Hermes' secret

Chapter 16

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'You found him!' Pansy squealed ,running over and giving Draco a large hug ,before punching him playfully in the arm 'You had us so worried' Blaise coughed obviously ,earning a glare from Pansy 'and made us miss Charms. Where were you?'

'Taking a breather' Draco said succinctly ,not meeting Pansy's eyes ,but still hugging her back briefly.

'We should've known he didn't need saving' Theo clapped a hand on Draco's back ,not looking at Hermione at all. Frowning, Hermione looked from Draco then to Theo ,a faint suspicion forming.

'Well, shouldn't we get going back to class?' Blaise asked ,looking from Theo to Hermione then Draco in confusion.

'No point now' Pansy said. 'It'll look suspicious and anyway we only have about fifteen minutes left'

'You can do wonders in fifteen minutes' Hermione pointed out and all turned to look at her ,as if she were crazy. She raised her hands in defense. 'It doesn't mean we have to go ,though. I'm just saying'

'Just saying' Blaise repeated ,shaking his head. Glaring playfully at Blaise, Pansy tried not to smile fondly.

'We've got Potions next ,so it's best if we head to the common room' Draco said ,averting attention from the unofficial couple.

'Yes let's' Theo nodded ,leading the way.

The rest of the working week was filled with awkward silences and unsaid feelings ,so ,to say the least, it wasn't pleasant for any of them.

The moment Hermione got the chance, she sent an owl to Ginny to meet her as soon as possible.

'Was there an attack?' Ginny asked ,the moment she burst into the classroom.

Hermione shook her head ,rather confused 'What gave you that idea?'

'You sounded frantic in your letter'


'So? What happened'

Hermione took a deep breath.

'Draco knows' she blurted out,


'Draco knows that I'm Hermione Granger'

'But how?'

'Does it matter?' Hermione cried frantically. 'He knows who I am. He knows I'm the girl!'

Ginny smiled knowingly at Hermione's response.

'And you're smiling!' Hermione cried ,looking up to the heavens.

'Oh, come on. It can't be that bad. What did he say?' Ginny soothed

'He was mad. Super mad at me ,but then ,I don't know what happened ,but he said he...understood.' There was a pause as they both seemed to digest the information 'I don't know. Is that good?' Hermione scrunched her face in confusion.

'It's the first step' Ginny nodded.

'I just hope he forgives me.' Hermione hung her head in her hands ,almost in defeat.

'As long as you act earnest and...have you explained to him why you did all this?'

'Yeah. I explained everything' Hermione nodded fervently.

'Then that's good' Ginny smiled encouragingly. 'He's probably just finding all of it hard to digest. That's why he's taking so long to forgive you'

'You think he will?' Hermione looked hopeful.

'Yeah. You were forced into this predicament. He'd understand that' Ginny patted Hermione on the shoulder comfortingly.

As Hermione left ,far more hopeful than when she came in, Ginny smiled at her retreating form. It was only a matter of time.

Draco was unsure whether he'd forgiven Hermione or not. He wanted to. He really did ,but he had to remember what she'd done.

That was why Draco had decided to ignore Hermione all together ,but he was finding it harder than he cared to admit. It was a surprise to him, how much he enjoyed Hermes' presence and the fact that she was in fact the girl who'd captured his heart within a mere number of three meetings made her even harder to avoid. He found himself wanting to join in on her intellectual conversations, teasing jokes and petty, playful arguments ,only stopping himself at the very last moment with a metal slap ,berating himself for his stupidity.

She was a traitor.

She had lied to him and his friends.

But she was also his friend ,as much as he hated to admit it. Theo seemed to be avoiding him. He was unsure why ,but whenever Draco tried to signal that they should talk, he'd look away and start a conversation with anyone around him. He made sure that he was never alone and it frustrated Draco to no end.

It was only that Friday evening ,after dinner ,when Blaise and Pansy were at detention for blowing up a teapot in Transfiguration and most of the students had gone to bed that Draco spied a chance to talk to him.

Luck was not in his favour ;however, as the moment he got up to approach his friend, Hermione Granger came out of nowhere and dragged him outside the common room.

Once into a dark alcove not far from the common room, Hermione looked up at him nervously ,as if unsure how to start. By the looks of thing, it had taken some courage for her to drag him out of the common room so forcefully. He wanted to shout at her ,berate her for tugging him out of the common room at such unwise timing ,but looking at her guilt-ridden face he just couldn't seem to get the words out.

'Did you want anything?' trying not to sound too kind. She was still a traitor.

'I know you're still angry at me' she fought to look into his eyes as 'and I'm not really in your good books right now. I know that ,but-'

'Get to the point'

'Does Theo know?' Hermione asked. She'd been having suspicions since the day Draco had confronted her. He hardly ever paid any heed to her and seemed to stare at her for minutes at end. It was rather uncomfortable.

'Yeah' Draco nodded.

'I thought so' Hermione tried to smile tersely but it came out more like a grimace.

There was a silence.

'You've been avoiding me' she pointed out ,taking a leap of courage.

'Me?' Draco scoffed ,looking anywhere but at her 'Why would I-'

'Ask yourself?' Hermione shrugged ,her confidence building 'Why would you?'

'I' Draco said. 'I just needed figure things out'

'And?' Hermione asked ,scared for his answer.

Draco stared at her ,wanting to say that he'd forgiven her ,but something inside him held him back from doing so. It seemed such a great step to take ,to say that he'd forgiven her completely and even though ,deep down inside him, he knew he had ,saying it out loud was too much for him.

Hermione saw the myriad of emotions flash across his face ,wondering which one would overpower him. For some reason, she had a feeling that he was going to forgive her and she bit her lip with fear for what he was going to say.

'I don't know' he said at last ,releasing a breath of air as he did so 'I don't know' Chest heaving, Draco pushed past Hermione ,heading back to the common room ,leaving her alone in the corridor.

Hermione stood there for a few moments ,feeling empty as she stared at the exact place Draco's face was a few minutes ago. She was about to follow him ,when a sharp pain went through her head and she fell to the floor squealing in pain ,the shadowy corner of the alcove ,hiding her from view.

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