Cheeky Slytherin Lass

  • How To Let Go

    In which Dudley is still haunted by his past, and Dedalus wants him to realize he's better than that.:: warnings for alcoholism and self-hatred
  • Felt With the Heart

    Minerva McGonagall, as told through fifteen nonlinear emotional moments.
  • A Colorful Life

    Daphne Greengrass, as told through fifteen color-themed drabbles.
  • the weight of shadows

    Barty, Regulus, and this shifting world as told through snapshots.:: for Gabby
  • King of the Universe

    Fifteen Kingsley-centric AUs.
  • Save a Life, Change the World

    What happens when Kreacher can't bring himself to leave Regulus behind in the cave? With a second chance at life, Regulus tries to make things right and help his brother and the Order of the Phoenix. In exchange, Albus offers him protection and a career at Hogwarts.:: for my babies
  • You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

    You take them both, and then you have the facts of life.:: Collection of drabbles and oneshots about different characters.::.. 9. A game of chess secures Rabastan a date. 10. Bill is nervous before starting Hogwarts, and a visit from Charlie doesn't help.
  • Our Infinity

    100 AUs about Remus and Sirius.::3. Tattoo artist!au: Sirius makes an impulsive decision in hopes of impressing the cute receptionist at the tattoo studio
  • Reaching Out

    In which Hannah tries to drown her demons after the war, and Neville tries to save her.
  • Graffiti

    It's supposed to be a way to prove himself to the others after Dudley leaves, but there's something liberating as Piers commits vandalism.:: for Lo
  • Alive Underwater

    After the lake task, Gabrielle is afraid of water. She forces herself to overcome her fear.
  • Magic In the Morning

    Unable to sleep after being relocated, Dudley takes a stroll to clear his head and strikes up something of a friendship with Dedalus Diggle.
  • Habits Of My Heart

    Pansy is arranged to marry Draco, but her friend is not the Malfoy her heart desires.
  • Another Name For Salvation

    Godric is not himself after Salazar leaves. Rowena hopes to change that.:: for Anna
  • Almost Free

    At age ten, Piers tries to save himself.
  • A Strange Kind of Beautiful

    100 drabbles about love.::2. Arthur fixes Molly an unusual breakfast.
  • Embracing the Fall

    They're both figuring themselves out and learning to embrace their sexuality. But what happens when Dudley and Seamus are brought together by a couple of matchmakers?:: for Lo
  • What's Done For Love

    When Charlie's last living sibling is taken prisoner, he takes a risk in order to rescue him. Along the way, he battles demons and makes unexpected discoveries.:: Voldemort wins!au, soulmate!au for Elizabeth
  • This Crazy, Ridiculous Mess

    There's still a part of Dean that wants Seamus. Somehow, Piers doesn't mind.:: for Lo
  • Where I Begin

    Piers doesn't mean to say it, but now his biggest secret is out in the open, and he hopes like hell that Dudley doesn't freak out