A Dangerous Plan

Chapter 4


Remus P.O.V

"You want us to talk to Snape?" I asked my utterly deranged friend. "What makes you think he'll listen?"

Sirius stared at me like I was stupid. "He's on our side and Dumbledore trusts him, probably because of some oath, so he will help us! I would bet on it!"

I rolled my eyes, it was as if that was my permanent reaction to anything and everything that came out of Sirius' mouth. It's as if he doesn't even use his brains before he speaks. "Snape hates us. If he does do anything to help us, it'll only be because of Lily and you know it."

Sirius took what I said as a challenge, if his expression was anything to go by. "What are you willing to bet on that Moony?"

I almost rolled my eyes again, but refrained with a lot of self control. "50 galleons. Can we go and ask him now? A meeting just got over."

Sirius grinned, completely assured in his victory and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't have 50 galleons if he won. Though I'm fairly sure that I would win this bet.

Snape was predictably just about leaving the house, when Sirius shoved him quite unceremoniously through a conveniently placed door that led to who knows where. Signing exasperatedly, I followed my remaining friend down the stairs to a meeting room?

"Lupin, Black." Snape started speaking, voice filled with as much venom as he could possibly use, which was a lot apparently. "What is the meaning of this?"

"See Sni- Snape. We have something we need your help with." Sirius explained as if talking to a young child. I refrained from stunning him and throwing him bodily from his own house. While I contemplated Sirius' demise, Sirius explained his thoughts to a thoroughly more disgusted and irritated Snape. This would be disastrous.

"So let me get this straight," Snape glared at us, I didn't even do anything! "You want me to help you defeat the most powerful dark lord of this time completely separately from the most powerful light lord?"

Sirius nodded, clearly pleased that Snape understood his obscure and annoying sentences. He clearly did not know how to talk to children! "Absolutely Snape!"

"If Lily knows that you could have helped her son and you didn't, she'll definitely castrate you!" I added, Snape needed the incentive to join. And I could see when he decided to help.

He nodded decisively. "That's true, Lupin. Lily would probably do worse, so I will help you. But remember this: I don't like you, in fact I hate you. But, I despise Lord Voldemort more! So, I will aid you in your plan, as long as it doesn't end up getting the entire world killed."

Sirius looked dismayed he handed me 50 galleons. I grinned smugly. Snape glared distrustfully.

"So Lupin. Fancy seeing you here!" A familiar voice called at soon as I entered Hogwarts. I rolled my eyes at Snape. "How was your vacation?"

I frowned at him, annoyed. He knew there was no vacation, but since we were both playing parts in a bigger act, I decided to humor him.
"Oh, Sevvy, my wonderful friend! My vacation was wonderful! Shall I tell you all about it in your esteemed office, newly appointed headmaster?" I asked, grinning cheerfully at his disgruntled expression. "Oh, congratulations on the position, by the way!"

"Follow me Lupin. We have a lot of catching up to do!"

"You told him everything?" I asked, glaring at my extremely irritating co-conspirator. Sirius and James were so much easier to work with, simply because they listened to what I said, without arguing. I knew that Snape was planning to get someone else into the plan, and I agreed with him. I just didn't expect him to tell said person everything.

"I don't trust you as far as I can throw you, Lupin. And I can't throw you very far. I told him everything so that I have someone firmly at my back. Not someone with wavering loyalties." He growled, I scowled. "Also, you know his mother and her sister pretty well, so really you shouldn't be so antagonistic!"

"I hated his father, still don't like his mother and I have spent less that three minutes in the company of his aunt recently, either of his aunts!" He didn't even react outwardly, to my outburst. "I do hope you are talking about his sane aunt, not the deranged lunatic." I added as an afterthought.

Snape rolled his eyes this time. "No one likes the deranged lunatic, nor would they even dare to spend more than a couple of seconds in her company. So, yes. I was talking about the sane one, with the daughter who stalks you!"

"Merlin! It sounds like you're the one stalking me!" I was exasperated and annoyed. I'm not a misbehaving child!

"Why would I want to stalk you? I hate you!" Looks like he's reached his limit for patience to deal with me. Wonderful!

"Precisely! Yet, you know everything I have done in the past seven months, exact to the date!" Riling him up is so much fun. It's honestly entertaining how easily he gets so irritated. And I haven't had so much fun in years!

"How do you know that?" He was suspicious. Good!

"Cause you have a bulletin board in your house in Spinner's End, marking everything that I've been doing." I replied, amused and disturbed. "It's like I'm a criminal!"

"You are a criminal!"

"Pray tell, how precisely am I a criminal in a way that you aren't implicated as well of course."

"You tried to eat me -" Huh, he looked slightly unhinged for a second there!

"Erm… headmaster? Professor Lupin?" A posh, but nervous voice called out hesitantly. It was so unexpected that Snape stopped his murderous rampage and I almost got a whiplash turning around.

I scowled again when I caught site of him - pale face (a perfect copy of his father's), grey eyes (much like his mother's, thankfully), tall (like his father) but lean (like his mother). I grimaced slightly as I saw the spoilt brat I had taught when he was thirteen. (Honestly I was grateful I didn't have to teach him much longer!) He had been the most obnoxious child I had ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he was very similar to Sirius in many ways (obnoxious was just one of those ways).

"What're you doing here?" Snape asked, not unkindly. He had recovered from his momentary lapse in emotional control. I gave Snape a long-suffering look, when Malfoy looked at Snape utterly confused.

"Try not to take me for a fool, Snape. I know very well that you want to introduce the two." Snape gave me a grim smile. I expect I had the same smile on my face.

"You are definitely plotting to get me killed, aren't you?" Malfoy asked, voice nonchalant (his eyes betrayed him). He evidently found his answer in our matching expressions of doom and gloom. "Well, let's get in done with!"

Everyone is finally in one place! I hope you enjoyed the chapter!