Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 – The Lost Generation

An official statement had to be made because this news could not be hidden as the world had become such a small place in the age of technology. The monitoring systems of the "civilized" nations picked up the news as soon as it happened and the British military was bombarded with requests for explanations. They were not responsible but since it had happened on their soil, they were frantically investigating the incident while trying to contain the problem.

It had taken six hours to locate the source, cautiously fly in special investigators to access the depth of the damage, get back to the government and for the decision to be made what to tell the British public and the rest of the world. Much of it was guess work as the area where the tragedy occurred was…top secret…and could not be revealed to the world as that would cause more harm than what had happened in Scotland.

The British public had to be told something and soon rumors were quickly spreading all over the world and many nations were already on red alert and the news media was doing an excellent job of creating panic because panic was good for newspaper sales and TV ratings. The government had to give a believable explanation to calm nerves while the investigations continued but nothing would stop the news media from milking it for all it was worth.

The Prime Minister called a news conference for 3:00 p.m. It was televised and no reporters were allowed in to ask questions but it only furthered the panic but the man knew it would happen away. He would tell the public what was suitable for them to know because as usual, the entire truth could not be told. The conference lasted exactly 22 minutes and this was how people such as the Grangers, Creeveys, Perks, Finch-Fletchleys, etc. found out that their children had been killed probably due to a terrorist attack.

The PM urged the public not to panic and requested the news media not to spread rumors, innuendos and fear as that was what the terrorists wanted. He pleaded with the public to trust and listen only to the government announcements as "We will tell you the truth." Naturally, many people didn't and the press had a field day printing and/or talking about "what was really happening" and speculation was rife with rumors and lies. In this situation the Muggle press was lying more than the Daily Prophet did in the Magical World.

But nobody knew what really happened or who was responsible for the outrage. Tempers were lost and nerves were on edge while panic reigned supreme and parents cried for their children.

So what did happen? The Magical community of Great Britain was told that the most darkest, most evil and wicked of Magic had been used while the Muggle government had evidence that a nuclear device had been detonated. Whatever the truth it had utterly destroyed Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, evaporated the Black Lake and disintegrated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The radiation readings were off the charts and of the type never seen before by the Muggle Governments and the Muggles opined that a new type of weapon had been developed by persons unknown and tested in a remote area of Scotland not only to see if it worked but it would herald the beginning of an attack on the Free World.

The Prime Minister and certain other well-placed people in the government knew about Magic and Hogwarts as did other governments but couldn't reveal the secret. Many Muggleborn wizards/witches went into government service after graduating from Hogwarts and not being able to get a job in their new world. It was a long and difficult process unless you had been smart enough to keep up with your Muggle studies and take Muggle exams. In any event, those with intelligence, dedication and a good work ethic did eventually get a decent Muggle education to get a respectable job and many of them were recruited directly out of Hogwarts and given "scholarships" by the Muggle government and then entered not only government work but the military and police because of the "special talents" they possessed.

The government-employed Muggleborns were investigating the magical aspect while the Muggle government was working on the new weapon development. As usual, the Ministry of Magic was being totally uncooperative if only because they were scared to death. 'It was a well-known fact' that Muggles were far below Wizards and basically harmless, or at least that was what had been taught at Hogwarts since the late 1940's and definitely since the 1950's when Albus Dumbledore became Headmaster.

Muggle history and accomplishments had been frozen in that time period and although the radio was known to wizards in Britain (because they had the Wizarding Wireless which had been "invented" by a Welsh wizard), they knew nothing about television, computers, wireless telephones or any of the advances made in the last fifty years or so. When Muggleborns tried to tell them about such things they were called liars or at the very least exaggerators as Wizards were the top of the world and Muggles, despite being "human"(?) were useless, worthless and had nothing because they did not have Magic.

Muggleborns like Dean Thomas tried to tell his housemates about the wonders of his world, but as the Half-blood/semi-Muggle raised Seamus Finnegan soon told him "You are only hurting your chances here if you keep insisting Muggles are worth something. You HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO WEAN YOURSELF AWAY from 'Muggleland' or you just might as well snap your own wand and go home now."

Muggleborns were discouraged from talking about their world and by the end of their first year it was an accepted fact that if you knew what was good for you, you had to make a choice – Muggle or Magical – there were no exceptions. Renounce your heritage or leave the Magical World, the only world worthwhile. If you wanted to stay, you had to submit to the might and power of the Magical World and accept the fact that the Muggle World, heritage, culture and accomplishments were substandard and would never surpass those of the World of Magic. At least that was how it worked in Magical Britain.

Therefore Dean Thomas could not talk about football after his first year or suffer the consequences. If he did it could only be with another Muggleborn like the Creeveys or Muggleborns from other Houses and in secret. This was difficult because all students, but especially Gryffindors and Slytherins, were greatly "discouraged" from associating with members of other Houses. Gryffindors were worse than Slytherins as only Gryffindors were considered "acceptable" so Dean's friendship with Ravenclaw Kevin Entwhistle was conducted on the sly because Kevin and Dean would be considered a traitor for associating with "an enemy" as members of other Houses were called in Gryffindor.

Unknown to even Seamus, Dean's "official best mate" Dean was a member of a secret and very unofficial Hogwarts club known as the "Muggs" which consisted of Muggleborns, usually male, who snuck off to talk about football, cricket, music, films, computer games, and the wonders of their world. During the summers they sent Muggle mail and/or visited one another. People like Seamus were not to know because he would only make fun of it and threaten Dean with the loss of his friendship if he continued with this "foolishness" and if someone like Ron Weasley found out…well Dean didn't want to think about it.

Despite being a Muggleborn, Hermione Granger was definitely not allowed to know about it because she would report it to McGonagall and/or Dumbledore to gain "points" and then it would be all over the school and all members would be laughed at, harassed and possibly even punished for betraying…something. The upper year Muggs said that Dumbledore probably already knew and only allowed it to continue while it amused him or until such time as he could use it against the Muggleborns.

Oh yes, not all Muggleborns were fooled at least not after their first year. Anyone with a brain or who had been approached by an upper year Mugg, knew all about Dumbledore and his real agenda concerning Muggleborns. There wasn't anything they could do about it except keep their mouths shut and hope to survive long enough to take their OWLS. It was a little known fact that once you took your OWLS you didn't have to continue your Magical education. Many Muggs dropped out after fifth year and crammed for their Muggle exams and picked up where they left off their Muggle education. They couldn't use their wand until they reached the age of 17 but after that, they could practice Magic so in their mind it was a win-win situation as they remained a Magical but got to go back to their world which was much better than life in Magical Britain.

It was also a little known fact, not even mentioned in Hogwarts, a History but when the school first began, you only had about five years of a magical education unless you were truly gifted and then got an apprenticeship. Even today there were many wizards – even Purebloods – who didn't obtain a sufficient amount of OWLS to make it worth continuing at Hogwarts. People like Stan Shunpike, conductor on the Knights Bus, got only three OWLS – all acceptables – and didn't have the money to continue his education. So he left after fifth year, was allowed to use Magic when he turned 17 and got his current job.

If you were stupid/untalented but had money, you stayed to take your NEWTS because it was a matter of principle. The Weasley Twins had three OWLS each but they had been Outstandings and the Twins would have left after their fifth year to start their business but wasn't allowed by their parents and Dumbledore. Dumbledore would never let a talented person out of his grasp especially if their parents were his followers. The school fees of Bill and Charlie had been paid by their parents and their Aunt Muriel but after Charlie left the tuition of all Weasley children was paid out of the charity fund with their parents obliged to purchase only their school supplies and this further indebted all Weasleys to Dumbledore. After Harry Potter came to Hogwarts and "befriended" the Weasleys, the needed funds, including the purchase of supplies, were taken from his trust vault so the Weasleys didn't have to be shamed by being charity recipients.

With the exception of Hermione Granger, Dean Thomas and his fellow Muggs would be taking their OWLS and then leaving not only Hogwarts but Magical Britain. Despite Seamus expecting Dean to follow his lead and call Harry a liar about Voldemort's resurrection, Dean and others believed Harry and based on the information they received from the Muggs Club they were leaving and not coming back. Dean just played along and agreed with Seamus while closely watching all that was happening to Harry Potter.

Justin Finch-Fletchley was from an influential Muggle family and the only real reason he had gone to Hogwarts rather than Eton was because "his Magic" would further his career. However, now he would be leaving after his OWLS and he had already briefed his fellow Muggs about the government-assistance for Muggleborns and their families to "disappear" from Britain and into a government protected program.

The same had happened in the last years of the last war but Dumbledore had announced that Voldemort had been killing Muggleborns and their entire families hence not only "explaining the missing Muggleborns" but also increasing the terror in an attempt to increase recruitment in his Order of the Phoenix and strongly enhance his personal power base. There was concern in the Muggle government that he would be doing this again once Voldemort publically appeared and it was sincerely hoped they would have a year to restart the program and save their citizens.

Some families like the Creeveys and Perks had already been relocated when the tragedy struck. However, despite losing an entire generation of Magical children the Muggle government was proceeding with the plan as well as evacuating the families of their Magical employees. They knew it was a nuclear device but also knew the British Ministry of Magic would declare it dark magic and considering some of the fools in charge of the Ministry retaliation against all "Mudbloods" and their families might start and they had to be prepared.

Another person who was worried about the "fools in charge" was Voldemort himself. Despite what Dumbledore had said about him and all of the lies the Greatest Wizard since Merlin told about Tom Riddle and the evil Lord Voldemort, You-Know-Who or Voldemort (whatever it was you called him) was not stupid and knew exactly what Muggles were capable of doing. However, like others in Magical Britain, he just went along with the general opinion but only in order to recruit followers to his crusade.

At the beginning of "Dumbledore's War" as Tom/Voldemort referred to it, Tom Riddle had only been trying to prevent Britain from turning into what Dumbledore wanted it to. Dumbledore wanted to "dumb down Magic" and destroy the tradition, culture and yes, the various religions of the Magical World. He had succeeded in Britain since he was Headmaster of Hogwarts and controlled the curriculum of "his school" and could mold young minds into what he wanted them to become, to think, to practice. At first Tom had been trying to save his world but then…he developed…problems…and his original crusade did a complete turnaround onto a path of destruction.

For some reason he foolishly made more Horcruxes and recruited the dregs of the earth to his side. Only his "meeting" with the 15 month old Harry Potter had stopped him. He hadn't known why until just recently, after he resurrected and then found out vital information. He was slowly changing his tactics and going back to what he originally had been doing and as far as he knew, Dumbledore didn't know he had regained his sanity and wasn't rushing into disaster by falling into the traps Dumbledore had set for him. However, the "tragedy" had changed all of that as no matter what the real reason it had occurred in both Muggle and Magical Worlds he would be blamed for it.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Tom Riddle still had contacts in the Muggle World and he now contacted them and swore his most sacred oath that he was not responsible for the loss of a generation. "I agree with the hypothesis that terrorists unleased their latest weapon to tell the world just how dangerous they are" he stated in the letter he sent to his contacts.

"It makes perfect sense attacking an isolated place where there was no need for security or protection. I wouldn't be surprised if some Magical provided the location. It definitely wasn't me but I will be blamed for it by everybody if only because although I am 'officially dead and remaining that way' an unfathomable thing has occurred which is beyond the understanding of a British Magical due to Britain's separation from reality thanks to Albus Dumbledore. It might sound paranoid on my part BUT I wouldn't be surprised if this was a desperate attempt to force me to reveal my presence if only because… ALBUS DUMBLEDORE SURVIVED and I would not put anything passed him."

Dumbledore had survived because he had been conducting an Order of the Phoenix meeting at its new Headquarters at Grimmauld Place and thus was not at Hogwarts. The night before Severus Snape had found out some very vital information regarding Voldemort's plans but he had been discovered spying by some of his fellow Death Eaters. He had dueled them to escape and bring back this information but had been severely wounded. He wasn't capable of attending the meeting due to these injuries and was being treated in his private quarters by Madam Pomfrey. Nobody cared about Severus' bravery and definitely not his injuries as most Order members were $&*#$&*#^&*$&#. It always amused Dumbledore how much his biggest pawn next to Harry Potter was hated and despised by those whose lives he was helping to save.

Minerva McGonagall was also not at the meeting because she had to cover for Dumbledore as Delores Umbridge was conducting her reign of terror and snooping around. Dumbledore knew that Harry Potter was serving another painful detention with Umbridge which involved the illegal use of a blood quill. McGonagall couldn't prevent it but Albus wanted her to be available just in case Delores tried a different tactic. Hagrid wasn't there either as Dumbledore had him doing some "important duties" at Hogwarts and the gentle half-giant had to be on the lookout for Umbridge if she came snooping around.

Therefore Albus Dumbledore was the only resident of Hogwarts not at the school when "IT" happened. He was the only survivor of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest and he was horrified but not due to survivor's guilt but because he believed that Voldemort – or some other wizard – had been the cause of the destruction of an entire generation by using a type of Magic that Albus Dumbledore didn't know about. The thought that Tom Riddle or another unknown wizard was more powerful than Albus Dumbledore was frightening…and could not be allowed. It was an unwritten law that since the defeat of Gellert Grindelwald, there could be no other wizard more powerful or versed in Magic than Albus Dumbledore.

Now the only thing which matter to Dumbledore was determining who was responsible for the destruction of Hogwarts and then learning about the Magic for his own purposes and power. While he planned Britain wept for her children. Nothing would ever be the same again.