Hermes' secret

Chapter 15

'Where's Hermes?' Draco asked harshly next morning ,not touching his food at all and glaring at anyone who attempted to talk to him without question.

'Not looking for that girl today ,are you?' Blaise teased ,chuckling heartily ,seemingly oblivious to the death glare Draco was giving him.

'Best not to mention her' Theo advised ,not looking at Draco. 'Especially not in front of him'

'Trouble in paradise?' Pansy asked ,taking a chip in her mouth. 'You really should talk to me for any girl trouble advise. You boys are useless at that kind of stuff.'

'There is no paradise ,Pansy' Draco raged ,before stomping out of the hall in a rage and up to the owlery. He was going to confront that little bitch and show her the consequences of messing with Draco Malfoy.

Hermione was walking towards the library. Lessons were starting late today and she really wanted to get some revision in for the mini quiz Professor Flitwick had hinted at. She'd grab some breakfast from the kitchens later.
She was just about to increase her pace ,when she felt a hand grab her wand arm from behind ,causing her wand to clatter onto the floor. Drawing breath to scream, Hermione found a pale, mild white hand clasped around her mouth. Unable to speak, Hermione tried to protest as her captor guided her ,rather gently, into the Room of Requirement. Hermione felt herself being unceremoniously thrown to the ground.

At seeing her captor glaring at her, Hermione gasped ,not moving from her place on the floor.

'Draco' Hermione asked ,tentatively 'What are you…?'

'Only my friends are allowed to call me Draco' he snarled ,his knuckles white as he pointed his wand at Hermione.

'I am your friend' Hermione tried 'Hermes. Hermes Orion. Remember?'

'Cut it out' Draco growled threateningly 'Cut it out. Stop lying to me. To us. You're not Hermes Orion ,are you? Are you?'

Hermione didn't answer ,her eyes wide with guilt, and Draco took that as a confession ,laughing mirthlessly.

'As good as a confession' he muttered moodily.

'Draco-' Hermione reached out for his arm ,but he pulled away sharply.

'Don't touch me' She looked away guiltily.

'I wanted to tell you. I really did ,but I was worried. I was scared what you'd say' Hermione said quietly. Draco went silent ,realising that he'd confirmed her fears. 'I didn't want to lose you.' His breath caught in his throat and he gulped ,his eyes wide. 'You'd all been amazing friends to me' He let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding ,he realised that she meant all of them ,not just him ,

'We were' Draco said ,his words sharp ,but there was some softness some crack in his strong façade that gave him away. Hermione tried to smile apologetically at him but he just glared before stalking out of the room.

The moment he was outside, he continued to stalk through the school and out onto the grounds. It was only when he reached the lake that he let his strong facade crumble and he dropped to the ground like some great rag doll. Breathing in the fresh smell of grass, Draco sat up and began picking up pebble after pebble before chucking them into the lake ,not caring who was watching ,not caring who idiotic he looked. Silent tears began welling in his eyes but he held them back forcefully ,tasing deep breaths.

Breathe in.

Hermes lied to him and and his friends.

Breathe out.

She didn't mean to lie.

Breathe in.

Of course she meant to lie. You can't be forced to lie.

Breathe out.

She was in danger and was on the run.

Breathe in.

She tricked him into making him like her

Breathe out.

She didn't mean it. She didn't mean any of it.

Draco ceased his deep breaths and flopped onto the grass ,Malfoy etiquette be damned, and let his eyes flutter shut into the sheer bliss of sleep.

Hermione hurried towards Charms her cloak flying behind her. Pushing open the door, Hermione nodded at Professor Flitwick before sitting down next to Theo. Only then did she notice a certain absence from the classroom.

'Where's Draco?' Hermione asked. Theo looked up from his parchment ,confused.

'We don't know. I thought he was with you'

'I was in the library. I haven't seen him since-' Hermione looked guiltily towards the table. 'You sure you haven't seen him?'

Blaise turned around in the seat in front of them as Flitwick fell off the pile of books he was standing on.

'You mean you haven't?' Hermione shook her head in a half-truthful gesture.

'This isn't good' Pansy bit her lip in worry as she too turned around to talk to them.

'Well done for staying the obvious' Blaise rolled his eyes ,earning a s owl from Pansy.

'We can't tell Flitwick ,though' Theo hissed ,as he saw the Professor back on his pile of books.

'But we can get out of class to look' Hermione said ,her eyes wide with thought.

'What do you mean?' Blaise asked ,interested ,ignoring Theo's warnings that Flitwick was back to teaching.

'Here' Hermione rummaged in her bag before taking out four small sweets and spreading them out in her hand. 'These will make us ill. With this we can get out of class and look for Draco'

'What will they do?' Theo asked ,highly suspicious.

'Simply make you ill enough to get us out of class. The moment we're out, we take the antidote and we're all better' Hermione explained.

'You, goody-two-shoes Hermes Orion Gad these in his bag?' Pansy asked ,smiling. 'Who would've known?'

There was a short lapse of laughter before Hermione handed Pansy and Blaise one sweet 'only one of you two need to eat this. You do it first and then us. Now turn around before Flitwick gets suspicious'

Blaise and Pansy turned around and pretended to write something quickly on their parchment ,as if they had turned around to ask a question. Flitwick seemed not to notice and a few minutes later, Pansy had fainted right on top of Blaise.

'Professor' Blaise called innocently and a minute later Blaise was carrying Pansy out of the classroom.

Another ten minutes and Theo was helping a puking Hermione out of the classroom.

'Where did you get those?' Pansy asked ,once the four of them were in an empty classroom.

'Ginny's brothers own a joke shop and she gave me a few to keep' Hermione replied.

'Fred and George made those?' Blaise asked. 'They're good'

'Back to the problem at present?' Theo asked in an annoyed fashion ,almost glaring at the three ,unusually silent so far. Blaise raised his eyebrows at his friend in surprise

'You alright ,mate?' he asked.

'Come on, let's go find Draco' Theo said ,ignoring Blaise's question and not looking at Hermione as he turned towards the door.

'We have got only thirty minutes left and this is a big school' Hermione said ,stopping Theo in his tracks. 'We should probably split up'

'Okay,' Theo nodded reluctantly ,not turning around 'I'll check the dungeons' And with that, he left.

'I wonder what's got his wand in a knot' Pansy muttered.

Hermione frowned at the closed door before assigning Blaise and Pansy their places and leaving for the grounds.

She highly doubted that Draco would be outside ,but there was no harm in checking and anyway she really needed some fresh air.

She was ambling down towards the lake ,when a flash of pale blonde caught her eye.


Increasing her pace, Hermione ran down to Draco ,eyes wide with tension. Why was he here? He could get a cold. He wasn't even wearing a cloak. Stupid. Kneeling down next to him, Hermione stopped still ,unsure what to do. She'd found him now ,but what was she to say. She couldn't just say that she was looking for him ,because he hadn't shown up to class.

That would sound like she cared ,not that she didn't care either...

'Enjoying the view?' a voice from beneath her asked ,smirking. Hermione jumped before realising it was only Draco.

'You're awake' Hermione noted dryly 'And don't say that now. I look like a boy' She slumped into a cross-legged position on the ground as Draco sat up.

'But you are a girl' Draco argued ,brushing grass from his hair. Hermione laughed as if that episode in the Room of Requirement never happened ,taking her hand and brushing grass from his arms and back. He watched her intently.

'Couldn't resist?' he raised an eyebrow ,when she sat back on the grass.

'Oh shut up' Hermione reprimanded ,but there was a hint of mirth in her voice.

The teasing over, there were a few seconds of awkward and tense silence.

'So?' Hermione started awkwardly 'I'm...sorry?' There was a questionable tint to her voice ,as she bit her lip nervously.

'That's the best you can do' Draco raised his eyebrows ,his lips pursed in a thin line.

'I can't really say anything else now ,can I? It's all done isn't it? I can make it up to you. In any way possible ,but...' Hermione teared up ,looking rather helpless ;however she stopped short when Draco held his had up to silence her.

'That's enough. I understand.' He didn't say anything else ,though ,getting up swiftly and striding back to the castle ,Hermione following seconds later.

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