The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

Barricaded Barrier

The end of the summer came way too quickly for Harry. As much as he was looking forward to getting back to Hogwarts, his first few weeks at the Burrow had been the best of his life.

The last evening before they went back Mrs. Weasley made a huge delicious dinner and a treacle pudding for desert. Fred and George set off some Filibuster Fireworks that made sparks bounce around the kitchen for about half an hour and Mr. Weasley made everyone hot chocolate.

After they'd all finished Mrs. Weasley whisked away their cups and ushered them all up the stairs

"Off to bed, now, cubs. Early start tomorrow." she said. They all climbed the stairs dropping people off in their rooms on the way. Finally only Harry and Ron were left. They reached their attic bedroom and Harry and Ron climbed into bed together, not bothering to put on a show as it wasn't needed. Harry threw an arm over Ron and laid his head on his chest. Mrs. Weasley smiled at them and gave them each a kiss on the top of the head

"Goodnight boys." She said "See you in the morning."

The next morning Mrs. Weasley woke them at dawn.

"Harry, Ron up and dressed. This second!"

The boys both groaned and Harry tightened his arm around Ron and squeezed his eyes shut tighter.

"Let's go, little cubs, I want you both down to breakfast in five minutes! We don't want to be late!"

Harry gave in and slid out of bed, he changed out of his pajamas and then poked a still sleeping Ron in the ribs

"Come on, Ron.." He said. Ron grumbled

"Let's go. We get to see 'Mione on the train." Harry said, poking him again. Ron stirred and sat up at these words.

"Fine, fine." Ron got out of bed and changed. Despite their early start everyone seemed to still have a great deal to do. Mrs. Weasley was in a bad mood as she dashed about looking for socks and quills. Mr. Weasley nearly broke his neck tripping over a chicken while he carried Ginny's trunk to the car. Harry then saw the extent of the charms on the car. It magically expanded to fit all the luggage and passengers comfortably. Mrs. Weasley, of course, didn't know that this wasn't how normal cars behaved.

"You'd never know it was this roomy from the outside." She said looking in the rear mirror where the twins, Harry, Ron and Percy were all sitting comfortably. She and Ginny were in the front passenger seat which had expanded to roughly the size of a park bench "Muggles do know more than they give them credit for."

Mr. Weasley started the car and they headed down the drive. Harry turned around for a last look at his new home. He was just thinking he couldn't wait to be there again when they were back. George had forgotten his fireworks. Five minutes later they stopped in the front yard so Fred could grab his broomstick. They were almost on the highway when Ginny yelled about forgetting her diary. By the time she was back in the car they were very late and tempers were high.

Mr. Weasley looked at his watch and then at his wife

"Molly, dear..."

"No, Arthur." she answered.

"No one would see. This little button is an invisibility booster I installed, that would get us in the air then we just fly above the clouds. It'd take ten minutes."

"I said no! Not in broad daylight!"

By the time they arrived at King's Cross station and made it to platforms nine and ten the clock showed that they had only five minutes to disappear casually through the barrier to platform nine and three quarters.

Once the others had vanished Ron looked at Harry and said quickly "Let's go together, we've only got a minute."

Harry nodded and, making sure Hedwig and Ron's rat, Scabbers, were securely wedged on top of the trunks in their cages, the two boys strode confidently towards the barrier. They bent over their handles of their trolleys, gathering speed, when they were a few feet away they broke into a run.


Their trolleys ran smack into the barrier. Harry toppled to the ground and Hedwig's cage bounced off the trolley and onto the floor, she rolled away shrieking angrily.

"What do you two think you're doing?" snapped a guard.

"Just..lost control of the trolley.." Harry said, sitting up. Ron raced to grab Hedwig who was causing such a fuss that the nearby crowd started muttering about animal cruelty.

Why can't we get through! Harry hissed to Ron

I don't know..the gateway has sealed itself for some reason..we're going to miss the train!

The clock chimed eleven

We already missed it.. Harry thought

If we can't get through maybe mum and dad won't be able to get back..what do we do now?

Harry looked around, there were people still watching them because Hedwig was still causing a scene

Maybe we should go wait by the car..we're attracting to much attention.


What about it?

We can fly the car to Hogwarts!


This is an emergency, right? Even underage wizards can use magic in an emergency, and we've got to get to school, haven't we?

Harry nervously pushed against the barrier again, hoping it would let them through, no such luck

But your mum and dad..what'll they do?

They don't need the car. They can apparate, you know..vanish and reappear somewhere else. They only bother with Floo Powder and the car because us lot are too young to apparate.

Harry's panic began to change into excitement.

Can you fly it?

Sure. Let's hurry, if we're quick we can follow the train.

And the two boys wheeled around and headed out of the station back towards the old Ford Anglia sat parked. They flashed grins at each other as they packed their luggage back in the trunk and secured Hedwig and Scabbers in the back seat. This could end up being fun.