• Darling, Only You

    Kingsley likes the fact that his soul mark burns whenever his soulmate is in trouble—no matter what kind of trouble it may be. Oneshot.

  • True Colours

    Victoire has a thousand reasons to be thankful that Teddy's her best friend. But for a girl with synesthesia who can taste colour, a Metamorphmagus can be very, very useful.

  • The Luckiest

    Three old friends musing on all the things that happened right and fiddling with flowers on the morning of Luna's wedding.

  • Yet Another Perk

    Once Seamus actually explains how one gets their Apparating license, Dean falls in love with magic even more. Oneshot.

  • Especially Empty

    Not only is it the first day of summer vacation at Hogwarts, but it is the first day of summer after Salazar Slytherin left the castle. And the remaining Founders... well, not everybody is taking it quite well. Oneshot.

  • A Very Long Summer

    In which Padma is too shy, too awkward, and too gay for her sister's best friend to be spending the summer at their house. Oneshot.

  • Bruises For the World to See

    In which Al Potter keeps getting into fights and their best friend Scorpius is working very, very hard not to create trouble. The only problem is, Al sees their friend sacrifice his honesty and openness in the process. Oneshot.

  • All the Time in the World

    It was very nice of Hestia to arrange a date for Dora to get over her ex—but Dora's still a flight risk who may cancel it at the last minute if she happens to be working on the same Order business as him. Oneshot.

  • Strong Enough For Today

    Tonks may be supposed to be on bedrest but when she realises that Kingsley has been at work all day, despite what they'd seen and got through that morning in the Department of Mysteries, she has to get him out. Oneshot.

  • Currying Favour

    Lily is the newest addition to the pack of mismatched teenagers that Euphemia Potter adopts over the summer months, but Lily has yet to figure out how to win over her boyfriend's mother. A chance encounter in the kitchen may change that. Oneshot.

  • Lonely But Not Alone

    Lily didn't want to mix good news with bad news on the worst day of James' life, but perhaps this is what her newly orphaned husband needs. Oneshot. Warnings inside.

  • Ours

    The Yule Ball doesn't exactly go as Angelina, Katie, and Alicia had hoped—but they will still make this night their own.

  • Literally Watching Paint Dry

    When his wife gets home from work early, Remus has no choice but to show her the state of the nursery he's been painting. Oneshot.

  • The Last Day of January

    Ginny doesn't care what the calendar says, today they will celebrate. She also doesn't care how sleepy her boyfriend in, he will get behind her grand plan for them. Oneshot.

  • The Best Day Ever

    This could be a sad day for Lily, watching her brothers go off to school. Her parents, however, have other plans for her. Oneshot.

  • The Problem with Keeping Calm and Carrying On

    If they weren't in the middle of a wizarding war, Oliver wouldn't have any problems with his boyfriend being perfectly alright and normal and pleasant. But they are and it all feels wrong.

  • A Gift of Time

    Teddy vaguely expected that he would receive a watch for his seventeenth birthday, as per tradition, but he never expected this. Oneshot.

  • Of Seating Arrangements and Snacks

    It's not that Lily Evans isn't allowed to sit with Sirius to watch the game, it's just that Sirius cannot fathom why in the world she'd want to. Oneshot.

  • A Fuss Worth Making

    In which Andromeda learns more about her son-in-law over breakfast and a mishandled frying pan. Oneshot.

  • Not According to Plan

    Realistically, can Percy Weasley be held responsible for the things that come out of his mouth when his girlfriend is looking so very beautiful in the moonlight? As it turns out, yes. Yes he can. Oneshot.