Hermes' secret

Chapter 4

On their way back to the dungeons, they were blocked by Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.

'Ahhh ,new boy' Potter drawled. 'Trying out for the Quidditch team'

'No' Hermione replied instinctively.

'No?' Harry raised his eyebrows ,looking over her Quidditch attire.

'He doesn't exactly favour Quidditch' Theo stepped forward. 'He was simply having a go'

'A very bad go from what we saw up at the tower' Ron guffawed.

'At Beaxbatons, sport isn't taken this seriously' Hermione sniffed 'Now if you two don't mind, we're off to bed before you can try and get us killed ,or worse expelled' With that, Hermione marched off down the corridors with Draco, Theo, Blaise and Pansy in tow.

'I think that Potter and Weasley need to broaden their range of insults ,if you're going to carry on like that?' Pansy sniggered 'Did you see their faces?'

'First they get rejected and now this' Theo laughed 'I almost feel sorry for them

'Almost' Hermione emphasised.

'Yes, almost' Theo repeated.

Hermione lay awake in her bed that night ,unable to sleep. Getting up, she planned to go get some fresh air. She was about to go out ,still in her disguise ,but at the last minute thought better of it. Checking for anyone in the common room, she slipped out of the common room and up the staircase ,heading for the grounds. The fresh air tickled on her throat glands as she inhaled heavily and soon she was lost in her steady breaths. That was until a voice called out to her.

'Hey, you!' It was Draco. Hermione cursed inwardly as she began to run. She had forgotten that it was Draco's turn to patrol today. 'Wait up!'

She began to run full speed towards the castle. Draco was far behind her ,but had longer legs than her own and had soon caught up with her. She would have got away ,though ,if it wasn't for the invention of the trip jinx. Hermione stumbled and fell forward ,flat on her stomach. She tried to get up but found out that she had sprained her ankle. She hissed as her ankle stung piercingly.

'What happened?' Draco asked ,not looking at who she was.

'I think my ankle is sprained' Hermione moaned. 'I can't put any pressure on it'

'Here put your pressure on me' Draco said ,holding out his arm. Hermione held onto his arm and pulled herself up.

'Ow, ow, ow, ow ,ow, ow' Hermione uttered. The next moment Draco was carrying her ,bridal style, into the castle.

'What are you doing?" Hermione panicked ,more out of instinct than anything else.

'Carrying you to the castle' Draco replied ,his face looking straight ahead.

'Couldn't you simply heal my ankle here?' Hermione asked exasperated ,but inwardly rather liking being carried by him. She only hoped that he'd look at her.

'I wouldn't be able to see properly' Draco replied 'And ,anyway, you could get away again'

'Fair enough' Hermione replied as they reached the Great Hall and Draco placed Hermione down on a table. Only then, did he look to see who she was. Her hair was in a messy bun a top her head and her drooping with sleepiness ,but to Draco she looked beautiful...indescribably beautiful.

'Can you heal my ankle then?' Hermione asked ,unsure as to why Draco was staring.

'Uhh...yeah...sure' Draco nodded ,muttering a quick 'episkey'.

Hermione smiled ,getting off the table to check that she could place weight on her foot ,but instead landed ungraciously on her bottom ,hissing painfully.

'I'm sorry' Draco apologised ,kneeling to Hermione's level 'I have no idea why it didn't work though'

'Maybe because I was sprained by a jinx rather than by physical means. Jinxes are harder to mend or reverse than natural means of maiming' Hermione pondered aloud

'You make me sound like such a bad guy' Draco chuckled.

'Who says you're not?' Hermione smiled back at him before hissing in pain again. 'Can you take me to the hospital wing?'

Draco answered in picking her up again and making his way toward the infirmary.

'I've never seen you around?' Draco asked 'Which house are you in?'

'I'm a seventh-year Slytherin' Hermione replied nervously ,expecting the coming questions.

'Are you sure ,because I haven't seen you in the common room at all?' Draco asked.

'Of course. I'm a Slytherin and proud to be one. You must just not be looking carefully enough' Hermione pushed the doubt into him.

'I don't think I could ever miss such a beau-' Draco cut himself short ,biting his lip anxiously.

'A what?' Hermione asked ,sure about what he was about to say.

'Oh look, the infirmary' Draco announced ,ignoring Hermione's previous question. Draco lay Hermione on a bed and then called for Madam Pomfrey.

'You teenagers ought to be more careful' the matron chided ,announcing her presence to Hermione. 'You lot are constantly getting into trouble'

'Sorry ,miss' Hermione apologised humbly.

'Oh, it's all right dear' she softened immediately 'I am here to serve'

Draco appeared behind her and was about to sit next to Hermione when the matron spoke. 'You better get to your common room ,Mr Malfoy. You don't want to loose on any sleep' Draco could do nothing but oblige and Hermione was thankful because soon she knew that Madam Pomfrey would also know her secret identity and she wasn't sure that she wanted Draco to know yet. Hermione readied herself for an explosion of questions as she sat on the infirmary bed.

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