Chapter 4

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WARNING: Starting with this chapter, the story gets a bit…disturbing. I try to come up with new plots that others haven't thought about, or if they did, didn't write it.

Chapter 4 – Realization

While there was polite chatter at the staff table, the four student tables were alive with various discussions ranging from hope, confusion, distrust and at a certain table (one guess which one) plots abounded, none of which would receive approval by any sane person. However, for once in her life, Hermione Granger wasn't saying anything – not one little thing – but no one noticed as they were too busy with their own conversations.

Naturally, the four Weasleys dominated the conversations. They were spaced out according to their year and in the Twins' case, people were listening attentively. Ron wasn't giving anyone a chance to state their views but for once in his life, a few people actually shared his opinion. Naturally he was stuffing his face with dinner while doing his pontification, but you didn't have to look at him only to hear him.

As soon as possible, he had dared to say certain now forbidden things. He, as well as others, didn't know the charm would go into effect after dinner and would be retroactive and cumulative. Hee, hee. Ron was the first person to be taken to the Infirmary for an overload of charms kicking in all at once.

Meanwhile, Hermione Granger was busy doing something constructive. She was thinking up proper punishments for Umbridge. She wanted that prize more than usual as she was going to ask for a very personal and special thing; ergo, she had to win.

Not that anyone noticed, Harry and Neville were still missing and their personal possessions were also gone. But people were too focused on what was now being called (in Gryffindor) the "Salazar Problem" which had originally been named the "Slimiest of Snakes" – until the charm kicked in.

It was the same, but not as harsh, for the Slytherins. Many had doubts that it was the "real" Salazar Slytherin if only because it was well-known and a cornerstone of Slytherin House that Salazar had HATED MUDBLOODS AND WANTED TO EXCLUDE THEM FROM HOGWARTS. The fact that the use of the word was now forbidden only proved the man was an imposter.

A good thing (for the Snakes) was that although Dumbledore's name was forbidden, apparently, the nicknames (most of which were crude) given to the old #*&#&#*&^& over the years such as "Dumdickable" or "Dumbledamnit" still could (and were) used. But as the male 7th year Prefect advised "Just use them in-house as it might be too risky to say outside our common room."

Speaking of the devil, back in Magical London, Dumbledore was fighting to hold onto his other impressive positions and even TO STAY OUT OF AZKABAN! Since he had been the Headmaster and the only survivor because he wasn't at the school, an angry populace was demanding blood and he was the most logical choice to blame. The only thing that had saved him (so far) was the fact that even his enemies agreed the total destruction of the school HAD TO BE THE DARKEST MAGIC EVER INVENTED!

It was at times like these that the Muggle World got involved. Since many Muggleborns had gone on to finish their Muggle education (due to the lack of jobs for Muggleborns in Magical Britain) they were quickly snapped up by the Military, Police and Intelligence organizations for their special skills. Therefore, Muggleborn representatives were sent to the Wizengamot for what was probably the most important meeting between the two worlds since the establishment of the Statue of Secrecy.

The Prime Minister had offered to personally meet with the Wizengamot but was refused "the honor" as "It is horrendous enough that Mudblood filth is allowed in the hallowed chambers of the Wizengamot, but for a Muggle to even hope to attend is simply…IMPOSSIBLE" was the general consensus of most of that august body.

Therefore, on the very day Salazar was introduced as the new Headmaster, Lt. Col. Zackery (of the RAF), Brigadier Wentworth-Symthe of the Army, Dr. Walton Duggan (he of the many doctorates), Dr. Gareth Owens (he of even more doctorates), Mr. Nigel Perry-Jones of MI6 and government representative (and only Muggle but it was only the PM who wasn't allowed to attend, so there) and father of a fifth year Hogwarts student, the Honorable Jasper Finch-Fletchley, came before the entire Wizengamot to explain what had really caused the destruction of the venerable school.

Simply put, they were not well-received being Muggleborns and an actual Muggle, but when they attempted to explain what an atomic bomb was in words that a typical British Magical (and especially Pure-bloods) could understand. However, the assembly was more - stupid, prejudicial, rude, arrogant, unreasonable, etc. – than anticipated.

In other words, they refused to believe that such a weapon, created by Muggles, could possibly exist. A small riot broke out in the chamber and a few curses were cast at the four but fortunately the three Muggleborns had been allowed to have their wands and cast shields around themselves and Jasper, as the six Aurors who were tasked with the guarding and protection of the four outsiders were doing nothing to stop the abuse.

"I beg to differ" Dumbledore announced after calling for order. "I cannot possibly comprehend such destruction could be caused by anything other than the darkest of magic, and I pride myself as being the…."

"The Greatest Wizard since Merlin" a very irate Dr. Owens spat out. "Perhaps had you allowed a realistic and thorough education in Muggle Studies to be taught, even the likes of you could understand that even without the gift of Magic, MUGGLES HAVE MADE TREMENDOUS ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY ESPECIALLY AFTER WORLD WAR II."

"What is this World War II you speak of" asked an elderly member.

Owens sighed before saying "It is what you call the Grindelwald War, another war you were losing until the Allies invaded the Continent on what we call D-Day."

"Ah yes" the elder said. "That was when Albus defeated the evil Grindelwald and…."

"And he delayed until after D-Day as the Ally forces took back the Continent." Then, because he had always wanted to state this fact even knowing it was probably the worst thing he could say, he said "Just like you were losing the war against Voldie due to Dumbles' influence at the Ministry until a 'baby' supposedly defeated him."

Another riot broke out and Albus did nothing to stop it as HE had been insulted – even though it was true, he was still miffed.

"Why the hell did you have to say that?" Zackery asked.

"Because you know that it is true and you can't tell me you never wanted to say it."

"Not in this venue."

Finally, Minister Fudge decided to end this…fiasco…as harming Muggle government representatives would not be looked on kindly by the PM. They were, of course, in error as it had to be dark magic but try telling a Muggle that they couldn't create such a weapon. Besides, it had annoyed Albus so it wasn't a total loss.

Fudge ordered the Aurors to "Escort these…people…out of the building. Have them floo back to the Prime Minister's office immediately, for their own safety."

As the Aurors were rounding up the four, Fudge informed the person with the most "adornments" on his uniform "Be advised that I will advise your PM of your rude behavior and delusions of grandeur. Assure him that we are not that gullible."

But someone just had to give another piece of unwanted information. As he was being roughly led out of the chamber, Jasper Finch-Fletchley called back "You are gullible and fools as we have PROOF that your Voldemort fellow is BACK!" Unfortunately no one, not even Dumbledore, asked for the proof as the resurrection was considered impossible.

Dumbledore had another reason for not asking. He planned on blaming Tom for the disaster just as soon as he finally showed himself. Dumbledore had the patience of a hungry Acromantula and he could wait as he knew that with Harry Potter and the children of Death Eaters dead, Tom would be forced to lead a war in revenge or the Death Eaters would depose him. Hopefully.

Dumbledore had heard about the atomic bomb. He had seen photos of the destruction and members of the ICW kept the members updated. Who now had "the Bomb" and what strength and destructive capabilities they now possessed. But it suited his plans to keep British Magicals ignorant of all scientific advancements especially when it involved weapons.

However, since there was no way in hell that Tom could get his hands on such a weapon, it had to be a Muggle terrorist organization who had randomly chosen a seemingly vacant place to test their weapon and scare the Muggles. Unfortunately, it just happened to be Hogwarts - but at least he had survived.

A new school MUST be built for the children now too young to attend the school and other children would be born. He had every intention of introducing a re-population law, forcing people to breed. Legitimate heirs needed to be born and for others it wouldn't be necessary to marry, only to reproduce. If he could convince enough people to just mate to "save Magical Britain from extinction" he could introduce something like the Lebensborn* for Magicals and Muggles which Grindelwald had initiated in Germany during the war.

He couldn't remember the exact quote or who said it, but the crux of the matter was if you had total access to a child for the first 5-7 years of life, it could be raised in the ways you liked and then it would "be yours forever." Besides the new school, he was already drafting this idea for a law, which would please many, especially wizards who wanted to have some fun, reproduce but not care for or support the child.

The children could be raised in the "Houses of Hope" – the name he was toying with at the moment – and educated as per Albus' direction. Then at the age of 11, they would go to the new Hogwarts or the Albinus School of Magic – a name he was also considering. They would be raised to be his new followers, a new army loyal only to him.

Now all he had to do was keep his positions, rally his followers, convince others of the wisdom of his proposals and SURVIVE at least until Tom revealed himself, then everyone (except Death Eaters) would need and follow him into the mouth of hell if he told them to – just like in the last war.

So the "game" could continue and he would win!

*The Lebensborn, meaning "fount of life", was founded on 12 December 1935, to counteract falling birth rates in Germany, and to promote Nazi eugenics. Scary but unfortunately true. Google it for more info but beware as the lives of the children was very sad.