A Dangerous Plan

Chapter 3


Remus P.O.V

August 1995 started very nicely. Too nicely it seemed for Sirius, as he was in an absolutely unbearable mood. Well, Molly Weasley probably couldn't bear him on her best days, and most of the other Order members and the other hangers on in the dusty, old mansion couldn't handle his extremely horrible puns and sense of humor in general… So, since I was the only one who could handle him hanging around despite everything, it says something that he was being unbearable for me.

Okay, he probably had a reason for it. I mean, his godson was coming to live with him, despite having used magic outside school (I know very well that it was necessary) and having a disciplinary hearing (what an utter load of shit! If I didn't already hate that toad Umbridge, I'd definitely hate her now!). Also, Sirius was a known and wanted fugitive, so meeting Harry after a month was a massive achievement for him.

Either ways, he bumped into me really happy and in an extremely weird mood. (I had seen him greet Snape perfectly civilly, even called him Snape and not Snivellus. So, knowing Sirius I was suspicious of his behavior and his uninvited mood swing. Also, I think I definitely liked grumpy and Snape-hating Sirius better!)

"Moony, my dear friend! What a pleasure to see you here today!" He practically yelled as he attached himself to my arm. Rolling my eyes, I continued walking towards the kitchen, my original destination, before I quickly turned into the guest bathroom on the ground floor and shoved Sirius in first.

"What's going on, Sirius?" I glared at him, he scowled at me.

"Well, if you want to treat me like this…" he muttered, completely forgetting about my super hearing. I waited patiently. He rolled his eyes dramatically, and spoke louder. "Remember the plan we made? Before…"

I knew immediately what he was talking about. Before everything went bad, before Peter betrayed us, before James and Lily died and Harry was orphaned, we had made a plan. It was honestly wonderful, the plan. We had covered all the loopholes, and planned for traitors (anyone but the five of us, obviously! And what a mistake that was, wasn't it? I was the only one alive enough, sane enough to grieve and regret.).

"Anyways!" Sirius continued, loudly. Too loud, considering we both were still standing in a bathroom near the kitchen, where everyone else was. I covered his mouth as I shushed him and he licked my hand. I rolled my eyes, and he continued speaking, much softer this time. "I think we should continue once we alter it, but we'll need to add another adult."

I looked at him. He had his contemplation face on, the one he used before all the pranks he planned. (We took turns planning the pranks, duh!) "Alright, okay. Who did you think of adding? And besides, you now owe me. A lot!"

He grinned maniacally. I groaned mentally. I had a bad feeling about this. "If this works Moony, we're cleared!"

I thought about it, scowling. He was still grinning. "Fine. Deal!"

Turns out that I would come to regret that deal. Because a year later, and I was doing exactly as he had planned. In May, Dumbledore took Harry on some cock-and-bull adventure and ended up killing himself. Obviously, very predictably, Dumbledore (greatest and best as he was) gave Harry some important task that only Harry could solve. Understandably, I had to help Harry (that's what the entire plan was about!), so I told him to stay put, patted Hermione on the head, and went on a vacation.

Okay, just kidding! Can't believe you fell for that! (If you didn't good job, you're a smart one for sure!) Admittedly, I told everyone I was going on vacation, and there was no one who was my age, who could refute that claim.

The plan was fairly simple, and I'll outline it for those of you who don't know yet. First, I murder everyone, then I tell everyone, then I die! Evidently, he didn't think we needed a timeline. Wonderful, isn't it? That's the smartness of Sirius' plan. Our co-conspirator was completely exasperated and almost punched Sirius (and I did punch Sirius), but it was completely worth it.

Unpredictably though, Sirius had died before figuring out the details of the plan. So, as usual, I did most of the work and completed it all myself. Clearly, Voldie loved his money, so I attacked that first. Unfortunately, there were a few casualties while I started with getting rid of his money. And if most of the deaths were of natural causes, like heart attack or common cold, it was hardly my fault was it? Though I hope Bellatrix enjoyed burning to death.

By the time it was July, almost all of his inside and good followers were dead – natural or unnatural causes no one could tell, cause they were only found by the Wizengamot too late for anyone to do anything or find out anything. Since I hadn't heard from Harry, I sent him a letter. (Poor kid probably hadn't thought about sending anyone a letter!) Either way, I sent him a letter telling him to go to Grimmauld, which was more to ensure his safety than anything else.

In all my loads of work while I was supposed to be on vacation, and avoiding Tonks (she was wonderful, no offense to her, honestly. But I really wasn't into someone 13 years younger than me and someone I had baby sat! Also, I had been pretty good friends with her mum and dad when they were in school with me. So, yeah, no!), in all my work, I totally forgot that Harry still needed to study something. And what better for him to study than the Marauder's Guide? It was one of the few things that Peter didn't want to do, write a book, that is. So, the book is one of our items which isn't tain … ah, didn't belong to Pettigrew. Hence, I mentioned it in my next letter to Harry in August.

In November, the Ministry fell, which was all well and good, but my favorite moment that month was when Fenrir Greyback died. Do I know who killed him? Yes, matter of fact, I do! Will I tell you all? Hmmm… it's the same answer for our OWLs DADA answer. No, I'm not telling you which one! I'm poor, not stupid! I sent one of my bi-monthly letters, at least I think they're bi-monthly, to Harry. And if I exaggerated on Tonks stalking me, well no one would know!

The next important event in my list, since I had almost gotten rid of Voldie's power base, was inform someone. Well, I was supposed to tell everyone, but I edited the plan and decided to tell only one person – Harry. Okay, two other people knew a bit of the plan already, and Harry could tell his friends whenever he wanted, but I was only planning to tell him. So, in December, like planned months earlier, I went to Hogwarts.

Three guesses who the co-conspirator is…