A Dangerous Plan

Chapter 8


Bill knew they were in trouble the moment he saw the giants. Cursing spectacularly enough to attract his younger brother's attention, Bill turned and started warding the castle. Those giants were menaces, and a giant inside Hogwarts would lead to mass destruction of everyone and everything in sight. And the best way to prevent that was to update the wards on the castle against giants. Without asking any questions, Charlie stood at his back, willing to defend him and protect his back as he protected the castle. And surrounding them stood the Hufflepuffs, an impressive display if held ever seen one. They were near the Whomping Willow, near the side entrance into Hogwarts, and this was the perfect place to ward the castle.

And he started his work, silver and red magic flaring from his hand and wand, which were placed against the ancient stone of Hogwarts. And slowly he could feel the energy draining from him and into Hogwarts, but he didn't focus on his dropping energy levels. His entire mind was spreading the magic through the castle, and so he connected to the sentient part of Hogwarts - the part that made the staircases move and the classroom doors open, the one that allowed students to walk through walls and changed the ceiling of the great hall.

He was so deep in his task, that he didn't notice when the area went cold, temperature dropping to sub- zero, and the lights were all gone. All the stars were gone, the sky a mass of darkness. Just like the writhing, slithering shadows that advanced on the group.

Bill continued to pour his energy into Hogwarts, trying to awaken her. So he didn't see or feel when his brother leaned against his back and created a patronus that drove legions of dementors back, allowing the Hufflepuffs to conjure their own patronus. It was such an impressive feat of magic when half of the spells of pure happiness drove the dementors back, while the rest dove for the walls of Hogwarts. And the desperation, fear, determination, and fierce, protective love awoken some ancient spell that had Hogwarts gaining some sentience.

And for the first time in a thousand years, Hogwarts awoke.

Harry P.O.V

I blinked to see light. Bright, white light. And all I could think of was 'Wow! I must be in heaven!'

I was wrong though. My eyes quickly adjusted to the bright light. And when I opened my eyes and saw clearly, all I could see was a dragon patronus prowling around Luna and me. Following the patronus was one who I didn't trust – Draco Malfoy. My arch-nemesis turned… friend. I had never seen him conjure a patronus before, and he had vehemently denied the ability. But here he was and he had produced an impressive patronus.

I blinked again, and noticed that the patronus wasn't the only thing glowing brightly. Hogwarts castle was lit up in blood red and haunting silver. I had seen the green wards around the castle, lake and forest fall. But this looked like Hogwarts castle has it's own magic. And I gasped in surprise when I looked around.

Students who couldn't have known so much magic, had so much energy after the long fight looked energized. Spells shot out much stronger than normal and each hit downed a death eaters as easily as a bullet to the brain would have. (I had suggested guns, but it was too flammable apparently! Oh well, our loss I suppose). And all around me wounded people were getting up and fighting.

I stood up, expecting some pain from my previous fight with a mountain troll, but all I felt was energy. Pure, unadulterated, raw energy flowing through my blood, connecting with my magic. A lot more magic than I had ever felt in my life. And I grinned as I turned to Mal… Draco and Luna. This was going to be fun!

Hermione felt the power surge through her, briefly pushing the dementors away. She caught her breath as well as she could in a couple of seconds. And then, using the surprising amount of power coursing through her, she cast a patronus. A blinding light filled the air, and her otter swept through the dementors like a knife through butter. She felt like she could conquer the world, despite being exhausted just a couple of seconds ago. Yet, she grinned smugly as the dementors fled from the patronus, unwilling to get incinerated.

Death Eaters had predictably tried to enter the castle through some of the secret passages. And the Slytherins were finding it hard to win the fights. It was expected, for the Slytherins had known these people for a while now. Blaise grimaced as a dark cutting spell hit his upper arm, and he stumbled. And then, suddenly, Hogwarts lit up like a Christmas tree in red and silver with threads of yellow running through it like veins. And energy rushed through him, and by the looks of joy on his usually stoic companions, those protecting Hogwarts. The death eaters stumbled back, and Blaise smirked as they stumbled away in horror. This was going to be a massacre, but it was going in their favor.

Ron and Ginny were so immersed in the battle against the death eaters that they barely noticed the energy that filled their body. With their backs to Hogwarts, they didn't even see the castle start to glow. It wasn't until the death eaters looked stopped fighting in shock and they had decimated the entire group, that they turned towards Hogwarts in sync. And they noticed their second home lit up like a beacon of hope. The feral look in their eyes calmed to a soft smile, neither noticing that they were standing in the blood of the Death Eaters they had defeated.

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