• Harry Potter, Hogwarts' Most Hated Student

    Professor Lockhart has a new "lesson", which Harry thinks is a scam. All of Harry's classmates turn against him, except for Hermione.

  • Hogwarts' Talent Show

    Hogwarts' annual Talent Show involves teams of three, so Hermione gets into a team with Harry and Ron. However, her buddies don't seem to be getting along. Will Hermione be able to save their friendship and their performance?

  • Hermione's Birthday

    Hermione Granger's birthday is coming up. Harry and Ron want to give her a party, but Professor Lockhart has his own celebration on the same day. Harry and Ron are confused about how to celebrate two events on the same day.

  • The End of Hogwarts' Troubles?

    Hermione is putting Voldemort on trouble, but she finds out that one of her, Harry, and Ron's most trusted friends is a sneaky trader.

  • Hogwarts' Made Up Student

    Draco and his dad find out about Harry getting a kiss from a girl. Harry claims the girl is a new Hogwarts student, but Ron is suspicious.

  • Can Harry Kiss His Problems Goodbye?

    The students and staff try to celebrate Professor Dumbledore's Opposite Day. During the day, Harry accidentally kisses the wrong girl, causing trouble between him and one of his closest friends. Will Harry be able to make things better or will he be the opposite of okay?

  • Hermione's Dreams

    Hermione has a bad dream, so Ron tries to use a good-dreams spell on her. However, Hermione's mind gets stuck in the dream. Harry and Ron are worried if they'll be able to snap her out of it.

  • Who Will Become Hogwarts' Top Student of the Year?

    Professor Dumbledore announces a competition, involving magic duels. He claims the winner will be claimed the year's best students and win prizes, so several students enter. Harry and Hermione try to ignore their feelings for each other, so they can focus on winning, but an old friend is after them.

  • The Mystery of Hogwarts

    Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood return from a trip and find out that Hogwarts' classrooms have disappeared. The two of them try to find out who was responsible, for the spell that made half of Hogwarts disappear.

  • Two Thumbs Up For Hermione

    Hermione Granger is put in charge of supervising and judging her classmates' short films. She is worried about losing her friendship with Harry and Ron, if they fail the assignment.

  • Being Weird is a Good Thing, Don't You Agree?

    The serious, mature Hermione Granger becomes captivated by her charmingly weird classmate, Luna Lovegood.

  • Hogwarts' Most Important Test

    The students are given an important test. If they fail it, they'll have to repeat a year of classwork. Hermione and Luna aren't too worried about it, but Harry and Ron are deeply concerned.

  • Hermione and Ron's Goals for the Day

    Ron tries to play a prank on his brothers. Meanwhile, Hermione tries to complete her book collection. Can Hermione and Ron help each other with their goals?

  • The Library of Trouble

    Hermione is excited about Hogwarts getting a new library, but Ron thinks that her book obsession has gone too far. He plans on playing a prank on the new library, despite Harry's warnings.

  • Hogwarts' Prom Adventure

    The prom is coming up, but Ron won't be able to go, unless he passes his reading class. Hermione volunteers to tutor him, but Luna thinks Hermione wants to be Ron's prom date.

  • Hogwart's Biggest Wind Storm

    A wild wind storm puts Hermione Granger in danger. Ron Weasley and Harry Potter find out their friend is in danger of being blown away, by the wind, so they try to save her.

  • Hermione's Friendship Problems

    Hermione is best friends with Harry and Ron. However, their friendship is put in danger, thanks to a lack of similar interest and Hermione getting her friends in trouble.

  • Hermione Meets Grindelwald

    Grindelwald comes to Hogwarts, so Hermione tries to protect the place from his wrath.