• Nothing But My Truth

    The truth, as far as Tonks can tell, is that Remus can't believe that someone would love him as much as she does. When Mad-Eye assigns the two of them to do the Order's potion inventory and they inevitably start bickering, she gets creative. Oneshot.

  • Melting Under Your Hands

    After a particularly difficult Quidditch practise, Angelina is thankful that she has capable hands and coconut oil to go home to. Oneshot.

  • Of Broken Heaters and Wrong Lyrics

    Audrey isn't sure if it's possible to freeze to insanity, but if it is that's definitely what's going to happen to the lot of them this Christmas Eve. Oneshot.

  • Home For Christmas

    Of course, you can't go home for Christmas if home is gone. But Sirius and Remus have the next best thing worked out for Harry. Oneshot.

  • Someone's Looking At The Stars

    After Fred dies, George needs time to get back on his feet. Luckily, Oliver is more than ready to wait. Oneshot.

  • Cold Spells

    Sometimes Dean worries that a piece of Malfoy Manor's dungeon is still in him, chilling him to the bone. Luckily Seamus is always willing to huddle for warmth. Oneshot.

  • Properties of Lavender

    Maybe a simple question wouldn't have become a sermon about Herbology and ancient history, if Hannah had any way to keep her mind straight around the other girl. Oneshot.

  • To Have Something Back

    Even if they're no longer in captivity, Dean still worries about Luna—though he knows that Luna is stronger than she looks. Oneshot.

  • These Wings Will Not Be Sheared

    It will take Regulus many years to forgive his brother for turning his back on their family and the Divine Plan, and even longer to understand how Sirius could change so. Demon!AU. Oneshot.

  • The Sea Gives Us What We Need

    The year since the Battle of Hogwarts has been hell for Bill and Fleur, who are left clinging to each other and desperate for a win. Never, however, would they have imagined it coming from here. Changeling!AU

  • Another Year of Christmas Roses

    This isn't the most conventional Christmas tradition, but Harry is pleased with the way his family has come together. Oneshot.

  • Until It's Christmas For Us All

    When the Full Moon falls on Christmas Eve, the Marauders decide to stay at school with Remus over the break. James only wishes that there was something more they could do for him. Oneshot, Christmas gift for a friend.

  • Shadows Within Shadows

    In which Regulus Black breaks all the rules but it is always Marlene McKinnon's fault—until it isn't.

  • After Giving It Everything

    For the first time since the Battle came to an end, the Infirmary is empty and Minerva can go check on her friend. Oneshot.

  • The Last Time The Bed Dipped

    Salazar can feel his time in the castle coming to an end, but he doesn't know in what world he's meant to leave Helga behind. Oneshot.

  • No More Restraints

    As much as Hermione is afraid of the sea, she understands that Viktor needs it desperately—and she is willing to break all the rules to set him free and send him back to it. Creature/Selkie!AU

  • One Last Kindness

    Salazar Slytherin had made his peace long ago that he would never see Helga Hufflepuff again. He never expected to be brought back to her side, let alone her death bed, and he especially did not anticipate the emissary that would bring him there. Oneshot.

  • Bottle of Red

    In which Kingsley stops a very tired and boring-looking Tonks from doing something rash in Aisle 7 of their local pharmacy. Oneshot.

  • So They Know To Call

    Only when the unthinkable happens to her during a Hogsmeade visit does Katie realize how important it is that the people she loves know each other, in case something ever happens. Oneshot.

  • Through the Stomach, to the Heart

    Sirius has very specific instructions to meet Kingsley in the kitchen—and Merlin, is he glad that he listened. Oneshot.