• Mr And Mrs Granger

    Ron decides to plan a wedding for him and Hermione. This comes as a surprise to Hermione.

  • Lelouch's Sleepover

    Lelouch invites the other members of the Student Council to his house for a sleepover. Lelouch's friends think that Lelouch is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. However, he wants to prank them.

  • Adora And Catra's New Life Together

    Adora has decided to leave the Horde and she wants Catra to join her. Catra is reluctant, but Adora is determined to make her see things through a new perspective.

  • The Return Of Blaze

    After being gone for a long time, Blaze returns to Sonic's home planet. She reunites with both Sonic and Cream. Cream wants Blaze to be her aunt, while Sonic wants Blaze to move in with him.

  • Welcome To Lelouch's World

    Lelouch decides that it's time for his girlfriend, C. C., to pay a visit to his home.

  • The Song That Won Her Heart

    Mio practices her new song in front of Azusa. Azusa has a hard time not being moved by Mio's lyrics and voice.

  • Technically, I Like You

    While at an auction, Maud meets someone new that she quickly becomes smitten with.

  • The Wrong Girl

    Hogwarts is celebrating Opposite Day, a day to act like the opposite of your usual day. Harry and his friends try to get into the spirit of the day. However, Harry ends up kissing someone that he wasn't planning on kissing.

  • The Training Of Bruce Wayne

    An alternate version of Batman Begins where Ken Watanabe's character is the true Ra's al Ghul and Ducard is Bruce's mentor.

  • Notice Me

    Joker is upset about Batman focusing on his other enemies, so he tries to get his attention. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn is mad about Joker not paying attention to her, so she tries to get his him to notice her.

  • Lulu And Shirley's Embarrassing Night

    Lelouch, Shirley and the rest of the Student Council are staying at a hotel. While there, Lelouch and Shirley get themselves in an awkward situation that might require them to reveal their secrets.

  • Elsa Lets Go Of Her Dignity

    Anna's influence leads to Elsa doing something very daring and foolish in public. Elsa runs the risk of losing her and her sister's dignity, so she tries to do better.

  • Thank You For Making Me Happy

    Natsuki doesn't have an easy life, but Shizuru gives her special feelings of happiness.

  • Harry And Hermione Got Married?

    A newspaper article about Harry and Hermione getting married comes out. Most people don't believe it, but Ron becomes concerned. Harry and Hermione hope that they can explain what's really going on.

  • The Unplanned Kiss

    Hermione almost falls down in the hallway. Harry manages to save her falling, but in the process of doing so, he ends up sharing a kiss with Hermione.

  • Discord's Great And Powerful Trick

    Trixie plans on performing some magic tricks, but Discord has a few nasty tricks up his sleeves. It's up to Starlight Glimmer to give Trixie some comfort and support.

  • The Great And Powerful Bond Of Trixie And Starlight Glimmer

    Trixie is quick to judge her new classmate, Starlight Glimmer. However, Starlight proves herself to be the type of person that Trixie likes. In fact, a magical bond quickly grows between the two of them.

  • Zero, The Questionable Leader Of The Black Knights

    Diethard starts questioning if Zero is fit to run the Black Knights, but C. C. remains loyal to Zero.

  • Mio's Concert

    Mio has wrote some songs for an upcoming concert. However, when Yui accidentally changes the location of the concert, Mio starts getting concerned. She starts having some bad dreams, so it's up to her friends to help her out.

  • A Ring For Hermione

    Ron wants to get an engagement ring for Hermione. With help from Harry, Ron finds the right ring. However, Draco is interested in the same ring.