Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Discoveries

Hermione had been embarrassed beyond belief, but fortunately, the spell had only lasted for about an hour on both she and Ron. She was currently hiding out in the Library (surprise!) fighting with her emotions. Embarrassment for what she would never live down (and just for one measly snort was totally unfair); anger at Ron, mostly because he was acting more "Ronnier" than usual and because he caused a disruption that made Sal stop the narrative. She wondered just how much information she, oh and the others, missed receiving because Sal was not continuing.

She was so self-absorbed with her brooding that she didn't notice (or cared) that Looney Lovegood, who she had met on the way to Hogwarts, had come up to her and in her annoying (according to Hermione) voice asked "How are you feeling Hermione Granger?" Hermione only snorted (she really should stop doing that). Being in her usual snippy mood Hermione replied "How do you think I am feeling?" before ignoring her. However, the weird Ravenclaw, instead of going away like any sensible person who dared to annoy Hermione Granger should, answered her.

"You are totally embarrassed, angry at everybody, swearing revenge on all except those who deserve it the most, and haven't given a thought about the anguish of your parents who think you are dead, and haven't any idea where Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom are. Also, since you have proclaimed for the past few years, have you tried to find out what happened to your favorite teacher, Professor McGonagall?

Hermione hadn't and now she turned her anger on the "Looney Tune" by shouting "Leave me alone! My business is just that – mine! How dare you presume to lecture me on…."

Luna interrupted the rant with "I know where we are – do you?"

"Yes, you…idiot…we are at Hogwarts."

"But not in Scotland. This is our temporary place until Sal is satisfied that the things wrong in Britain are corrected. But I know where Hogwarts is situated at the current time – and you don't" Luna said sticking her tongue out. She was trying to comfort Hermione as she felt sorry for her being turned into a sow by Arwen, but since the girl was being rude she just gave her a clue, of a sorts, and turned to walk away.

As expected, Hermione yelled at her "You liar! You don't know where we are and are just trying to make yourself feel important. Ron warned me about you and your…fantasies…so you must be lying as how could you know something that I and the real Ravenclaws don't?"

That did it. Luna had been called many unkind things but she usually let it go as life was too short to feel bad. She lived by the adage her Mum taught her: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me – unless I let them. But there were some words she would not accept being used against her, and Granger had used one of them.

Slowly turning to confront Granger or Bushy Bucky Bossy Beaver Bitch or B5 as Harry sometimes referred to her when she tried his patience too much (but only to Neville and Luna as Harry really didn't have a death wish), Luna wore one of her sweetest smiles and said "How many years have you been taking Astronomy? Have you ever heard the terms longitude and latitude? The night sky is very clear here – better than Scotland - so one can figure out our position with just a little effort."

If Harry was present, he would have sworn that a light bulb, used in cartoons to represent an idea, was hovering over Hermione's head and that her eye size had quadrupled. How could Hermione not have seen that? "Now you can figure it out and impress everybody with your great intelligence, be oohed and aahed and maybe win a prize, if there is one" Luna stated before leaving quickly so she wouldn't be knocked over as Hermione jumped from her seat and headed towards the part of the Library which held books on Astronomy, with a look of triumphant already on her face. Luna let her go, because she had told the one (if the only) friend she had in Ravenclaw, Su Li, the same thing. Su Li was the fifth year outcast whereas Luna was the fourth year and the girl could use a little praise, especially if she found the answer before Hermione Granger did.

The next morning proved to be very interesting for several reasons. First, although people had ignored it when it was first told, the gluttons started their punishment. They were spelled to not be able to eat anything for 24 hours. Since certain people had gone out of their way to thumb their nose at Sal and the new rules, this was going to happen for each time (and meal) where they misbehaved. Thus, Ron, Crabbe, Goyle and the others sat (forcibly) at their respective house tables smelling the fabulous food and watching others enjoy it. It was announced that the next day, they would only be allowed only gruel, but with a nutrient potion mixed in at breakfast and dinner only with the fasting/gruel, etc.

Water was the only beverage allowed but they could have as much as they wanted, but if they knew what was good for them, they wouldn't misbehave using bad table manners, talking with food in their mouths, gobbling down (or rather inhaling) food, making noises while eating or loudly gulping/slurping beverages. To simplify matters and "give them a break" "the starving" as they were named by the Twins, would only serve their punishment for ten days. However, if they didn't learn their lesson, they would be serving double detention.

Hermione Granger was eagerly preparing to announce her findings, but apparently Su Li found out the information first and had presented her findings to Professor Aurora Sinistra, the Astronomy Professor, before breakfast. Since the official school announcements were completed before breakfast could officially begin, Sinistra's news was second in line and she proclaimed that Su Li of Ravenclaw decided to find the current location of Hogwarts – and had succeeded.

Although she had been too excited and preoccupied with her triumphant, Hermione didn't notice that both Harry and Neville were seated next to her. Now Harry could see for himself that Hermione's expression was copying a cartoon character as her jaw dropped considerably, her eyes bulged and no doubt steam would soon escape from her ears and then she would get herself in a bunch of trouble. So being the good (and true) friend of the girl Harry cast a partial stunning spell on her. She was frozen in place and couldn't speak or move, but could see and hear and he did shut her gaping jaw so (hopefully) people wouldn't noticed.

Su Li had discovered that they were in Greenland. They were on ley lines and far away from any form of human population and with a few charms and runes cast, they were hidden from any type of electronic surveillance. But the location was close enough to the sea for the Great Squid to be happy and to get some fishing in to help feed the school. They had terra farmed enough land for the magical animals, chickens, geese, cows, a few goats and sheep, but they still needed more dairy products than they could produce. Other than the things in the greenhouses, such as herbs and ingredients used in some potions, everything else had to be imported. Fortunately, there had been enough funds to stockpile for at least a year and perhaps more if Ron Weasley, Crabbe and Goyle received any more manners detentions.

Harry very carefully released Hermione from the spells, after he explained to her the probable consequences if she did one of her shout-outs or attacked Su Li and especially Luna who, Harry revealed, had been the one to give subtle hints to her friend Su Li. "Even Neville thought about using his knowledge of astronomy and the two of us figured it out."

Naturally, once being able to talk, move and give Harry and Neville a glare that would scare a Basilisk, Hermione asked, through gritted teeth, "Then why didn't you inform me of your supposed hypothesis?" "Because you were ignoring us" Neville said helping himself to more eggs, "Then we had been summoned by some of the teachers who wanted to have 'average students' give their opinion of Hogwarts, the way it was run, the teachers and how they taught, the bullying, insults and other things which should not be going on in a school, especially a magical one and…."

"If they were looking for average students, why did they choose you two as you are both below average" Hermione said nastily.

"That was a low blow, even for you" Harry stated showing his anger for once. "Actually, there were six of us and apparently NO ONE NOTICED WE WERE NOT ATTENDING CLASSES, MEALS OR SLEEPING IN OUR DORMS. I find that rather odd, considering you and Ron usually stick to me like superglue. By the way, a few teachers gave their opinion of your…personality…and let's just say, they are not impressed with you."

Before she could respond (because she was shocked at what Harry had said) Harry got up and left, with Neville following him. Lavender and Parvati soon plopped themselves in the seats vacated by Harry and Neville and asked "What happen? We heard Harry mumbling something about a last straw and…."

"Nothing happened" Hermione snapped out. "And if something had happened, it would be none of your business." She then gathered her book bag and left in a huff.

"Oooh, I sense a fight" Lavender said. "And I sense a definite change in the Golden Trio" Parvati added. "Oh well, if nothing else, we might be in 'Greenland' or whatever but some things at Hogwarts never change." They then headed to their classes.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, Albus Dumbledore was about to get the shock of his life. He was having a meeting with some very important people – those with money and lost children/grandchildren. He was going full steam ahead with his schemes for the new schools but desperately needed money. As usual, the Ministry was crying poor (because they had wasted what money they had on…things…as usual) and the only help they were willing to give was to look for Muggleborns to help save the population of Britain and to urge people to reproduce. Of course, certain Pure-bloods were totally against the idea, but others understood the need for it and they were out-voted.

So far, the mandatory primary school was close to completion. A large manor had been donated not only for the lessons to be learned but to house the Muggleborns in dormitories as they would be "rescued" from their parents and thus treated as orphans. It was being stocked with the necessary furniture, linens, a small library (by Hogwarts standards), supplies and house elves.

Another house had to be donated to house the babies and underage school children. It was "reasoned" that the earlier the children were found, the easier it would be to get them and start raising them correctly. Molly Weasley had already volunteered to supervise the "orphanage" even if her attempt of having more children succeeded she would do her duty as a true British patriot.

This was the topic of the current meeting and the next day, there was the possibility of acquiring donated land to rebuild Hogwarts. There was so much to do but Dumbledore was determined that a new Hogwarts would be opened by September 1st, with dormitories, the library, potions lab, astronomy tower and basic classrooms, and more could be added as needed as the population grew. Albus was frustrated with how slow his plans were going. He had raised some money, but not enough in his opinion. That was why he was courting those with houses, house elves and supplies to donate most of what was needed. However, British Magicals were notoriously "careful" (or cheap) with their own money and there were still those who wanted to know what really had happened to the school and were demanding revenge. After the culprits were caught, punished and executed, THEN would be the time to think about the next generation and how to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

Dumbledore's theory of a resurrected Voldemort being the culprit was not believed, especially by those who were Death Eaters and knew their Lord hadn't done such a terrible thing. He had stopped all of his original plans and had his minions investigating what happened and doing a much better job of it than the Ministry and Dumbledore!

The meeting was in a crucial stage when the door was swung open and in walked Amelia Bones, several Aurors, vicious attorneys and Bonecrusher Wizard Killer, the second in command at Gringotts Britain.

"Albus Dumbledore, you are being called in for questioning regarding the disappearance of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest and the Black Lake and all the students and staff contained therein" Amelia Bones called out in a strong but cold voice.

"But Amelia my girl, we have been all over this tragedy and…."

"And serious allegations have been made against YOU, which you must answer to all British Magicals."

"What serious allegations are you referring to?" Dumbledore demanded. "The fact that according to the Goblins' record books, ALL HOGWARTS STUDENTS ARE STILL ALIVE, but apparently missing and believed to be held as hostages" Janus Whitby, from the law firm of Whitby, Wickham and Wolsey, one of the vicious lawyers snapped out.

"You have much to answer for Albus too-many-names Dumbledore" added Darius Hawley, head of the law firm Hawley, Hutchinson and Stoppard, known for his ruthlessness and solicitor for the Malfoys and other high profile Purebloods.

"I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about" Albus said truly and totally shocked. "Which is why you are being called in for careful and in depth questioning" Amelia added.

Before he could reply, one of the Aurors stunned him, Amelia relieved him of his wand and off they all went. The others at the meeting would not only have questions but scads of gossip to spread and one of the members of The Daily Prophet's Board of Directors was present and hurried off to contact the Editor for the story of the century. Things were really started to get interesting and Magical Britain would be shocked to learn that Dumbledore "had been arrested" but not as much as Voldemort and Salazar Slytherin.

* Farb or Farbies is a derogatory term used in the hobby of historical reenacting in reference to participants who are perceived to exhibit indifference to historical authenticity, either from a material-cultural standpoint or in action. It can also refer to the inauthentic materials used by those reenactors.

Also called "polyester soldiers",[1] farbs are reenactors who spend relatively little of their time or money maintaining authenticity with regard to uniforms, accessories, objects or period behavior. The "Good Enough" attitude is pervasive among farbs, although even casual observers may be able to point out flaws.