Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • We Want to Know

    And by "we", Rita means "she".:: Rita interviews Gilderoy with ulterior motives.
  • Eight Confessions on Being Loved by a Pretty Girl

    Eloise doesn't know why Penelope loves her. But she's glad she does.
  • Dear Colin

    The only thing that would make me feel better is for you to be here. But that's not going to happen, right? You're not just going to come back from the dead. :: Dennis writes letters to his brother after the final battle.
  • Farewell

    She will never breathe into you again. She will never again say those three words you need now more than anything. :: In which Lucy says goodbye to her love. PadmaLucy drabble.
  • Thoughts and Action

    "You ought to be whipped for such impure thoughts, dear sister," Cedrella murmurs.:: CallidoraCedrella inspired by Gamma
  • Almost Starting Over

    Percy and Penelope meet again during the effort to rebuild Hogwarts, and things almost go back to the way they had once been. Almost.
  • In Good Hands

    Though it pains Pomona to leave Hogwarts, she knows that Neville will make her proud as her replacement.:: drabble
  • Forgiven

    "He wanted to be forgiven.":: Andromeda, Regulus, and final goodbyes. For Remi.
  • Absolution

    Regulus knows that he's going to die. He can only hope that it will bring him peace.
  • In Knots

    Remus should be happy about becoming a father, but he can't help feeling like something is wrong.:: Remus overcoming his fear and becoming a father.
  • Perfume

    His scent still clings to her skin when her husband comes home.:: Rodcissa for Gamma.
  • Saving Grace

    He was the angel who saved her.:: GideonDorcas
  • Things Change

    Neither of them wanted anything serious.:: Blaise and Daphne before, during, and after the war. For Michy
  • Nicotine

    Teddy and Victoire have very different addictions.:: TeddyVictoire for Anna.
  • He Remembers Her

    "He doesn't want to remember her like this. /He remembers her alive.":: In which Uriah remembers Marlene as everything but dead.::For Anna.
  • Grey Hair and Promises Made

    When Rose finds her first grey hair, she worries that Scorpius will no longer love her when she's old. Scorpius tries to convince her otherwise.:: ScorRose fluff for Ash.
  • Frostbitten

    After the war, Dean thinks that he's frozen. Luna thinks he's wrong.
  • An Unconventional Proposal

    Percy hates the cold, but Audrey knows how to make it worthwhile.
  • if you love me, then let go of me

    In the end, Theo loves Daphne enough to set her free.:: Theo, Daphne, and a sign of true love.
  • A Helping Hand

    Hugo proves to be surprisingly helpful when his sister can't choose a wedding dress.:: Rose&Hugo drabble.