A Dangerous Plan

Chapter 5


Harry P.O.V

"Hello, Potter. How're you doing?"

'Expelliarmus. Levicorpus. Incarcerous!' I cast the spells in rapid succession, not even bothering to speak out loud. If the war and fighting Voldemort had taught me anything, it was act first and talk later (if you were alive later!). Three flashes of light later, and a pale, blond and scowling Malfoy hung upside down. And even hanging upside down, he looked at me with loathing. Unfortunately, I was distracted from my staring (scowling) contest with Malfoy, when I heard someone laughing out loud.

I turned around to see Remus and Snape (what was Snape doing here?) standing nonchalantly. Snape still had his usual glower, but Remus was practically cackling, no doubt at Malfoy. I was way too confused right now, honestly. Maybe next time people should let me in on their plans before they came up with plans that will ultimately, probably make me deal with a multitude of people that I hate (included in this list is Snape, Malfoy Jr., Malfoy Sr., almost all the Slytherins, Lord Voldie, Salazar Slytherin, hmmm… I can't seem to think of anyone else) and people I dislike (included in this list are Dumbledore, simple because he's senile and tried to get me killed more than once; Molly, because she smothers me too much; Ron, because he's my best friend; Hermione, because she's my other best friend; Fred and George, because they're like annoying older brothers to me and also, just for the sake of it; Ginny, because she exists; Bill, Charlie, Percy, Arthur, Merlin and Godric Gryffindor, simply because I can and that's it I think!).

Either ways, I would have tried to disarm and/or maim Snape, if he wasn't standing behind Remus, who was still cackling. Without pausing his cackling, Remus waved his hand and Malfoy crumpled to the ground in a yellow and green heap. Snape rolled his eyes at the display of wandless and non-verbal magic, Malfoy didn't look too shocked and I'm sure I was staring in awe. Shaking myself from my thoughts, I glanced at Malfoy, who had a mix of a pout and a glare which he was aiming at me. The end result made him look like he was about to throw up.

Snape kicked Remus, who spluttered and smirked, trying desperately not to laugh again. Another kick and Remus nodded solemnly. "Hello Harry. Fancy seeing you here!"

"Oh, shut up, Lupin! We all knew he would be here! I even saw him enter Hogwarts!" Snape sneered hatefully. Obviously, he didn't like me much yet. Nor was he over Remus accidentally almost killing him ages ago.

"Even I saw him, if you are interested to know. And so did Longbottom." Malfoy said. At least he wasn't practically snarling or growling or baring teeth. He seemed more bored than anything, and I had no clue what he was even doing here. He might not be evil incarnate, but he was by no means innocent in any way.

Remus turned to me, and he looked completely exasperated. "Are you telling me you didn't use it. You know, the item which is the most useful to you in situations where you have to be sneaky? I can think of more than one time that you have actually used it which are completely inappropriate and you can't use it to save your life?"

I grimaced. The thing is, sometimes, I don't think about stuff. So, I go ahead and do whatever it is, only to find out that there is actually and easier way to go about it. Obviously, this fell into the easier but definitely not thought of method. And now, I wasn't sure what to tell Remus (in front of Snape and Malfoy, no less), or how to tell him without sounding like an absolute fool.

Luckily, Remus just rolled his eyes (his eyes should get stuck sometimes because he rolls his eyes super often) and moved on. "Never mind that. You have a brain, you didn't use it, you sort of but didn't get caught. Good job, congratulations! Now, Malfoy and Harry are going to be frenemies and Sevvy, please do shut up and sit, while I explain everything."

It was such an abrupt speech, and given so confidently that all of us found ourselves on the couch, that the Room had conjured up, without much conscious thought. Remus looked positively delighted, and I resigned myself to a horrible, terrifying retelling of a horror story.

Admittedly, it was as much of a horror story as I had predicted. Remus looked extremely pleased as he gave us all the gory details, some of which I did not actually want to know. Most of it was a jumbled mess of words, that went from day-to-day to year-to-year in no particular order. The main thing that I had realised through this entire thing is that if Snape and McGonagall could keep a class silent simply because they were the strictest or scariest teacher, Remus had kept the class immersed in the story, the adventure of the entire class. And he was absolutely convincing when he wanted to be.

"You're telling me that you created that foolproof plan, accounting for the fact that none of your best friends would betray you. And the plan failed because your best friend betrayed you." Malfoy stated, straightening out the facts. "Then, your best friend who didn't betray you, my uncle, was sent to the most horrid prison ever because of a misunderstanding, you couldn't do anything and were kicked out of the country for bringing it up. And then, he escaped and you came back and he died and Dumbledore died. But before he dies, you decided to make your elaborately easy-to-crack plan and include Snape, who agreed for some absurd reason and brings me into this as well. So that after Dumbledore dies you can kill Voldemort by destroying his favourite items. And most of this information came from my other uncle, Regulus, who Sirius sort-of ditched for Potter's father."

He sounds super incredulous, and Snape is blank-faced as usual. But I know that he seems very tempted to slap someone, probably someone who was dead already. The actual plan was more complicated than what Malfoy summarised though, and still involved me killing the snake-faced, evil, self-proclaimed dark lord. Apparently, my parents would go into hiding with me, as would Neville's parents while Sirius, Peter and Remus destroyed Voldemort's allies from the inside. Instead, Peter decided to become a traitor and got my parents a day before everything was supposed to happen. My parents would have left Godric's Hollow on 1st November 1981. They never lived to see the day.

"… and you're telling me the dark lord was actually stupid enough not to crack that plan? All he had to do was kill you, one person. And all of your phoenix people would not have been able to stop him!" I tuned back into the conversation going on.

"Absolutely!" Remus exclaimed. He was grinning too widely for it to be considered sane. "I see your deductive skills and arrogance have become much more useful and compatible lately!"

Malfoy stared at Remus, who turned to me. Not knowing what else to do, I glanced towards Snape, who was looking at Malfoy with an inscrutable look. This was going to get awkward fast. So, I did the only thing I could to diffuse the tension.

Clearing my throat, I started speaking. "You have explained your entire very complicated plan to us, Moony. But you haven't actually explained what they are doing here."

I tried to nod subtly at Snape and Malfoy. By Malfoy's eye roll, Snape's sneer and Remus' smirk, I failed miserably.

"I'm here to follow up on a promise I made to Dumbledore at the wrong time in my life. Also, I'm trying to avoid something called 'death by flowers', specifically a Lily." Snape muttered moodily. Honestly, I don't understand how someone can be that dramatic. "Malfoy's here because I want him to be."

I glared at Snape, and I was about to protest that. I mean really? The last time the marauders trusted someone with their plan, it was their best friend. And he betrayed them. Now, Snape wants me to trust Malfoy? My childhood and constant enemy, who bullied practically the entire school on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. And Snape wants me to trust him not to betray me to the person his parents follow, who his parents kill and would die for? Does Snape think I'm suicidal?

Unfortunately, before I could voice my opinion on the matter, Remus spoke up. He had obviously figured out my line of thought, because he practically dismissed Snape and Malfoy.

"Alright. Now that everyone knows almost everything, Harry stay at Hogwarts for the next couple of months, if you don't mind. Ron and Hermione can definitely meet up with you. Malfoy, don't betray anyone and you are welcome to visit Harry. Sevvy, we still have stuff to discuss. Maybe we can meet in your office in half an hour?"

Snape and Malfoy were out of the room in less than twenty seconds, like a student rushing out of their least favourite class to head to break. Looking at Remus, I forgot how irritated I was at Snape and Malfoy Remus looked inordinately pleased. I almost groaned at the mischievous and proud look in his eyes. "So, Harry. How've you been doing? Learnt anything at all from the marauder's guide?"

The marauders plan is more like a bunch of guidelines and things to do, than an actual plan. It's like - we get out of here and kill Voldie's followers and destroy these pieces of jewellery that Voldie is keeping for sentimental reasons. Regulus is smart enough not to mention anything about Horcruxes to his brother and co. simply because he knows it'll somehow get him into trouble even once he's dead.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter!