Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Unwelcomed News

Two days had passed since Ron Weasley had been expelled. The school was so quiet you could almost hear the proverbial pin dropping. Ron's personal possessions had been removed before his siblings could get to them, not that he had more than the average student, but perhaps there were photographs of his family and his collection of chocolate card frogs and Quidditch magazines. Other than those things, Ron's clothes were second hand, his books were in terrible shape and there was nothing worth the house elves getting them before the Weasleys did.

"We could demand to get Ron's things back" Ginny stated "Saying he had some things we would like to inherit."

"And who are we going to ask – Salazar?" Fred said. "I'm sure that Sal and/or the school don't need Ron's junk so no doubt Sal expects to find something…incriminating."

Ginny wanted to respond (she was her mother's daughter and liked to have the last word), but after a moment's thought, decided that Fred was probably correct. She just hoped Sal didn't find anything – especially if it could lead to exposing her and the other Weasleys.

Parvati was going to survive but would be horribly scarred and since it was a magical scarring, it could not be completely healed. Fortunately for the girl, her face escaped damage but as Padma explained to the medics "In our culture, Parvati's injuries might prevent her from finding a husband as she is now considered having an ugly body. What man would want a woman with a damaged body? He would fear she could not give him a son or even daughters."

"She will heal" Poppy said gently "And perhaps Muggle plastic surgery would help. She is also still capable of having children."

"In other words" Arwen interrupted "She will be spared any arranged marriage your parents had planned and once she heals, she will be free to find a man who truly loves her for herself."

Padma was not convinced that her sister would see it that way and said so. "Since Ronald – and may he rot after he defrosts in a thousand years – has been punished, my parents will be demanding some sort of compensation. They might even demand that one of the other Weasley sons must marry her, pay a very large fine, or anything else they can think of – and they are very creative."

"That does sound reasonable" Arwen stated much to the shock of Poppy and Snape. "For now, however, let's just concentrate on getting her well – physically and mentally. When Owlet returns she will help Parvati as she has had special training and has a Master's in psychology" Arwen said with confidence. The others were not so sure, but time would tell. Who knows, miracles did happen as did strong magic and power.

Harry wasn't as injured as Parvati was, although he did have a few scars, but he was used to having scars and it was opined that males handled them better than girls, as scars were a sign of manhood, etc. – but that was usually said by people who hadn't been injured and had scars. He wasn't thrilled about having to stay in the Infirmary for a few days and was looking forward to pounding the hell out of Ron the Weasel – until he found out he had been expelled. It served him right!

Then rumors started spreading throughout the school that the Professor and Owlet had returned. None of the students knew where they had gone, what they had been doing and what the result was but after the punishments received by Granger and Malfoy and the expulsion of Ron Weasley, no one would dare ask – even the nice teachers like Sprout and Flitwick.

The news was not good, at least for Sal and the others. Both witches had "connections" with various magical governments and were "owed" by some of them. Explanations were given about Salazar Slytherin's return and why he "took back his school" and that he had every right to do so. Ancient magical laws, still in effect, were cited, arguments were made for and against, but in the end there was good news and bad news.

"What is the 'good' news?" Sal asked.

"Well we had to do a lot of explaining and swearing on our life and magic" Owlet began "Because they wanted you to appear before the ICW or the International Confederation of Wizards – an organization of which Dumbledore is not only the representative of Britain but the current elected head or Supreme Mugwump. We didn't want to expose you to that august body because who knows what Dumbledamnit would do to you. He might even take certain steps – such as you mysteriously dying – to accomplish his goals."

"That was why we had the American Ministry of Magic go behind his back and call a secret session of the ICW so your taking back control of Hogwarts could be debated without Dumbledamnit's sticking his big nose into it as he would move heaven and earth, and some other unscrupulous tactics he is secretly known for, to deny you as being the real Salazar Slytherin."

"I could swear on my life and magic…."

"Hence the possibility of you meeting with an accident" the Professor added. "Dumbledore has unimaginable power due to his positions as the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Head of the ICW, certified as a Grand Sorcerer, and serves on several important Board of Directors both in Britain and the Continent. However, Hogwarts is the jewel in his crown and if he had to choose he would trade all his other positions to stay the Headmaster of Hogwarts."

"Well then he shouldn't have lowered the standards or endangered the students, bullied the teachers and considered our GREAT SCHOOL his own personal property" Sal snarled out. "If that was the good news I fear to hear the bad."

"We were not finished. After great debate, the ICW ruled in your favor. The school is your property as a founder and since the last known descendent is known to be deceased – and staying that way according to the Ministry of Magic, since we have sworn on our magic that we examined you and determined that you are really you, therefore you can keep custody of Hogwarts.

"Well that was so kind of them" Sal said his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Now you will tell me the bad news."

The two witches glanced at each other as if sending a mental signal before turning to Sal to tell him the bad news."

"It is more the demand of the parents – they want their children back."

"Of course they do" Sal replied. "But where will they attend school? The others schools you told me about couldn't absorb all of them and on such short notice."

"Dumbledore has spent the time since you took back Hogwarts to try to raise money to start his own school – with him as head of course – going so far as to demand that a mandatory primary school be established to give all children a proper education before Hogwarts."

"Will that include the Unblessed" Sal asked.

"It hasn't been mentioned yet" Owlet said. "However, if the Purebloods have their say – and they will – they will take advantage of the 'tragedy' as they refer to the 'kidnapping of Hogwarts' and perhaps will let you keep the Unblessed. Dumbles will demand them back as he considers them his property and future supporters and thinks that they will be so grateful that HE SAVED THEM & THEIR MAGIC they will demand to come to the schools Dumbles is establishing."

"Are you saying that the ICW is allowing me to keep my school but not fulfill its purpose of teaching magic – the proper way – and instead will allow that miserable excuse for a wizard and a Headmaster to take even more control over the future?" Sal asked.

The Prof said "Probably. The ICW told us they expect the students back – in their custody in America – within the week or else."

"Or else what?"

"That they didn't reveal" Owlet said. "However, we checked each other for trackers of any kind and came back via airplane, before we apparated several times to prevent them from following us. Since Hogwarts is under a 'special Fidelius' they shouldn't be able to find us."

Sal paced a bit evidently thinking before finally saying "In other words, they are preventing the school from accomplishing its purpose and turning over their progeny back to a manipulative, conniving, unscrupulous, megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur who will use the future for his own purposes?"

"Yes" both witches said in unison.

"What if" he began to say "all the teachers and some of your allies give evidence about that old bastard's…sins…. Would that serve to force him out?"

"We haven't the slightest idea, but it is worth the effort" Owlet stated. "But what would you do if they refuse to cooperate or get voted down?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But for now, assemble the teachers, the squib, the guests and 'the three' in the library. You better include your…mother…but she will be the last to arrive and first to leave to return to her very comfortable prison."

The two witches left to do Sal's bidding. Not for the first time he wished that Arwen could get her time machine working so she could bring back, Helga, Ric and Rowena to back him up. Of course, those three would have to return to run the school and he didn't know if he would go with them. But it was a moot point as Arwen's "funding" had ran out and the money she needed was more than Sal could imagine.

But he was Salazar Severus Slytherin and he would fight for what he believed in no matter had bad history had painted him.