• Hogwarts' Worst Student

    Due to some poor work and misunderstandings, Professor Lockhart considers having Harry Potter kicked out of Hogwarts. However, Ron has a secret and Hermione is not okay with this.

  • The Scam Of Hogwarts

    Harry starts losing respect from his fellow students, except for Hermione, when he tries to expose the truth behind a scam going on in their classroom.

  • The Accidental Kiss

    The students and staff celebrate opposite day, but that doesn't excuse Harry for accidentally kissing Hermione, rather than Ginny. Harry's mistake causes a lot of confusion and chaos.

  • Harry Potter The Cheater

    Ron sees the test answers paper on Harry's desk, so he snitches on Harry. If that wasn't bad enough, Ron catches Harry telling Hermione he loves her, even though Harry has been dating Luna.

  • A Few Weddings Plus A Few Misunderstandings Equals Chaos

    Ron wants him and Hermione's relationship to grow, so he plans on marrying her. However, some misunderstanding occur, leading to Luna thinking that Harry wants to marry her. Also, Professor Lockhart has his own wedding plans. With all the romance going on, Harry and his friends are too distracted, to think of Bellatrix Lestrange visiting Hogwarts.

  • Hermione's Boyfriend

    Hermione calls Harry her boyfriend, which confuses Harry and gets Ron jealous. The three of them, along with Luna, get caught up in one of the most confusing nights of their life.

  • We Got Rid Of Hogwarts

    Harry, Hermione, and Ron return to Hogwarts, after graduating college. Dumbledore assigns them to guard Hogwarts, while he and the others are away. However, an idea comes along, that puts Hogwarts in danger.

  • A World Hermione Could Never Understand

    Hermione was hoping for a nice, pleasant day, but her classmates give her a chaotic day.

  • Is Responsibility A Requirement At Hogwarts?

    Hermione, Harry, and Ron all have responsibilities, but Harry and Ron don't take their responsibilities very seriously. Because of this, Hermione has to save them.

  • Hogwarts' Hidden Menace

    Hermione Granger finds out that Dumbledore is a much shadier person, than he appears to be. Nobody believes in Hermione's theory, aside from Luna Lovegood, who becomes Hermione's partner. The two of them try to get evidence, of what Dumbledore has done. Meanwhile, Ron hopes he can win Hermione's heart, despite Hermione not being interested.

  • Mr and Mrs Granger

    In order to save money for his next year at Hogwarts, Ron pretends that he and Hermione are getting married. He even schedules a fake wedding, which Hermione is shocked to hear.

  • Hermione Needs Our Help Or Does She?

    Hermione loves Professor Snape's overly-complicated assignments and reading all the books he assigns, which makes Harry and Ron fear, that Hermione is suffering some sort of illness.

  • A Smug Enemy Or An Ally In Need?

    Draco starts acting even more rude and starts smoking. Harry and Ron think Draco's a hopeless jerk, but Hermione thinks Draco's a victim, of his dad's bad influence.

  • There's Nothing Magical About Bullying

    Draco keeps bullying Harry, Hermione, and Ron. In order to avoid getting bullied himself, Ron tries to become a bully. Hermione and Harry try to help him learn the error of his ways and find out why Professor Snape pays loyalty to Draco.

  • Has Hermione Made A New Friend Or Enemy?

    Hermione Granger starts guarding the outside of Hogwarts, because she's heard of a mysterious figure, who has been roaming around Hogwarts, during the night. The mysterious figure turns out to be Luna Lovegood and Hermione's not sure if Luna's an ally or a threat, to the future of Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Ron Weasley hopes he can impress Hermione, while Voldemort has a plan of his own.

  • Hermione and Harry: Hogwarts' Wanted Vigilantes

    This story takes place in an alternate timeline where Voldemort is treated like a hero and a celebrity, despite still being evil. He tries to make Hermione and Harry look like the true villains, despite the duo being a pair of crime-fighters. It also doesn't help matters that Ron's become a ruthless vigilante.

  • Hermione, Harry, and Ron's Investigation

    Hermione Granger goes to Lucius Malfoy's party, along with Harry and Ron, so she can find out what Lucius's true master plan is. Thanks to friendship and a bit of love, Hermione knows she has what it takes, to save the day.

  • Be Careful Who You Trust

    Lucius Malfoy hires Voldemort, to attack Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore, and their friends. However, Hermione is ready to challenge Voldemort and Lucius is clueless, about Voldemort secretly working for someone else.

  • Hermione's Reaction And Review

    Hermione Granger is smart enough to notice the flaws of her classmates and teachers. She used to be afraid of giving them advice, in order to avoid seeming like Ms. Know It All, but she can tell her advice is needed.

  • Change The School

    Do you think Hogwarts is a kind, magical, fun place? It turns out they have some dark secrets, which Hermione, Harry, and Ron are surprised by.