Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • The Love of a Father Runs Deep

    In which Rose will always be Ron's baby girl. Family-centric. Light Ron/Hermione with implied Scorpius/Rose:: For Ashleigh.
  • The Hardest Season

    She is a Ravenclaw, all wit and logic. But there is nothing logical about this.:: In which Luna copes with Dean's death.
  • Like Father, Like Son

    In which Frank and Neville are both forgetful on their wedding days.:: Frank/Alice, Neville/Hannah
  • But It's Better If You Do

    Drabbles for Ella.:: 3. Ted/Andromeda. "Goodbye has always been written in their stars, but he's ready."
  • Beyond Reason

    You can't help who you love. You're not supposed to. :: Unrelated drabbles for the Slash and Femmslash Boot Camp.
  • Living With Your Ghost

    He sees them. He touches them. And then he wakes up.:: Heavily AU. For Paula. Warnings inside.
  • Ron Weasley and the Cliches Upon the Hogwarts Express

    In which Harry has a harem, Draco is part veela and in love with a giggly pureblood Hermione, Ginny snogs everyone, and a mysterious stranger has the answer to everything.:: Cliché!Parody fic.
  • Glass Love

    She holds him close, so afraid that if he shatters, she will break with him.:: Remus/Tonks, freeverse.
  • Finding Meaning

    Dean thinks he can breathe now that the war is over. But Luna has always had a way of leaving him breathless.:: Dean/Luna freeverse.
  • Run Run Run

    Albus falls, and Albus prays that the crash won't hurt:: Albus, Scorpius, and ignoring reason. For Schermionie.
  • Sing Me To Sleep

    Seamus never cared much for Dean's singing until he needed it the most.
  • The Cliff's Edge

    And they dive heartfirst, no fear of the crash.:: Romione freeverse.
  • Dreams vs Reality

    Sometimes the real world is so much better than anything you could dream.:: Cho/Luna fluff for Paula.
  • Describing Justin

    Justin over the years, through Ernie's eyes.:: Freeverse for Laura.
  • All Are Scarred

    "You don't know what I've done. I'm a monster, Charlie.":: Draco, Charlie and all that's left after the war.
  • Tender Curiosity

    Remus, sweet Remus is love personified.:: Wolfstar freeverse for Sam.
  • Fleeting

    The door opens, and Lily makes her final stand.:: Freeverse about Lily's final moments.
  • Closer to the Heart

    "Maybe I didn't even know I was here til I saw you holding me."- Andrea Gibson:: Freeverse collection for Allie:: 1. Wolfstar. 2. Roxanne/LilyII.
  • War-Shattered Hearts

    After her husband's death overseas, Ginny learns that promises can be broken, and love and comfort can come from unlikely places.:: DracoGinny Muggle AU. Soldier!Draco, civilian!Ginny.
  • Close Enough

    Everybody is a nobody until someone cares enough to make them feel like a somebody.:: Gilderoy Lockhart and going from zero to hero.