Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • Secrets in Spices and Sheds

    Poor, broken little Merope. The world is such a dark and cruel place.:: heavily AU
  • When All We Have Crumbles

    In which Marlene is too good, war is a terrible thing, and Regulus is not enough.:: for Anna
  • Click, Flash

    Or five times Dennis was annoyed by Colin's passion for photography, and one time he wished his brother could take his picture one last time.
  • Those You've Known

    The war is over, and Minerva and Horace find comfort in one another's company and mourn their fallen students... all of their students.
  • By Her Side

    John is always by her side. Except for one time that Amelia is grateful he isn't.:: for Bex
  • this is for saying yes

    In which Max Polkiss takes in his cousin Piers despite the sacrifices he has to make.:: for Lo
  • Begin Again

    Once upon a time, Andromeda and Rabastan were happy. Now, to protect herself and her grandson, she has to convince Rabastan they could still be happy.:: Voldemort wins!AU
  • Shifts

    In which they both fall until there's no turning back.:: RegulusBarty, as told through snapshots.
  • So Kiss Me Goodbye

    Voldemort wins!au:: In the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, Daphne Greengrass is accused of treason and sentenced to death. Pansy needs to see her one last time.
  • Not It

    Dean thinks he's found the perfect home for him and Piers. Piers only sees trauma and nightmares.:: mentions of past abuse
  • Full Circle

    Pomona fell in love with Herbology so long ago and grew up to inspire her students to treasure her beloved subject. Now it's time to pass the torch.
  • Some Days

    Some days, she breaks your heart more than she heals it.:: In which loving Pansy isn't always easy, but it's enough for Daphne.
  • Fast Cars and Freedom

    Sirius knew he'd get away one day. And his escape can in the form of a curious Ravenclaw and some spare parts.
  • Shattered Wanting

    He is a new face, and he looks so afraid. Alice wants to help him.:: Light CormacAlice if you squint.
  • Photo Booth

    Their Muggle dates make Dean happy, and that is enough for Seamus.:: Deamus fluff for Tay.
  • Bittersweet

    "Do yourself a favor, kid. Don't ever fall in love.":: Or in which Alastor has a messy love life, and Tonks thinks that he deserves to be happy.
  • Disgruntled Valentine

    Amelia can't help but to think that John's Valentine request is out of pity.
  • Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

    Or in which Percy redisovers love after loss.:: PercyPenelope oneshot.
  • Always On My Mind

    Wherever Remus and Sirius are, they are always on each other's minds.:: Five Remus and Sirius drabbles with a touch of Wolfstar
  • Early Morning Miracles

    James isn't happy about being pulled out of a nice dream. But what Lily has to tell him is better than anything he could ever dream of.:: Fluffy Jily drabble