The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was terrified..

He relived the day in his head: His uncle had told him to spend the evening pretending not to exist because he wanted to make a deal with some rich builder, an elf called Dobby had showed up in his bedroom and told him not to go back to Hogwarts because there was a supposed plot to make awful things happen there. The elf had also been stopping his mail in an attempt to make him think his best friends had forgotten about him. A plan that had just about succeeded, especially since today was his birthday and he'd still heard nothing from them. Then the really bad part had happened: Dobby had gone downstairs and smashed his aunts amazing desert pudding using a hover charm Then an owl had scared Mrs. Mason (The builder's wife) by dropping a letter for Harry on her head. It had been from the ministry of magic, telling Harry that he wasn't to use any more magic or he would be expelled from Hogwarts as they had mistake the spell Dobby had cast as Harry's doing. His uncle had read it. Harry had lost his only protection and now he was shivering in a corner of his bedroom. Uncle Vernon then told Harry he was never going back to school, he was locking him up and if he tried to get away using magic he would just be expelled anyway. Uncle Vernon had then dragged him upstairs by the hair and was busy outside fitting a padlock on his door. He Harry listened to the sound of the drill whirring he knew that once it stopped he was in serious, serious trouble. Happy birthday, indeed.

It happened a few minutes later. The drill stopped.

Harry gulped and braced himself as the door opened. His uncle stood framed in the doorway, his eyes glinting like a madman's.

'I won't cry..' Harry thought as uncle Vernon advanced on him 'I won't..I've survived Voldemort. I can do this.'

He felt himself forced to his feet. He knew what was coming, it had happened many times before, and he didn't resist as his shit was torn over his head. He wasn't strong enough to fight his uncle off without magic and he knew things would just be worse if he resisted at all. His uncle then pushed him down onto his bed so that he was laying on his stomach with his already scarred back exposed.

'Don't cry..don't cry.' Harry thought to himself 'Don't give him the satisfaction.'

Crack! The first blow of the belt hit him and he gritted his teeth. He managed not to yell out. As the second blow hit him he closed his eyes tightly and tried to focus on something else. The choice was obvious. His mind landed on his best friends Ron and Hermione. The three of them shared a bond nobody else could even begin to understand. However, even with their ability to communicate telepathically he couldn't reach them from here. They couldn't save him.

Crack! Harry took comfort in the fact that at least Ron and Hermione hadn't forgotten him has he'd feared.

Crack! His resolve broke. He let out a yelp.

" me." he murmured. His uncle just laughed and caught him another blow with the belt.

Things went on like that for the next ten minutes. Harry tried to keep his thoughts on Ron and Hermione. He ended up yelping their names out loud between squeals of pain begging them to come save him. His pleading only made uncle Vernon even madder, he abandoned the belt and tossed Harry to the floor, kicking him hard in the ribs causing Harry to cry out again.


Another kick, this one harder.

" 'Mione.." Harry whimpered. The next kick caught him in the head, his mind began to go fuzzy "Guys..please..please.."

"Nobody's coming to save you boy." He hissed. With one final blow he turned and left the room. The padlock clicked behind him.

Harry stayed on the floor for quite awhile. Once he felt like he could he dragged himself to his bed and crawled under the blankets he shuddered in pain, he could already feel a bruise forming where he'd been kicked in the ribs, his ears were ringing from the blow to his head and he was almost positive he would have a few new scars on his back. He ran a hand through his own hair. It was something Ron had done for him to make him feel better and even when he did it himself the feeling brought him comfort. He curled up in a ball and cried.

The next morning uncle Vernon paid a man to put bars on Harry's window. He was barely fed and ate even less than what he was given because he had to share with Hedwig who had been padlocked in her cage since the start of the summer holidays, but at least he wasn't hit again.

He wondered if anyone would come for him when he didn't turn up at Hogwarts. Would he survive that long?

He sure hopped that the answer to both of those questions would be yes.