Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • Funny Way of Showing It

    In which Zeke and Uriah love each other, even if it doesn't always show.:: Zeke and Uriah snapshots for Sam
  • The Price to Pay

    Betraying Harry was easy. But the consequences were too great.
  • Are You Somewhere Feeling Lonely

    The trouble is timing, and, somehow, Remus and Sirius always seemed to miss each other.
  • Life Interrupts

    It was the first time Hannah could really see Neville, see past his flaws. She wanted to speak, but life had other plans.
  • Only Wanted to Play

    Ariana only wanted to play in the garden as she always did. Then the boys came, and everything fell apart. Rated T for implied violence.
  • A Quill

    Sometimes, something as simple as a quill is the most meaningful thing in the world.
  • Two Lonely Hearts

    Both were lonely. Neither planned to fall in love. But life is funny sometimes.
  • Freckles and Broomsticks

    A collection of unrelated drabbles and one shots revolving around Percy/Oliver. For the OTP Boot Camp Challenge
  • Loony and Beautiful

    In which Hannah refuses to be a bully.
  • No Fairy-tale Romance

    Because sometimes love isn't easy, and there isn't a promise of happily ever after. Marauders Era drabbles. Chapter 1. Severus/Lily. 2. Rabastan/Andromeda 3. Regulus/Lily
  • Eight Glimpses into a Life

    The evolution of James and Lily as told in snapshots. For Sylvia.
  • All You're Ever Gonna Be is Mean

    Lucy has a bully. James isn't happy.
  • He Says

    But one drink leads to two, and two leads to three, until the bottle of wine is gone. In which Percy can't cope with his brother's death, and Oliver is completely helpless
  • When In Doubt, You Run

    Bill can't force this life upon Fleur. In a moment of madness, he cancels the wedding and runs away to a job in another country.
  • Wrong or Right

    For all the talk of how very wrong it is, Roxanne has never known anything else that has felt so right. Lee/Roxanne drabble.
  • Ugly Flower

    Character study of Pansy during her childhood, teen years, and adulthood.
  • Changes

    Tonks hates the way she looks. But Charlie thinks she's perfect.
  • This Kind of Love Has to be a Verb

    Bellatrix knows her time with Alice will come to an end. But Alice is so calm, so steady, and Bellatrix can almost pretend. :: Femmslash Project
  • Into the Labryinth

    After the war, a crazy part of Hermione longs for the adventures she once had. Bill is more than happy to oblige.:: For Lady
  • An Old Man and His Regrets

    Years after his brother's death, Aberforth finally finds the closure he's needed for so long.