Hermes' secret

Chapter 30

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'What is that idiot boy doing?' Bellatrix cried ,looking even more deranged than usual ,her eyes popping.

'He's ruining your plan' Dolohov replied calmly ,enjoying Bellatrix's loss of composure.

'Shut up ,you dimwit!' Rodolphus hissed at him ,as the others looked warningly at him. They wouldn't want Bellatrix getting any worse; sparks were already flying out of her wand.

'He wouldn't dare,' Bellatrix told herself sternly before turning swiftly to Lucius ,a new light in her eyes. 'You!' She called. Lucius stood up from his place on the musty cave floor. 'Talk to Draco. He needs to stop associating with Hermione. Only if she is isolated will she come to us. You need to encourage him to get away from her and take all his other little friends with him. Otherwise she'll never come to me!'

Lucius opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by an incessant drawl.

'That's harder than you think ,Lucius' Antonin Dolohov smirked 'I don't think your son would leave his girlfriend just because his father told him to'

'Girlfriend!' Bellatrix screeched 'What is this nonsense!' Rodolphus tried in vain to calm her down.

'I have seen it myself ,as clear as day' Antonin continued ,unfazed. 'He even asked her to the Winter ball'

'The Winter Ball!' Lucius and Bellatrix cried simultaneously.

'He must be serious about her then' Rdolphus frowned.

Antonin shrugged. 'I only see things from the girl's point of view'

'Lucius!' Bellatrix demanded ,shouting at the top of her voice as she breathed heavily through her nostrils 'You will go to this ball and talk to Draco! Get him away from the girl! We need her.'

Lucius gulped before nodding briskly ,a new fire in his eyes.

He was going to meet his son.

The last two weeks of the Autumn term passed swiftly and soon enough it was time for Pansy, Blaise, Theo and Ginny to board the train back to the muggle world.

'I'll buy you sweets!' Theo promised as he hugged Hermione goodbye while hanging awkwardly from the train. They were getting many weird looks.

'I'm sure you will' Hermione laughed ,pulling away and waving as the train began to move.

Theo grinned back and Hermione watched as Ginny pulled him inside the train safely.

'It's going to be weird without them' Hermione mused.

Draco nodded mutely ,staring rather sadly at the back of Hermione's head.

Even though he'd asked her to the ball , he didn't feel like he'd accomplished anything. Hermione didn't seem to notice the place that he had for her in his heart. It was like trying to get more out of a battle that you've just won.

You can't.

And Draco didn't like the sound of that ,'cause he wanted more and he wanted more before some other boy came and beat him to it.

Though, two weeks with just the two of them was like the cherry on the cake. It would make anything else perfect…all he had to do was place the cherry at the right angle. Now that took precision.

Hermione was lying down on the couch she'd brought up to their dormitory and was reading peacefully ,when Draco walked in.

Hermione didn't look up from her book. 'Where were you?'

'Talking with Potter,' Draco said before letting out a short laugh 'Did you know that he lives with muggles during the summer? It's why he doesn't go home for the holidays.'

Hermione frowned disapprovingly. 'Yes, I did ,as a matter of fact know ,but don't tell me that you asked the poor boy'

'Poor boy?' Draco asked ,snatching the book from Hermione's hands so that she would look at him. 'How is he a poor boy? He's a man now and definitely not poor. Have you seen his Gringotts Vault?'

'No I haven't!' Hermione snatched for the book in his hand ,while staying on the couch. 'Now give!'

'Nuh-uh-uh' Draco taunted ,wagging his finger ,a patronising smile on his face. Hermione groaned. 'Only if you say the magic word'

'Please' Hermione said slowly ,grabbing for the book once more ,but Draco tugged it out of her way.

'Please -what?' He asked.

'Please can you pass me the book!' Hermione cried ,yelling in delight ,as the book sailed into her arms.

'Good girl' Draco patted her head condescendingly before turning away.

He didn't notice the mischievous look on Hermione's face ,though, and the next minute found himself sprawled against her abdomen ,having being pulled by the arm.

Trying to be the perfect gentleman, Draco tried to push himself up ,but there didn't seem to be a single spot on the couch which wasn't covered by Hermione.

Laughing at the be founded expression on Draco's face, Hermione didn't notice at first when Draco accidentally slipped trying to get up, his face falling inches away from hers.

She stopped laughing.

Draco was staring at her ,his mouth slightly ajar and his eyes wide. She felt a sudden instinct to cover hose lips with hers ,but as she leaned forward to do so, she felt his warmth receding from her and knew that he had gotten up.

A cold wave of ice washed over her senses. She licked her lips.

'Sorry' Draco muttered ,fidgeting nervously before hurrying out of the door ,a bit too quickly for Hermione's liking.

The moment the door slammed shut, Hermione felt herself break down.

She didn't even know why.

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