is the one that's there to help, and so he'll cluelessly do his best. Oneshot.

  • (Too) Close For Comfort

    With the war going on, Remus has enough on his plate without Sirius crashing his motorbike. Oneshot.

  • Lightning Never Strikes Twice

    When her husband died, he protected Lily and their son from the killing curse. He also left her to pick up the pieces of herself, sift through the wreckage of a post-war world, and find a new family. AU. Written for the House Competition, Round 2 Standard.