Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • Close Enough

    Everybody is a nobody until someone cares enough to make them feel like a somebody.:: Gilderoy Lockhart and going from zero to hero.
  • Jumpers

    It's the Christmas after the war, and Molly realizes she has one less jumper to knit.
  • Foolish Ravenclaw

    "Never mind logic and proof. Luna has only ever believed in the good in others.":: Dean, Luna, and overcoming infidelity.
  • Comfort

    "But, Godric, dear friend, never forget that you are loved." :: Helga comforts Godric at the end of his marriage.
  • Muggle Psychology

    After a fight with Harry, Ginny takes Hermione's advice and uses feel words.
  • A Love They Wouldn't Understand

    "They don't know what it's like to have something so beautiful and perfect in their lives. But I do.":: Percy/Head Boy Badge serious!crack for Courtney.
  • Coward

    Piers, Dudley, and the fear that comes from being uncomfortable in your own skin.::For Sam. Warnings inside.
  • Somebody's Hero

    "Don't be silly. Who's ever heard of a Slytherin hero?":: Astoria and the real heroes of the world.
  • A War Inside

    Just because the war is over, does that mean Dean's demons will turn to dust? :: Dean, Seamus, and not knowing what it looks like when a war ends. Drabble for Sam.
  • A Life Arranged

    "In the morning you will be Druella Black," he says bitterly as he pulls her closer. "But tonight I can pretend otherwise."
  • Death Does Not Part

    "I will never leave you, Andi," a voice whispers, too close for comfort.
  • Shouldn't

    When logic says he shouldn't, his heart says he should. :: TheoGinny for Sophy.
  • No Rhyme, No Reason

    Twenty drabbles for the Globetrotter Drabble Challenge:: 20. Fred and George: "'Fred and George Weasley,' Fred laughs, turning to his twin. 'Respectable businessmen. Who would've thought'"
  • Even Though

    In which Fleur has dreams, and Bill has doubts.::Freeverse for Alice.
  • From A to Z

    Charlie/Draco drabbles inspired by the alphabet. For Sam and Laura.
  • Six

    Variety of characters' stories told in only six words for the Hemingway Six Challenge.
  • Somebody's Favorite Hiding Place

    Collection of drabbles and oneshots outlining various relationships between the Weasley family (plus the Next Gen Potters and Teddy).
  • Growing Into Love

    Molly and Lysander growing from blushing children to happily in love.:: For Anna.
  • Ordinary Magic

    After the war, Cho finds someone who can heal her in a way magic never could.:: Cho/OFC drabble.
  • But He Talks Like a Gentleman

    "Love as though you'll never be hurt."-William W. Purkey:: Slash drabbles for Sam.