Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – A Rude Awakening

No one knew why or how it had happened, only that it did. Most people had been asleep when Hogwarts was magically moved to a new location but they soon woke up when the castle landed, shook at the foundations and then settled. Naturally questions were asked but no one knew the answers nor would anyone be told until the "Saviors" got around to telling them.

Minerva McGonagall, acting in her capacity as Deputy Headmistress and the odious Delores Umbridge acting in her capacity of Hogwarts High Inquisitor, demanded answers but…there was no one to ask the questions or give the answers. All anybody really knew was that Hogwarts was no longer in Scotland (and definitely not in Kansas anymore) and IT WAS DAMN COLD.

Many students were crying and all of them were terribly frightened and many were demanding their own answers. The most notable ones were Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy and many Ravenclaw upper years. Flitwick and Sprout, acting in their capacity as Heads of House went to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff respectively to calm down the students while Charity Burbage and Aurora Sinistra did the same for Gryffindor and Slytherin since McGonagall was busy and Snape was unconscious.

But answers would not be given to anyone no matter what their title or how much they demanded, because the "Saviors" were busy as well as magically exhausted in some cases. It was an incredible feat of Magic which had been done that night, lifting Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest from Scotland and transporting it all to the new secret location. Then the school, town and forest had to be settled and attached into the new area as gently as possible to prevent the loss of life – and a hell of a lot of breakage.

Even the entire Chamber of Secrets had been taken and settled into a specially excavated cavern. All humans and magical entities such as the Centaurs and forest denizens had to be carefully and safely settled into their new home as the Forbidden Forest itself could not be transported. They were temporarily settled in another place until arrangements could be made to plant a forest around the new school or be accepted elsewhere.

The students, teachers, house elves and ghosts could just be transported since they were in the castle and it was the same for Hogsmeade residents, but only if they were in a building. If you were taking a midnight stroll and were not in a building…you were screwed (or rather very dead). Then those injured had to be seen to for those who had suffered harm during transport.

Only the Hogwarts house elves and the house elves of the Saviors were happy as they got to do a lot of cleaning - and laundry if you get my drift. They would be doing much of it during the next few days. The one thing they couldn't do was answer any questions because the Hogwarts elves didn't know what was going on either, only that "something was going to happen to really and truly help the students and bring Hogwarts back to its former glory."

So no matter who demanded answers, made threats or just plain threw a huge temper tantrum, they wouldn't get their answers. Those so very insistent were just stunned and left where they fell. Finally Filius Flitwick was told by the head house elf of the Saviors that for the moment he was in charge and that everybody should just "calm down and carry on" and get some sleep. Sleeping draughts would be provided if requested but no information would be given until the Saviors got around to it. So nighty night, sleep tight and don't let the wrackspurts bite. That last bit of advice should have alerted some people about the involvement of certain people but it didn't, but that was normal at Hogwarts.

Two days passed without information. McGonagall and Umbridge were not seen or heard about although Snape had recovered enough to leave his quarters and terrorize the school. Hagrid and his dog Fang had come to stay in the Castle because although Hagrid's hut had been transported, he had to make his official report to "somebody" and had to settle for Flitwick who had been put in charge until further notice.

Basically Hagrid's report consisted of telling Flitwick that the Centaurs and most if not all of the indigenous creatures of the Forbidden Forest had disappeared but a note had been left in his cabin that they were safe - except for Hagrid's beloved Acromantulas. Well actually Hagrid only liked Aragog and tolerated his many offspring but they had not come to this "new place" because they were already missing.

It was a little known fact that the reason Aragog was given a mate was so that he could sire a colony of the vicious, nasty spiders so that Hogwarts could earn some money. Four times a year silk merchants came to Hogwarts and harvested the silk the creatures spun. They were paid in cattle and other cheap meats (kept in stasis) by the merchants. Thus the other forest inhabitants were spared extinction except when rogue spiders wanted a different menu and "cheated" until they were caught and killed. Dumbledore had started the "industry" and he was paid in cold, hard cash for allowing the spiders to live in the forest and for the merchants to harvest the valuable silk. Hagrid was the liaison between the spiders and merchants and he did it because Dumbledore told him to and that it benefitted the school and the money went into the charity fund. Whether it really did or not only Dumbledore knew.

That was the reason Hagrid hadn't been at the meeting because the merchants were coming. However, when they arrived it was found out that ALL of the spiders were gone as well as the silk. The merchants left in a huff taking the "payment" with them but Hagrid promised that Dumbledore would fix things and get back to them as "children need that money for their schooling."

Only the Giant Squid was rescued from the Black Lake because the Savior in charge of the Lake was a Veela and Veelas and Merpeople and other denizens of the Lake were sworn enemies and the memory of the Triwizard Tournament and the probable fate of the Veela Gabrielle Delacour, the great niece of the Queen of the Veelas, were still fresh in the minds of the Veela Nation. It was found out later that had Harry Potter not saved the girl she would not have survived. Veelas were known for getting revenge and now they did in a memorable way.

Most people in the Castle didn't know or would have cared about the fate of the Lake if they had. People still wanted answers and were not getting them. On the third day classes were started and the teachers had orders to give detentions to any student still demanding answers. Some detentions would consist of shoveling snow – by hand and without the use of Magic – and considering the area was nothing but snow and ice and frigid temperatures, if you survived (the students were told) you'd never want to do anything to warrant getting a detention ever again.

Naturally there were some people (Gryffindors) who were so used to ignoring threats and/or getting away with it when they did, that they just had to go and do their own investigations or bother the house elves, ghosts and portraits with questions which could not be answered. The Weasley Twins were the first offenders and served detention until Hagrid brought them to the Infirmary where Madam Pomfrey had to defrost them.

Draco Malfoy had ordered Crabbe and Goyle to "investigate" but not get caught. They did and they AND Draco were given detention because it was known that Draco had ordered them so he was to be made an example of and had his wand taken and been given a shovel and sent off to work. Being a Malfoy the first thing out of his mouth was "When my father hears about this" only to be told by a house elf of all things "Your father won't be able to do a thing about it as here he has no jurisdiction and he will probably be dead soon - very soon. Unless you want to join him in a hideous death – start shoveling."

Draco did some manual "house elf labor" for about 20 minutes before announcing that he was cold and needed medical treatment. He was told that when he turned blue it might be considered and was sent outside where he stayed until he did turn blue and ended up in the Infirmary with pneumonia. There were some other fools (again Gryffindors) who tried until they did more than turn blue and after their well-publicized experience, questions and ALL MISCHIEF stopped.

The only person who still was demanding "action" was Hermione Granger but she was smart enough not to risk herself in getting it and, as usual, had been demanding that Harry Potter "do something" as "Professor Dumbledore would expect you to find out the truth."

"Well he'll be very disappointed because I won't. If you want to know 'answers' so much you 'investigate' and make a report. You do have so much experience in making reports…you and Ron" Harry told her nastily.

If Hermione didn't know better (and she was the resident know-it-all) she would think that Harry had found out about the very necessary and noble work she – and Ron – did for Dumbledore. But that was impossible. However, Harry refused to budge despite her nagging and Ron egging him on. After two days of non-stop nagging he had had enough and said "SHUT UP HERMIONE" and the Gryffindor common room went silent eagerly waiting to hear the abuse that Hermione Granger would throw at Harry Potter.

For about two seconds she was silent before recovering from her shock and shouting "HARRY JAMES POTTER HOW DARE YOU…" but then Harry Potter did the unthinkable he silenced her, accioed her wand, magically bound her and watched as she fell down on the floor with a thud. Naturally Ron started laughing like a hyena until Harry whipped around and did the same to him. Harry then exited the common room without another word. He did not return that night.

Eventually someone took pity on Hermione and Ron (probably fearing retribution from the Twins) and released them. Curfew had started by then and despite being Prefects, Hermione and Ron were not allowed out of Gryffindor Tower. Ordinarily they would have gone to McGonagall and reported Harry but now…there was the danger of getting a detention AND Harry had their wands. They had to wait until the start of classes to report him.

Hermione went to Flitwick and told him what Harry had done. However, Flitwick asked the reason why and Hermione had to quickly think up an excuse. What she didn't know was that Harry had already reported the incident to the proper authorities (because he knew who they were) and Flitwick knew the truth.

Much to her shock and horror Flitwick simply received the report and then dismissed her. Of course no one – except McGonagall and Dumbledore – ever just "dismissed" Hermione Granger (okay Snape did but she never reported anything to him so he didn't count) and she asked Flitwick what he intended on doing about it and what punishment Harry would be receiving. Without blinking he told her.

"Nothing Miss Granger as it is clear that after two days of you and Ron Weasley's incessant nagging for Harry to disobey orders and break rules in an attempt to satisfy your curiosity, he had had enough and did the only thing he could to make you stop. Just be thankful it was only Harry and not someone else as they would have retaliated with more…vigor…than Harry Potter. He did give me your and Ronald's wands which will remain in my care until such time as you prove you can behave yourself."

"But…but…YOU CAN'T DO THAT. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT AS…." Hermione screamed (at a teacher yes, but not one she considered "important" enough) before he once again dared to interrupt her.

"NOT ONLY CAN I, BUT I HAVE. That will be two detentions for both you and Ronald Weasley and if you say one more word, it will be more" the now very angry teacher told her before dismissing her.

The next thing she and Ron knew they were being sent outside to serve their detentions although Ron was screaming at her for "getting him in trouble when he hadn't done anything to deserve it" and he complained bitterly to the house elves in charge of the detentions. Since they were very nice elves they silenced him – for his own good – as all the ranting he was doing was exposing his lungs to the frigid cold which would do him harm. Also they didn't want to listen to him complaining.

It was two weeks before anybody got any answers. McGonagall's classes were being filled in by all of the teachers as they did know Transfiguration and were capable of teaching it at some level. The sixth and seventh years were being taught by an unknown person who identified himself only as "Prof" and would only say that no he was not a "Savior" and would not answer any questions but would simply give detentions to those who did or who, like the Weasley Twins, told people his real name. "Prof" was a very good teacher and although the Twins were itching to tell what they knew, the threat (or rather promise) of more detentions greatly deterred them so for once in their life they obeyed a teacher and kept their big mouths shut.

Two weeks to the day of the relocation of Hogwarts, a mandatory breakfast meeting was held. Three new people were to be introduced to the students. Flitwick introduced them, calling them out of a side room.

"This lady is Professor Marigold Maze" the woman bowed to the audience. She had red hair – but not the Weasley red - was of medium height, had blue eyes and a clear 'peaches-and-cream' complexion. She also had a lovely smile and her teeth were a gleaming white. Being the daughter of dentists, Hermione Granger was very impressed. "She will be teaching Transfiguration – and no questions are allowed Miss Granger" Flitwick stated.

"The next lady is a Muggle-qualified Professor, having earned several degrees in history, religious studies, political science as well as speaking over a dozen languages, which she will privately teach upon request. She will be replacing Professor Binns teaching history of the world – both Muggle and Magical. There will be no comments tolerated concerning the teaching of Muggle history, Mr. Malfoy" Flitwick added.

Every male present (even Snape) had their eyes glued on the woman as she entered the Hall. She was taller than average, had long black hair which she wore in one long braid down her back (much like the Patel Twins did). She also had a lovely but paler complexion, beautiful teeth and walked with the grace of a…panther.

She wasn't wearing the normal teacher's robes, but was dressed like a Muggle Professor at a top university, with robes covering a tasteful pants suit of emerald green, with an ecru, slightly frilly blouse and black boots. One could see an emerald pendant on a silver chain circling her neck and if it was real (and it was) it would be worth a small fortune.

What people didn't notice, due to the distance she kept, was her eyes. They were Lily's eyes. Snape noticed as he was sitting at the staff table but that was the only thing she probably had in common with his lost love. He wondered who she inherited them from and if she was somehow related to the Brat from Hell. Strangely, her name had not been mentioned.

As she took her seat, Filius announced the next Professor. A tall, lithe man with dark blond hair and blue eyes entered the hall and was introduced as "Professor Karl Klee, who also possesses a few Muggle degrees in chemistry and biology. He will be assisting Professor Snape in Potions, teaching the first five years."

"Professor Snape will teach the sixth and seventh years as well as developing alchemy courses, like the ones that used to be taught at Hogwarts until…Albus…discontinued them and other core subjects which he – as Leader of the Light and the power of his other political positions – considered 'unnecessary' and/or dark. Since much must be done to resurrect this subject and the other 'unsuitable according to Albus' courses, these will not be available until next year."

Professor Klee took a seat, but before the food would be served, Filius had a few more announcements to make.

"We will be having breakfast shortly, but I must make a few statements before some people…explode from curiosity." He glanced at Hermione when he said this and then at Draco Malfoy, who was glaring at him from his seat at the Slytherin table. Although he did earn respectable marks in Potions, he was angry that Snape wouldn't be around to torture the other houses or to hide his and other Slytherins' mistakes. There was now a possibility that – shudder – Potter might get a decent grade in Potions.

"First, Professor McGonagall and Inquisitor Umbridge (he refused to call her a Professor) are noticed by their absence." He hesitated, bit his lower lip, took a deep breath and said "Both women are in…detention." He paused for the gasps before saying "Of course their 'detention' is very different from what some students have served. However, I don't know for how long their punishment will last, thus Professor Maze teaching Transfiguration."

"Happily the position of Hogwarts High Inquisitor has been abolished." He waited for the cheers to die down before saying "And it is requested that anyone who had the misfortune of serving detention with The Toad" again he waited until the applause and cheering ceased "report to the Headmaster's office as questions must be asked and truthfully answered."

"I am very happy to announce 'Breakfast is served."

The food appear much to the joy of many, but there is always someone who complains about something and Ron did. "He had no right to natter on before we ate. Any fool knows that in a cold climate a person needs food and lots of it and we are growing children" he said stuffing his face with scrambled eggs, bacon and a piece of toast all at once.

It was then noticed that neither Harry nor Neville were at the table and no one knew where they were. Since breakfast had been mandatory, Hermione had no choice but to report them to Professor Flitwick. She would soon wished she hadn't.