• Causes For Celebration

    Katie loves their traditions, and Alicia and Angelina love Katie. But when a poorly-timed Quidditch match gets in the way of their annual picnic... well, Angelina will have to make it up to her. Oneshot.

  • Boy Meets Cat

    This is not how Hermione expected Viktor to meet Crookshanks, but thankfully he's a cat person. Oneshot.

  • Six Little Lives Under the Staircase

    Padma is not equipped enough to deal with most situations, let alone her sister's very pretty best friend. But when Lavender is sad, Parvati is sad, and when Parvati is sad, Padma is too, so... she'll try to cheer Lavender up. Thankfully, she has a plan and access to fresh vegetables. Oneshot.

  • Whatever Safety Looks Like

    Just as she's about to swing out the door, Luna calls Ginny back and sits her down at the kitchen table while she makes a very special tea. Ginny's impatient, but she'll wait for Luna.

  • Almost

    After everyone else has had their go at happiness, Remus is the one left to realize how meaningless all their 'almosts' were. Oneshot.

  • The Most Beautiful Thing So Far

    When Ted follows his crying friend into a bathroom to make sure she's alright, he doesn't expect Andromeda to ask him how he feels about soul marks. Oneshot.

  • Raised on Fairy Tales

    Andromeda has been dreading the day her daughter would bring her new boyfriend home before she knew how calm and straightforwardly he would ask her questions she didn't want to answer. Oneshot.

  • If Love Don't Last Long

    Once upon a time, Helga Hufflepuff's grandmother told her that the mark upon her skin would held her find her soulmate. Her grandmother, however, did not prepare her for the very real possibility that it was possible to lose one's soulmate too. Oneshot.

  • A Thing For Green Eyes

    Draco hasn't felt completely human since his wife died—much less well and happy enough to date. But when another member of the support group reaches out, and when he has green eyes just like Astoria knew Draco had a soft spot for... well, it suddenly all seems much more possible. Support Group!AU. Gift fic.

  • The Important Parts Aren't Missing

    When Angelina is injured by an unknown curse in the Battle of Hogwarts, Katie and Alicia are placed in an impossible situation to save the girl they love. Oneshot.

  • A Second to Breathe

    When an exhausted Ginny is late to pick up her three children for the second time this week, she is very poorly equipped to meet her daughter's very pretty teacher or resist her children's clamouring to order pizza for dinner. Oneshot, single parent!AU, gift fic.

  • On and With Purpose

    Alice isn't mad that Lily got involved in a fight on school grounds; she's just scared that Lily isn't taking care of herself like a Muggleborn girl with a great big heart on the brink of a war should. Oneshot.

  • Chaos, Murder, Mayhem, and Christmas

    Teddy Lupin has never experienced a Weasley Family Christmas, but he quickly finds that there's just no easing into that level of tomfoolery and shenanigans. Oneshot.

  • The Phoenix Teaches Mercy

    Andromeda Black, sitting in the headmaster's office after getting caught with the boyfriend she was never supposed to have, is quite convinced that today is going to be the worst day of her life. Oneshot.

  • Straight From the Gift Horse's Mouth

    George offers the three of them a very generous but very unusual wedding gift. Alicia laughs it off at first, but when she, Angelina, and Katie get serious about having a baby... well, maybe George will come in handy after all. Oneshot.

  • Selfishness is Encouraged

    In which Ginny knows that space isn't what he needs after a war like this, and Harry knows exactly what he wants. Oneshot.

  • The Right Time, The Right Clock

    The war has a lot of awful things to offer, but Ginny's absolute least favuorite part is all the not knowing to endure. Being honest makes it easier. Oneshot.

  • The Thumb Goes On the Outside

    Bill honestly wonders how his siblings manage not to murder each other when he's off at Hogwarts and how Ginny is still alive. At least these shenanigans give him a fair shot at winning "Brother of the Year." Oneshot.

  • Everything Just Right

    Astoria is thankful for the chance to get Draco in the kitchen for the most important lesson she can give him, while she still can. Oneshot.

  • Clocks Ticking, Cups Breaking

    Hermione supposes that the temporary loss of her favourite cup isn't a terrible cost to pay for the realization that she and Ron have all the time in the world. Oneshot.