Hermes' secret

Chapter 28

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After explaining Bellatrix's visions and their recent discovery to Harry, the boy had been far nicer to them for it. Even though he acted like a big-headed git ,as Ginny put it, he knew how it felt to be in constant danger and that it was no joke. His maturity surprised them and even Blaise began to warm up to him.

Unfortunately, the maturity Harry had wasn't shared with Ronald Weasley and the other boy ,however much Harry would try and impress upon him, wouldn't lay off the Slytherins for even a day and was incensed that Harry had let Ginny go.

'How could you?' He growled when Harry told him one day while sitting on the grounds ,doing homework 'She's my sister'

'She doesn't seem to mind' Harry pointed out ,indicating at the Slytherins and Ginny who were all sitting under a large tree near the lake.

Ron sneered. 'She doesn't know what she's getting into. Back-stabbing and lying ,the lot of them.'

'Well, I'm not going to hold up my love life for it' Harry said calmly.

'I think that saving my sister is more important than a few flings' Ron objected ,puffing his chest.

'I can't save her. Maybe you should find someone else. Dean Thomas ,maybe?'

'Dean Thomas?' Ron thundered. 'You think that I'm going to let my sister marry that half-blood'

'I'm a half-blood' Harry pointed out ,rather annoyed by Ron's antics now.

'You're much better than Dean!' Ron cried 'You're Harry Potter'

'I'm not letting anyone date me because I'm Harry Potter. They're going to date me for who I am' he said firmly ,beginning to pack up his things.

Ron spluttered. 'After all I did for you ,you're just going to be a selfish git!'

'Think about what I did for you too ,Ron' Harry sighed before leaving Ron sitting out there alone ,as he walked up to castle.

A heavy weight seemed lift itself off his shoulders as he walked further and further away.

He hoped he'd done the right thing.

Seven years of friendship…he wonder what else he'd wasted time on.

The school's gossip mill simply couldn't play a blind eye to the obvious feud between the famous Harry Potter and his sidekick Ronald Weasley ,especially as Ron was making it his point to sneer derisively at Harry whenever they passed each other in the corridors or happened to make eye contact. The two supposed friends were also refusing to sit next to each other in any of their classes ,which was proving a hard feat as they usually made it their point to sit next to each other in almost every class.

Harry found himself spending more and more time with Dean Thomas, Seamless Finnegan and Neville Longbottom and found himself much better for it. The three boys were almost the exact opposite of Ron and he loved it. Many more different faces seemed prone to approaching him now ,since Ron's absence in his presence, and Harry began to realise exactly what he'd been missing ,while playing Ron's beloved friend.

Despite it all, he couldn't help and feel a tiny bit guilty that he'd just thrown away years of friendship ,but then he reminded himself what Ron had become and it grounded him. Ron wasn't the same boy he'd stood up for in first year ,when Draco Malfoy had insulted him. He wasn't the same redhead who'd stuck up for Harry throughout Umbridge's reign.


A world famous war hero had no place for little misfits like Harry ,not that the world ever believed he was a misfit ,being 'The boy who lived' and 'The Chosen One' ,but Harry always knew that at heart he was the same boy who'd fled from Dudley and his gang and hidden in his cupboard under the stairs.

Harry wondered whether anyone even knew that ,as a young boy, he'd been allowed ,by the famous Albus Dumbledore, to be bullied as such.

He snorted to himself.

'Talking to your imaginary friend ,Potter?' A very familiar and welcome voice spoke from behind him.

War instincts still welded into him, Harry swung around pointing his wand wildly at the direction from which the voice had come from ,only to bring it back down with a sigh of relief.

'Do you always try and attack your friends when they interrupt your imaginary talks?' Ginny Weasley asked dryly ,slumping into the seat next to Harry.

To any outsider, the redhead would've seemed aloof and totally at ease with the situation ,but Harry knew better. He had shared his common room with the girl for six years and been a friend to her brother for just as long ,so knew her much better than others.

He knew that she felt uncomfortable talking to him ,probably because after what had passed between them during their last conversation - understanding.

Harry smirked inwardly ,as the redhead leaned back comfortably in her seat.

'Ginevra' he said with greeting.

He wasn't going to make this easier for her

'Lavender and Parvati are going crazy with the rumours ,aren't they?' Ginny said ,trying to make small talk.

Harry nodded vigorously. 'They are ,yes'

Ginny gulped discreetly. 'And you're alright with that? I thought you cared about your public image'

Harry waved his hand in dismissal 'Nah ,not really. That was all Ron. He cared about all this fame. I don't.'

Ginny nodded. 'Sounds like him. He always wanted to be better than the rest of us. Felt like he needed to prove himself' Ginny smiled sadly.

'You miss him then?' Harry asked ,suddenly intrigued.

'No' Ginny said abruptly ,but then ,at Harry's disbelieving look, 'Yes. He was alway the one we picked on ,including Perce of course' She laughed dismally at the memory.

There was a pause of silence.

As if just realising who she was talking to, Ginny straightened up ,looking flustered at what she'd just revealed.

'Ummm, well,' she stuttered. 'I came here to tell you. Herms got the reply from her parents this morning.'

'And?' Harry asked ,worried for the girl despite her newfound heritage.

'It's true' Ginny said grimly before getting up swiftly and leaving Harry stunned.

Harry felt sick.

Voldemort really had sired an heir.

Granger must be having it bad.

Hermione was staring out at the starry sky dismally ,leaning precariously on the rickety railings.

She knew that it was past curfew but breaking rules was the last thought on her mind right now. Not that any teacher would dare give the daughter of the Darkest wizard ever to have lived a detention.

Hermione's eyes wandered to the letter hanging loosely in her hand and sighed at the words written so considerately by ones she loved so dearly.

Dear Hermione,

Do not hate us for this ,please. We were going to tell you when you turned 18 ,but then- We love you still ,remember that, whoever your real parents are.

Hermione, on what you know to be your birthday, a ragged and worn-out lady appeared on our door ,holding you rapped in a bundle of blankets. She begged us to take you from her, to give you a better life. We asked her in, asked her whether she wanted a drink and about any regulations ,but she outrightly refused us ,thrusting you into our arms and making us promise to take care of you before vanishing.

We never saw her again and so we kept you ,fed you and loved you. By the time you were one year old, we'd forgotten that you were't our own. It was only when your Hogwarts letter came that we realised why she was dressed so weirdly.

Your mother was a witch ,Hermione. She also left something in the blankets you were wrapped in and we haven't been able to open it ,but maybe you can. We have packed it with the letter. You might want to keep it.

Remember, we will always love you,

Jean and Pierre Granger (your parents forever)

Hermione traced the love hearts around her parent's names and felt a tear tackle down her cheek. They would always be her parents ,no matter what happened.

They had lied to her though ,that annoying voice at the back of her head kept repeating. Her real mother hadn't been any better ,she'd abandoned her even before she'd turned one. Had she really been that bad a baby? Or was there another reason?

Something told her that it was Voldemort. Her mum had probably joined Voldemort and abandoned her because of it. She would've been certain of it ,if she hadn't been unable to think of any curly haired brunette Death Eaters. But then again, her mother might've died before she was born.

Hermione let out a dismal laugh. She had no information at all about her parents and she wasn't sure whether she wanted to find out.

The truth was a terrible thing. She should've never even tried to find out. Sometimes she wondered whether staying Dumbledore's pet would've been better for her.

Preparing to go back to common room before Filch came around, Hermione swung around only to come face to face with none other than-

'Potter?' Hermione asked ,genuinely confused 'What are you doing here?'

Harry fidgeted nervously. 'Granger' he greeted ,a bit too jovially ,smiling a bit too widely.

Hermione raised her eyebrows in disbelief. 'I will repeat this only once more ,Potter. What are you doing here?'

Harry sighed. 'Are you alright?'

'What?' When did Harry Potter ask other people whether they were alright?

'Are you alright?' Harry repeated. 'I heard that you got the answer today'

Hermione noticed that Harry purposely didn't say Voldemort's name or even mention him. She frowned ,checking for anyone standing around them 'I think I should be asking whether you're feeling alright'

'Granger, it's a simple question'

It then struck Hermione that she wasn't the only one whose parents hadn't been there to see her turn two.

'How is it knowing that they're gone?' Hermione asked sadly.

Harry looked surprised ,but composed himself quickly 'I've never had them or anyone who's tried to replace them. It's hard to miss someone you've never known. I want to ,though.'

Hermione nodded. 'That figures.'

There was a short pause in which they stared at the stars ,without really seeing them

'Does that mean that you're alright then?' Harry asked for the fourth time.

Hermione nodded. 'If not know, I'll be alright in the morning' she gave him a small smile ,as she walked to the exit. 'Thank you ,Potter'

'For what? I did nothing.'

'For simply caring. It's enough you know' Hermione flashed him a smile before disappearing down the staircase in a flash of brown.

Harry followed.

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