The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

Hermione's party

Days passed with no word from the strange voices. Harry started to think he'd imagined it all.

He had something else to think about at the moment though. Hermione's birthday was coming up. The boys were planning on throwing a little party for her. All their roommates had agreed to come. They also invited Ginny, who had grown really close with Hermione, and Fred and George. They'd all agreed to meet on the castle grounds at lunchtime.

A few days before the party Harry was stuck in History of Magic, bored as usual. He'd taken up drawing back at the Burrow and was getting better at it. As professor Binns droned on Harry's attention wandered and he started to sketch something out on his parchment, not even really having an idea in mind. Then he realized he was scrawling out a picture of a golden snitch. He let his eyes wander, he looked first at Ron who looked nearly asleep with his head in his hand, then over at Hermione. She was scribbling out notes as usual, she was somehow immune to Binns' droning voice that sent the rest of the class into a stupor. Harry grinned and turned back to his drawing he began to trace out two letters on the snitch: H.G.

The bell rang, and everyone began to pack up. Before Harry could roll up his drawing and stow it away Neville, who was passing by stopped and tried to catch a look at it

"What you working on there, Harry?" He asked. Harry hastily rolled up the picture and stuffed it carefully into his bag

"Nothing.." Harry said quickly. Neville chuckled.

At lunchtime on Hermione's birthday everyone met by the lake underneath a large shaded tree as they had planned. Fred and George arrived with various treats and even a birthday cake.

"How'd you get that?" Ron asked, sounding impressed as he looked at the cake

"We have our ways little brother." Fred replied with a wink.

After a quick rendition of Happy Birthday they began handing over their presents and cards.

Ginny grinned as she pressed a small package into Hermione's hand "Open mine first!" she said, sounding excited. Hermione chuckled at her enthusiasm

"Alright, alright." Hermione ripped the paper off of Ginny's present, she opened the small jewelry box inside and found a small heart-shaped locket inside

"Open it." Ginny said, grinning even more widely. Hermione clicked the locket open and smiled just as widely as Ginny. Inside was a picture of Hermione, Ron and Harry.

"Like it?" Ginny asked.

"I love it!" Hermione squealed, hugging Ginny and then putting the locket around her neck.

Ron handed over his present next. Hermione opened it and found a little bracelet with three charms on it: A lion, a book and a heart.

"Thanks, Ron. This is great." She said, hugging him as well

"It was nothing." he grumbled, embarrassed. Fred and George chucked and Ron shot them a 'Shut-up' glare.

Harry, blushing furiously, handed her a rolled up piece of parchment. She unrolled it, it was the Snitch picture with her initials that Harry had drawn in History of magic a few days ago. Hermione smiled and ruffled Harry's hair

"You really are getting better. Thanks Harry."

She opened the cards from the twins and the rest of the second year boys. Then they helped themselves to cake, Fred and George set off their usual celebratory fireworks.

"Thanks everyone!" Hermione said as they watched the fireworks.

"It was their idea." Dean said, pointing at Ron and Harry.

"Yeah, you've got yourself a couple of great guys there." Neville said with a wink, he playfully shoved Hermione over so that she fell into Harry and Ron's laps. Fred, George, Ginny, Dean and Seamus laughed. Harry, Ron and Hermione all blushed and Hermione scrambled to sit upright again.

"Nev!" Harry and Ron yelled together.

"Whoops." Neville chuckled, with a mischievous little grin.

A bit later they all headed back to Gryffindor tower. Harry, Ron and Hermione walked a bit behind the others and Hermione took the boys' hands

Thanks guys.. She thought Seriously, this has been an awesome birthday..I've never had enough friends for a party before.

Harry squeezed her hand.

Anything for our 'Mione.. Ron thought.

What? Hermione thought, sounding amused.

Nothing. Ron thought, his ears going red.

Ron! Harry groaned.

No, no it's okay. Hermione thought, she went pink in the cheeks I think of you guys my boys..

Harry and Ron both blushed.