• we were born sick, heard them say it

    Musings from the Order of the Phoenix's best spy and most effective poisoner. Oneshot.

  • In Here With Me

    Teddy and Victoire haven't had a sleepover since they were little kids, but when a particularly devastating dragonpox epidemic puts their St. Mungo's ward on lockdown the two Healers find themselves in an on-call room. Oneshot.

  • For the Reveal

    The boys are enlisted to help Maureen and Dorcas move. In the immortal words of Vine: oh my god they were roommates.

  • Harvest in the Frost

    Scorpius hasn't really kept track of time since his mother passed—until he wakes up one day and the seasons have turned. Oneshot.

  • Lean on Me

    James can't read Ancient Runes and he can't keep his mind on right around Lily Evans. But he does know what it's like to lose someone you love, and he does know how to be a good friend. Oneshot.

  • There's a Place I Know

    In which Sirius might need visual aids to explain to Remus that he just came home from a date. Oneshot.

  • It Means Nobody Gets Left Behind

    Students may also bring, if they desire, an owl OR a cat OR a toad OR an alien. Lilo & Stitch!AU. Oneshot.

  • The Best Revenge

    The entire Weasley and Potter family is a little taken aback when Al befriends a Malfoy in first year. George, however, thinks that he can make this work. Oneshot.

  • Winter Campfires

    Times are hard, Harry's never had a s'more, and Hermione can't sleep because of cramps. They can make this work. Oneshot.

  • This New Night In This New Place

    It's Lily, Remus, and Sirius' first night in their new home and there's something comforting in the fact that some habits—like piling into one bed for the night—won't change. Lily Lives!AU, oneshot.

  • In All Our Lives

    A series of stories centered around Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks in a different AU every chapter. Taking suggestions and requests in the reviews.

  • A Cause Left To Fight For

    When James finds himself alone with a baby after Voldemort is killed at Godric's Hollow, he doesn't stop fighting for a justice that may never come. Oneshot.

  • We Have All Night

    Hermione goes to find Viktor the night after the third task and finds that he is not himself. Oneshot.

  • Don't Carry It All

    Harry has the troubling thought that his partner may not actually like his godson and Ginny shares a secret she's kept and carried since the Battle of Hogwarts. Oneshot.

  • Games Are All That's Left

    Marlene doesn't want to hear a word about her coping mechanisms unless someone can bring her some sort of peace or an answer after Dorcas is killed. Lily brings cinnamon buns. Oneshot.

  • There Are Worse Things I Could Do

    Tonks is getting very, very good at dealing with Remus' insecurities though she does need to stop being late for work after she spends the night at Grimmauld Place. Oneshot.

  • The New Normal

    After the war, shouting has never sounded sweeter at the Burrow. Oneshot.

  • Playing With Fire

    Remus was always supposedly too good of a child to play with matches. But as Walburga Black learns when she pisses him off one too many times, maybe he was never all that good to begin with. Oneshot.

  • To See How Life Went On

    Neville doesn't know if his parents will care to meet the loves of his life, but he thinks that they deserve to see the life they bought him. Oneshot.

  • Half of My Heart

    When the Conseil de la magie shuts France's borders to keep Voldemort out, Fleur has to send Gabrielle home for the summer and say goodbye. Oneshot.