A Dangerous Plan

Chapter 2


Harry P.O.V

My birthday was eventless, I turned 17 and could officially do whatever I wanted. In a world of not so smart wizards, we were considered adults once we turned 17. I left my aunt's house and went to Sirius' house. Grimmauld Place was a dark and gloomy old house, in the middle of London. Fortunately, not many people knew about it because of the Fidelius. Unfortunately, Snape knew about it, but despite the fact that I wasn't naïve or an idiot, I knew that Remus still trusted Snape for some absurd reason. And the desperation in Remus' eyes convinced me to follow his instructions for the next few months. I had also convinced Ron and Hermione, a massive feat. What was the worst that could happen?

Remus had obviously thought of everything as there was lots of food, water, clothes and space as well in Grimmauld Place. I also had my own personal butler/house elf. I could do whatever I wanted. Ron and Hermione were staying at Shell Cottage with Bill and Fleur apparently, and they were getting homeschooled there. Ginny was going back to Hogwarts though, along with Neville and Luna.

It was August 17th today and I had just received a letter from Remus.

Dear Harry Potter,

I hope you have reached your destination swiftly. I trust that you will be dead by the time you receive this letter, but if not, anyone reading this will end up in flames.

There was a blank space. And then, the writing appeared.

Well, Harry. That should have gotten rid of the unwanted visitors, hopefully. Point is I have now subscribed myself to the Daily Prophet thing so that I receive the news. Another thing is that there are textbooks hidden in your old bedroom. You can study from them, as they are your age material. One more thing, I would suggest not attending school this year. You won't even get the invitation. Enjoy your free year, Harry.

I hope to see you in December.

Remus Lupin.

I burst out laughing at the letter. Remus was incredible with theatrics and dramatics and if there wasn't a war, I bet he would have become an actor. Though he probably learnt that from Sirius. I shook my head and went to search for the books that he had mentioned. When I reached the cupboard under the stairs, I opened it and found an old book under all sorts of blankets and brooms. I opened the book. It read, 'Welcome to the teachings of 'Remus, Sirius, James and Lily!'

It was now the middle of November. The journal was my new favorite book and I had learnt lot about my parents and Sirius and Remus in this. The book included everything that a student should know. And a lot about growing up in a warzone. I still had a month to wait to meet Remus in the Room of Requirement. Today, the Daily Prophet reported the falling of the Ministry. The deaths however included Fenrir Greyback, one of the worst criminals and a lot of his cronies (his "pack"). I was pleased and wanted to tell Remus, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to send coded letters or warded letters as a matter of fact, or secret letters! I was terrible at that. However, Remus seemed to know exactly what to say because I received a letter from him.

Hello Potter,

Fancy hearing that Fenrir, my dearest friend is dead, right? Well, the worst part is that I didn't get to do the honors! Enjoying my vacation thoroughly. I do agree that I need it. However, Tonks is a nasty person, wouldn't leave me alone. I almost had to slap her! Enjoy yourself. See you in December in the Secret Room. I hope you have been practicing.


His letters were getting less detailed and vaguer, but I agreed with him on the account of Tonks, who was Remus's fan girl/stalker. Well, to be honest, she was a wonderful person and a lot of fun. It's just that she's definitely not Remus' type, so yeah… She was annoying, creepy and couldn't keep her nose out of other people's business. Sort of like me and Sirius, I guess. Looks like it runs in the family! It was only a month longer and then I could meet Remus.

I was waiting in the Room of Requirement. The room was decorated like the Gryffindor Common Room. The posters and banner hung around exactly like it was in the Common Room. Severus Snape, the hated current headmaster and former potions master, had seen me but had just turned around and ignored me, which was practically as good as letting me in. I was surprised by that, because well a) he hated me, b) he hated my father and the marauders, c) he was supporting the madman who was out for my death, d) did I mention he hates me? Not particularly in that order though. No one else had seen me as the castle was mostly empty, but I had seen Malfoy and Neville having a hushed conversation. They had never been enemies but not friends either. Though Malfoy was a big bully, and he had targeted Neville in our first two years at Hogwarts, he had let up on Neville starting third year, for some reason no one knew. Their conversation was still very unexpected and I was in a shock for a while.

I had been waiting for 3 hours when finally, the door to the room opened and someone entered. My wand was already in hand and I was staring at him.

"Hello, Potter. How're you doing?"

Sorry for the short-ish chapter. P.O.V's will switch for the next chapter, to provide some more info on what's going on! See you soon!