• Elsa's Pride Party

    Elsa is invited to a party that's being thrown at her former kingdom. Anna knows that Elsa has feelings for somebody, so she wants to meet who Elsa is dating. However, Elsa fears about being accepted by others after they learn that she has a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend.

  • The Prince Of Troublemakers

    Lelouch is a mischievous guy who likes to mess around. When Lelouch gets himself into various kinds of peril, it's up to Shirley to give him hope.

  • Jealous Batman

    Batman feels like he can't get together with Batgirl, because of his crimefighting duties. However, when Nightwing starts showing an interest in dating Batgirl, Batman's jealously gets the better of him.

  • The Queen Of Elsa's Heart

    Elsa is a very powerful person, but she's also incredibly shy and reserved. However, her new bestie, Honeymaren, helps her explore new feelings of happiness.

  • Charlie And Vaggie's First Kiss

    After Charlie gives her friend, Vaggie, a kiss, it makes the future of their friendship unclear. It seems like Charlie and Vaggie are falling for each other, but will they be able to admit that and start dating?

  • Proposing To The Curse Of The Caribbean

    Will plans on proposing to Elizabeth, despite getting a warning from Jack. Meanwhile, Jack ignores a warning from Davy Jones, which leads to him getting cursed.

  • Elsa And Anna's Bad Luck Streak

    Anna attempts an unconventional run that doesn't end well. Although Elsa thinks that Anna was being silly, she ends up being inspired to follow in Anna's footsteps. A sequel to Elsa And Anna's Vacation.

  • Shredder Defeats The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    It seems like Shredder can finally defeat his greatest enemies. However, a mysterious princess stands in his way.

  • Escaping The Bat's Shadow

    Damian Wayne wants to be his own person and follow his own rules. After the Joker captures Batman, Damian gets a new partner and becomes determined to show his father's enemy what he's capable of.

  • Harry And Hermione's Wedding

    Harry and Hermione have been dating for a few years. Ron has tried to avoid getting upset about that. However, the thought of Harry marrying Hermione is too much for him to handle. He wants to make sure that Harry never gets married, but if he interferes, it could ruin his friendship with Harry.

  • A Proposal At Hogwarts

    Harry, Hermione and Ron are on their way to their school reunion at Hogwarts. Ron plans on proposing to Hermione at the reunion, but he needs Harry's help.

  • Harry Potter's Birthday Party

    Harry's birthday is coming up, so Hermione and Ron try to prepare him a special birthday. On the day of the party, Harry ends up running into Voldemort.

  • Mio's Concert

    Mio has wrote some songs for an upcoming concert. However, when Yui accidentally changes the location of the concert, Mio starts getting concerned. She starts having some bad dreams, so it's up to her friends to help her out.

  • Lelouch And C C's Home

    Lelouch convinces C. C. to come over to his house. While there, Lelouch tries to make C. C. feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Ms Freeze

    Jane Britt is a scientist/professor that gets hired by Bruce Wayne. She becomes Professor Milo's partner, but her shady partner has dangerous things planned for her.

  • Living Up To Expectations

    Batman, Sofia Falcone, Luke Fox, and Black Mask are four people who may seem like they couldn't be more different, but they're all people who have expectations to live up to. Will any of them live up to the expectations that their parents wanted them to follow?

  • Elsa, Queen Of The Reindeer

    Elsa's the former queen of Arendelle and the current protector of the Enchanted Forest. If that wasn't enough, she's the queen of vocals. The sound of her voice makes her popular amongst the reindeer of the Enchanted Forest. They can't get enough of her, but she starts getting tired of their unscheduled visits.

  • My Beloved Enemy

    Talia al Ghul informs Batman and Damian that Ra's al Ghul is gone. Batman visits the League of Assassins to find out what's going on.

  • Adora And Catra's Not So Secret Relationship

    Adora and Catra have been very close friends for the longest time. When Glimmer and Bow catch Adora and Catra sharing a kiss, it becomes clear that Adora and Catra are more than just friends.

  • Adora And Catra's New Life Together

    Adora has decided to leave the Horde and she wants Catra to join her. Catra is reluctant, but Adora is determined to make her see things through a new perspective.