• Rukia's Birthday Surprise

    Rukia's birthday is coming up. Ichigo wants to help her celebrate this special day, but he fears his awkwardness will ruin everything. Thankfully, Rukia knows what she wants for her birthday.

  • The Happiness Shared Between Ichigo And Rukia

    Things have been awkward between Ichigo and Rukia. The two friends wonder why they can't have a normal conversation anymore and they hope they can make things better. A duology of one-shots.

  • Lelouch And C C's Prom

    Lelouch wins two tickets to the prom. At first, Lelouch isn't sure of who to give his other ticket to. However, to his surprise, C. C. wants the other ticket.

  • The End Of Hogwarts

    Hermione, Harry and Ron are chosen to guard Hogwarts. While Hermione is prepared, her friends aren't exactly qualified for such an important task. Ron and Luna's antics lead to an unexpected problem.

  • Blaze's Boyfriend

    Silver believes he has what it takes to win Blaze's heart. However, Blaze's attention is being paid to someone else.

  • Natsuki Cares Even If She Says Otherwise

    Natsuki tries to be distant and non-expressive towards Shizuru. However, when Shizuru almost gets hurt, Natsuki steps in to help her.

  • A Magical Christmas

    Since Christmas is coming up, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna have a Christmas party. Although the party is far from normal, everybody has a good time. Even Professor Snape doesn't have a bad time.

  • Goku And Vegeta's Christmas Mission

    Goku and Vegeta have to stop fighting one another, because they have to do some Christmas shopping for their loved ones.

  • Natsuki's New Home

    Natsuki doesn't feel happy with her living arrangements, so Shizuru steps in with an offer that she hopes that Natsuki agrees to.

  • Crush Trouble

    Discord has a crush on Fluttershy, so Twilight Sparkle tries to help him. However, Fluttershy's not the only pony that Discord has feelings for.

  • The Flaws Of Geass

    Lelouch thinks he knows how to master the power of geass. However, when he gets sick, his geass starts acting differently.

  • Harry Potter Flunked Hogwarts?

    Harry Potter's grades are at an all-time low. Harry fears that this might lead to him having to lead Hogwarts, but Hermione is determined to help him out.

  • Natsuki, Put That Frown Away And Give Me A Smile

    Natsuki has been feeling down, but her girlfriend, Shizuru, is determined to give Natsuki an endless number of smiles.

  • Lulu The Holiday Grouch

    Lelouch tends to get grumpy around the holidays. However, Shirley is there to help him appreciate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • The Mystery Of Hogwarts

    When Hermione returns to Hogwarts, she finds out that half of Hogwarts has disappeared. With help from Luna, Hermione attempts to find out what happened to Hogwarts.

  • Can Lelouch Solve This Mystery?

    Lelouch is supposed to be happy with C. C., but his eccentric, easily-distracted mind puts him in danger.

  • The Real Natsuki

    Through situations that are out of her control, Natsuki's previously-hidden emotions start coming out.

  • The Week That Changed Lelouch's Life

    Lelouch has started attending Ashford College. While there, he forms a bond with C. C., an unusual but charming woman who has special feelings for Lelouch.

  • The Weddings Lelouch Was Never Suspecting

    In this series of one-shots, Lelouch is a handsome, popular guy that C. C., Kallen and Shirley all have feelings for. C. C. feels ready to get married to Lelouch, but Lelouch's shenanigans get in the way.

  • Harry Potter's Twentieth Birthday

    Hermione and Ron want to give Harry a special birthday. However, Ron's questionable choices lead to Harry getting reunited with Voldemort.