Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Results

It was at breakfast the next day that Hermione was for once verbally attacked. "I can't believe you did what you did" said Harry when Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"I can't believe you did it with Malfoy" Ron spat out.

"Why did you think you could get away with it and not be caught?" Neville asked.

"SHUT UP – all of you" a rather annoyed Hermione said.

"You never shut up about anything and nag us to death" Harry stated.

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT" came the reply.

"Why not, everybody else is" Harry said. "It's already all over the school not only what you and Malfoy tried to do but your punishments."

Hermione didn't say a thing (quick alert the Daily Prophet for the story of the month) she just glared and tried to ignore everyone. Unfortunately, Ron, although he wouldn't admit it, was jealous that Hermione had chosen Malfoy to assist her. To get back at the Imposter and teachers, he would happily risk getting caught because he would be considered a hero.

Well actually he wouldn't and Hermione knew he would somehow mess up. At least Malfoy could acquire the Veritaserum, help with a logical plan and could be trusted to come up with a reasonable and believable explanation if they were caught and not to lose his temper and start insulting people by calling them slimy snakes. If the Imposter was the real Salazar Slytherin or just a Slytherin, Ron would probably get them thrown out in the snow.

The only problem Hermione had with Malfoy was that if there were caught, he'd blamed it all on her, possibly claiming to have been Imperiused. And he tried but was silenced by that Arwen bitch, who was the one to catch them in the act.

Hermione and Draco had to admit, if only in the privacy of their minds, that the Imposter was very scary when he was angry and lordie was he angry. In fact, the castle shook violently until he managed to control his temper. It was then he asked the question. Why did they do it?

Draco was quite glad that he had been silenced but even if he could speak Granger would have beat him to the punch and yelled out their answers in her usual rapid fire way. Of course she did and for some reason he couldn't fathom, Sal was listening and what was surprising, he was thinking. Malfoy knew that Granger thought "she had won"

Eventually, the girl ran out of rants and breath and did something really, really stupid – she demanded that Sal not only answer her questions but also to explain all of the actions he had taken (illegally in her opinion) including stealing Hogwarts, kidnapping students and even teachers and what had he done with Professor McGonagall?

Finally, she finished her tirade (it had only taken 35-40 minutes) and waited for his explanations and excuses. He wasn't saying anything, which led Hermione to believe she did indeed win (at something) and now she wore a smug smirk on her face. Draco merely paled and hoped Sal wouldn't give him the same punishments he was going to give Granger.

Arwen broke the silence by speaking to Sal – in parsel. Had Ron been there he would have spewed out the slimy snakes routine, that all Slytherins were evil and his usual bigoted spiel. Draco just paled even more and hoped to survive when Sal responded in the same special, rare language.

Since Hermione was basically familiar with how the language of snakes sounded, thanks to Harry, she had a slight moment of fear when she heard the conversation between the two. But then a thought hit her and all was now perfectly clear to her and she shouted out "You're not Salazar Slytherin – you're You-Know-Who and I wager you (pointing to Arwen) are his snake Nagini who he spelled to become human for, for…no doubt for evil and perverted reasons!"

Draco actually fainted from shock (the smart thing to do) while Sal and Arwen just stared at the girl who then said "I'm correct, aren't I…." she began to say until the castle once again shook violently and Arwen stunned her, if only to save her life.

When Hermione woke up, she had gotten one of her answers as her beloved and trusted Professor McGonagall was sitting next to a bed reading a book. But McGonagall was quicker with her mouth than Hermione and asked (well demanded actually) "Miss Granger, did you actually kidnap a teacher, dose her with Veritaserum, then shouted at the real Salazar Slytherin with both answers and demands and then accuse him of being You-Know-Who and poor Arwen of being the snake Nagini transformed into a human for – and I hesitate but must ask - for disgusting and perverted…purposes?" She then gave Hermione a glare that would make Snape and maybe even Bellatrix Lestrange cower.


McGonagall just stared for a moment before saying "You probably don't know this but one of your own housemates has said that you are the dumbest smart person he knows. You have intelligence, book knowledge but no common sense and NO TACT or consideration for a person's feelings."

"Ron says a lot of things that he thinks I don't know about, but I do and he is an example of…."

"It isn't Ron Weasley but Harry Potter."

"WHHHAATTTT? Harry would never say such a thing as he is…not as smart as Ron…and has no…."

"Mr. Potter was given an IQ test and he has the exact same score as Severus Snape, who even you wouldn't doubt is a very intelligent man."

Hermione snorted before replying "Did Harry tell you that? I'd check the facts if I were you."

"I have. In fact, I've checked all Muggleborn and Muggle-raised students and just so you know, your score is 162. Is that correct?"

"Why yes it is, but I seriously doubt Harry and even Professor Snape are that high."

"Actually, their IQ is l73 – and it's been verified."

Alert the media again as Hermione was speechless twice in the same day until she said "But that isn't possible. Harry is average at best. He would have flunked out first year if I hadn't helped him."

"That was because his relatives would punish and even beat him if he outdid his cousin who has the intelligence of a flobberworm and the work ethic of Ronald Weasley. Also, Harry was denied having friends by his relatives and Ron Weasley had orders from Albus to befriend Harry, keep others from making friends with him – even in his own House. But you know that already…don't you?"

Hermione didn't answer. "Also Ron Weasley has a work ethic of a sloth and for some strange reason did his best to…sabotage, shall we say…Harry's attempt to study and do his homework. He still has, but you know that also. Due to the way he was raised poor Harry was frightened that if he didn't go along with Ron's…habits…he would lose his friendship and Harry would be alone. Harry also thought, or was led to think, that Ron wouldn't like it if Harry had better grades than him – which he does – and when you were allowed to be friends with Harry, he was…petrified, I think he said…that the few times he, or anyone else, received a better mark than you, you would throw a fit."

"Don't be ridiculous. First, Harry has never received a better grade than me…."

"Yes he has in Defense, Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. He holds back in Charms and Transfiguration, is average in Astronomy and as you well know, he has no chance at all in Potions due to Severus'…feud…with James and Sirius."

"That's not true as I always check his test scores and…."

"He knows because you always grab his papers – without permission – but not Ron Weasley's. Why? Also, he asked his teachers to grade his real scores in the marks book and put a score less than your score on the papers handed back if he received a greater mark."

Hermione exploded. What she said to her favorite teacher will not be repeated but one can take a good guess, and it was not flattering. Minerva calmly listened to the rant which consisted of calling Harry a *##&&#()&&# liar and if Minerva believed him, then she was a fool.

Minerva's reply was to silence the young witch and freeze her. Then the older witch took a sip of tea and replied to the girl's rant.

"Miss Granger, you have been allowed in my quarters to explain yourself to me so that I can hopefully, smooth things over with Salazar Slytherin. He is the genuine person and had his reasons for…rescuing Hogwarts, mostly from Albus…as well as the legal right to do so. He is one of the original founders and I am certain the other three would agree with him. Perhaps not his method, but due to the fact that Albus Dumbledore has ruined the school during his tenure as Headmaster. I know you wouldn't agree and give an argument, but unfortunately, it is true. I won't attempt to convince you as your mind has been made up – for you actually – but you wouldn't believe that either."

"First of all, I am certain your parents raised you much better than you have acted during your time at Hogwarts. I was surprised that you partnered with Draco Malfoy, but he was a much better choice than Ron Weasley. If I am not mistaken, you consider Mr. Malfoy, a bully, a bigot, a sneak, prejudiced and having a one-track mind. However, the same could be said about you, which is the opinion of many people, myself included."

"I know you have an insatiable thirst for learning and want to know everything that is going on even if you don't have 'the need to know' as the Muggles say. Due to your youth, position in life – meaning you are a school girl – and all the things you truly DON'T KNOW, you do not have the need to know anything about the current circumstances as…you are not going to like this, but the truth can hurt…IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

"Although I am confined to this room, as a prisoner, it is also none of your business why, just know that I have many comforts, books to read and the occasional visitor and am fortunate not to have joined in Umbridge's fate. But that is neither here nor there and again, none of your business."

"Not only have you acted rashly, but actually…your behavior has been atrocious. You do not know how lucky you truly are not to be an iced lolly* at the moment because if Arwen hadn't talked him out of it, Salazar was going to toss you outside and not for your transgression of kidnapping a teacher and dosing her with stolen Veritaserum – he had other punishments in mind - but that outrageous, disgusting and idiotic accusation you made concerning Arwen being Nagini and to be used for sickening purposes. WHERE WAS YOUR FAMOUS INTELLIGENCE?"

If she hadn't been silenced and froze, Hermione would have hung her head in shame, but being Hermione she would have tried to defend her actions and insist that Harry was…Harry and once again be declared a liar. No one fooled Hermione Granger!

McGonagall said nothing and just watched the girl before calling out the name of a house elf. "I will release you so Binney can take you back to Arwen so that you and Draco can receive your well-deserved punishments."

In a blink, Hermione found herself free of spells but in the presence of Draco and the hated Arwen. The witch always gave off a cold, unfeeling demeanor (in Hermione's opinion) and her face was frozen much like Snape's usually was. Then she ordered "Both of you dive in that pensive now! Neither wanted to but they found themselves entering.

They spent the next hour or so viewing some of Harry Potter's memories both at home and at Hogwarts. When finished, they left the pensive only to see Arwen retrieving the memories and replacing them with more. Hermione was already on the verge of tears and Draco had paled. Then they were forced to view more memories of Ron Weasley, the Twins, Ginny and Severus Snape consisting of some of the "hilarious pranks" the Marauders played on him. They were only funny to the Marauders and their audiences. Even Dumbledore was laughing his arse off.

Finally, they were over and the two came out much shaken and silent. For the third time that day, Hermione Granger was speechless. The memories had explain much about the life of Harry Potter and the so-called friendships with the Weasleys.

Arwen began to speak "You will sleep in the Infirmary tonight and in the morning attend breakfast. Fresh clothing will be provided. For your punishments, Mr. Malfoy will not be allowed to talk for two week – he'll be spelled not to. He will lose his Library privileges for one week."

"As for Miss Granger, you will have detention with Professor Snape for a week and lose ALL Library privileges for one month – and no you may not ask a friend to get you a book, if only because you have no friends and the school has already been advised of these punishments at the supper meal. Now here is Madam Pomfrey to show you to your beds."

There was nothing else they could do now but try to sleep and prepare for the hell that breakfast would no doubt be.

*A popsicle.