• Wayfinding

    Seamus and Dean are desperate to learn what, if not love, is enough to heal them up after the war. Oneshot.

  • James Potter's Very Grave Miscalculation

    In which Lily and Remus organize a contest to find out which one of them truly is the best student, and somehow James is the one who loses. Oneshot.

  • An Expert in Sunrises

    The summer after the war, Ron, Harry, and Hermione decide to return to the Burrow. Ron is the only one who finds both peace and quiet ways to share it once they arrive there. Oneshot.

  • A Possibility of Candlelight

    Ted and Andromeda barely have time to be newlyweds in the midst of their Healer training, but of course Ted has no problem finding a reason for them to take a deep breath and celebrate. Oneshot.

  • Take What You Need (Even If You Think It's Gone)

    In which dogs are precious, Kingsley can't sleep since Sirius was killed, and Remus tells the story of his yellow teacup. Oneshot.

  • Under Lavender Skies

    When Fleur suggests that they go up to Beauxbatons to help Gabrielle move in for the new school year, Bill doesn't think they'll be very useful but doesn't miss the opportunity to visit the magic school. Little does he know why Fleur really wants him visiting the academy. Oneshot.

  • All Night Long

    It's Sirius' first night with baby Harry ever since that fateful night in Godric's Hollow, and it is going... well, it's going. Oneshot.

  • Sweet Victories

    Harry usually tries to keep to himself and stay discreet in busy places like Diagon Alley, but he doesn't mind this chance encounter with an old friend at all. Oneshot.

  • I Know The Way Home

    Teddy's godfather is dead, but speaking to him from beyond the grave with letters that may just show him how to finish the war his family died fighting. Voldemort wins!AU

  • Fighting Surprises With Promises

    The first time Harry hurts himself during an Auror training drill after the war, Ginny does not take it well. Oneshot.

  • With Gloves Off

    Alicia grew up boxing at least five hours a day which is good, because she's about to beat the magic out of Oliver Wood for signing her on as a Chaser. Oneshot.

  • Experiments in Hybrid Flowers

    A short conversation between a bride and groom across a closed door on their wedding day. Oneshot.

  • Woke Up In A Safe House

    Nothing is the same between the four walls of their Godric's Hollow cottage, but Lily and James are determined not to let their lives with Harry slip by them. Alternatively titled "The Quarantine Drabbles," expect some slice-of-life stories about Lily and James' transition and adaptation to life in hiding. Oneshot.

  • Dressed Up For Tea

    It's their son's first birthday party and Lily worries over whether it's enough. Oneshot.

  • An Offering of Wine

    In which it probably isn't sustainable for Ginny and Luna to open a bottle of wine every time they fight, but for their first real right as a pair they'll make an exception. Oneshot.

  • Turning Curses Into Tea

    When he notices a young student alone and left out on the banks of the Great Lake on an otherwise lovely day, Hagrid does the only thing that Hagrid can. He invited Remus Lupin in for a cup of tea. Oneshot.

  • Remus Lupin's Least Favourite Yet Neverending Parade

    Remus Lupin is a simple introvert who just wants to drink his morning coffee and read in peace. Living with Sirius Black, however, means that there's never a dull or lonely morning int he flat.

  • Due Diligence

    Voldemort is back, Fudge's legitimacy has crumbled, escaped Death Eaters were duelling a paralegal secret society in the Department of Mysteries, and Sirius Black's body was found. Scrimgeour had no idea what to expect when he dragged his favourite Auror into his office to explain what was going on, but the story that a devastated Kingsley had to tell was not it. Oneshot.

  • If I Love You At Dawn

    Oliver hates these early morning Quidditch practises as much as the next player, but he loves how Percy insists on waking up with him every single time. Oneshot.

  • For Everything You Leave Behind

    When things become insufferable at home, Lily and James find a place in Godric's Hollow that they can call their own. But no matter how thankful and excited she is, on the day of her move Lily finds herself struggling to put anything in a box.