The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

The Gryffindor Tower Heroes

After they'd eaten their fill (The plate of sandwiches kept refilling itself) they made their way through the now quiet castle to the portrait of the fat lady that guarded the entrance to the common room however they could't get in because they hadn't met a prefect yet to get the new password but then they heard hurried footsteps behind them and wheeled around. The next second they'd been tackled by Hermione who flung her arms around them

"There you are!" She squealed "Where on earth have you been. I've heard the craziest stories! Someone said you'd gotten expelled for crashing a flying car."

"Err...well we weren't..expelled..." Harry said slowly

"You're not telling me you did fly here?" She said, letting them go and fixing them with a death glare

"Skip the lecture, 'Mione." Said Ron grumpily "And tell us the new password."

"Don't call me 'Mione." She snapped "The password's 'wattlebird' but that's off the point you-"

But she was interrupted as the portrait hole opened and Harry and Ron were dragged inside leaving Hermione to scramble in after them. It seemed as if the entirety of Gryffindor had waited up for them to arrive, people were packed into the common room standing around or sitting in arm chairs, people were congratulating them

"Brilliant!" said Lee Jordan "People will be talking about that for years, flying car right into the whomping willow."

People were patting them on their backs and Fred and George made their way to the front of the crowd

"Why couldn't we have come along in the car, eh?" They asked together. Even Ginny was smirking at them from the corner of the common room as she clapped with the rest.

Then Harry spotted one person who didn't look happy at all, Percy was making his way through the crowd, he was scowling and seemed to be trying to get near enough to tell them off.

Harry elbowed Ron in the ribs and jerked his head in Percy's direction. Ron got the point at once

"Well gotta get to bed." He said with a huge pretended yawn "Pretty tired." the two of them edged their way to the spiral staircase that lead to the dormitory Harry looked back at Hermione

See you later? He thought. She didn't respond and was wearing a scowl just like Percy's

Guess that's a no... Ron thought, shrugging.

They reached the dormitory, pulled their pajamas on. Ron sat down on his bed and Harry climbed in and sat in front of him

"I know I shouldn't have enjoyed that or anything.." Ron said, grinning and wrapping his arms around Harry's shoulders from behind "But..."

The next second the door burst open and Neville, Dean and Seamus scrambled in.

"Hey guys!" Neville shouted,smiling at them "That was brilliant!"

"Amazing!" Dean added

"You guys are totally awesome!" Seamus said

They all crowded around and began talking happily

"Where's Hermione?" Asked Neville after awhile, all of the Gryffindor second years were well aware that the trio didn't often sleep alone.

"Probably not coming..." Harry answered

"Their little girlfriend's mad at them for the stunt with the car." Dean said wisely, winking at Harry and Ron. The two boys both blushed furiously. Ron grabbed his pillow and tossed it at Dean

"She's not-" But before he could finish Dean had thrown the pillow back and hit Ron in the head.

"Pillow war!" Seamus shouted, scrambling over to his own bed and arming himself soon it was all out craziness in the boys' dorm. Harry and Neville teamed up on Dean while Ron and Seamus kept taking turns whacking each other over the head. It lasted for about ten minutes until they were all rolling around laughing on the dormitory floor.

"C'mon guys, seriously, we'd better get some sleep." Harry said finally, sitting up. The others agreed

As he and Ron climbed back into bed and listened to the others getting changed and settling down around them Harry couldn't help but grin as he snuggled up with Ron. He was back at Hogwarts, even though it hand't gone the way he expected, he hadn't been expelled, he was a hero in the eyes of his Housemates and friends and Hermione would come around eventually.