The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

Threaded Dreams and Rescue Plans

Ronald Weasley woke with a start.

He sat straight up in his bed, looking around his room as his eyes adjusted to the dark. He was shaking. He'd just had the worst nightmare, no doubt brought on by the fact that he hadn't heard from one of his best friends, Harry Potter, all summer. He'd written plenty of letters of course but had never gotten a response. Harry had been begging him for help as he was being hurt. Ron's blood went cold as he remembered the yelps of pain and the begging whimpers of the small boy he'd sworn to himself he'd protect.

'Just a was just a dream..' he thought, trying to settle himself down. But that didn't seem right..he could feel the pain Harry had been feeling. He could smell the minty scent of his friend's soap. He was almost sure that it had been much more than just a dream.

Ron... The voice of Hermione Granger, his other best friend, sounded in his head. Hermione had been at the Burrow for a few days now and she was just as anxious as Ron was about Harry's long silence.

Can I come in? Hermione asked. Ron was shocked, Hermione had been sharing a room with his little sister, Ginny. Even though the two of them had shared a bed at Hogwarts along with Harry, Ron and Hermione had agreed that it would be best to stay apart. Ron didn't think his mum would approve of their bed sharing.

Is something wrong, 'Mione? He asked


Come in.

The door creaked and Hermione walked in she quickly crossed his room and climbed into bed beside him. He could feel her shaking and a closer look at her showed him that she'd been crying. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to him.

What's the matter 'Mione? He asked

I had a terrible nightmare. She replied. Ron's eyes widened..was it possible...

About Harry?

How did you know?

Was he being hurt? did you-

I had it too..

They stared at each other, trying to decide what all this meant.

The don't don't think it's real do you? Asked Hermione finally, she sounded horrified at the very thought. Ron decided to tell her the truth, there was no point lying.

I'm almost positive it was. He thought. Hermione gave a terrified little squeak and started to shake even harder.

Shhh..shhh.. Ron turned so that he could wrap both his arms around her and started to rock her back and forth

What do we do? Hermione asked, nuzzling into his chest as he rocked her and ran his hand through her frizzy brown hair

We need to get him out of there. Ron replied


Let me worry about can stay with me tonight.

The two of them were silent until they managed to get back to sleep. Hermione woke super early next morning and made her way silently back to Ginny's room before they were called for breakfast a few hours later. Ron knew exactly who he needed to talk to and he got his chance after breakfast was over.

"Ron, Fred, George would you three go feed the chickens please?' Mrs. Weasley asked

The three boys left their plates, Ron's was mostly untouched, and headed out into the bright sunlight. Ron wondered where to begin but George managed to broach the subject himself

"What's up with you, Ronnie?" he asked "You hardly touched your breakfast and you've looked pale all morning."

Ron gulped, this was his chance.

"I'm worried-"

"About Harry." Fred cut him off before he could finish

"Yeah..." Ron admitted

"We have been too." George said

"Why?" Ron asked, how much did they know?

Fred and George exchanged a look before George answered him.

"He hasn't written you all's odd."

"Well..I think he's in trouble." Ron said..careful to avoid saying exactly what kind of trouble or how he knew.

"Agreed." Fred said

"We've been thinking-" Said George

"That it's about time Harry had some visitors." Fred finished

Ron flashed a grin at his twin brothers. Despite how annoying they could sometimes be Fred and George were always there when you really needed them.

"So what are we going to do?"

Fred and George smiled back at him and George reached in his pocket and pulled out a set of car keys. Ron was shocked, this was brilliant.

"Dad's car..of course."

"We have his address too." Fred said "We swiped dad's copy of Harry's warning letter from the ministry that he showed us the other day when we took the keys, and dad keeps a map in the glove box."

"Tonight at midnight, meet us in the living room. We're gonna rescue Harry." George added

Ron nodded and, after they'd finished feeding the chickens the three of them went back inside and Ron relayed their plans to Hermione. She was nervous about what they had to do but she knew they couldn't just leave Harry by himself. They had to save him..they just had to.