The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

Our 'Mione

That evening in Gryffindor tower Harry and Ron played a game of chess, watched by Fred and George. Harry of course lost. Meanwhile Hermione was helping Ginny with some Charms homework nearby. As the night wore on people began to head for bed. Ginny stopped by to give Ron and Harry each a hug

"Night guys." She said cheerily waving at them. They smiled and waved in response. Hermione then hugged the boys as well

"Night." She said, winking at them.

See you later? Ron thought hopefully

Yeah, of course. Hermione answered without looking back. Ron and Harry grinned at each other and climbed the stairs to to their dorm room. Neville, Dean and Seamus were already there. Harry and Ron changed into their pajamas (Harry had trusted his Dormmates with the truth at the start of the year and no longer minded changing in front of them) and the two of them climbed into Ron's bed, yawning.

"What a day." Ron grumbled, running his hand through Harry's hair.

"You said it." Dean agreed

"What about that defense against the dark arts lesson, eh?" Seamus said rolling his eyes

"Lockhart's an idiot." Said Ron at once

"Yeah." Harry agreed "He hasn't got a clue what he's doing."

"Well we know someone who thinks he's great." Dean said in a teasing voice.

"Who." said Harry and Ron together at once, they obviously knew the answer but weren't about to admit it.

"Well let's see..." Seamus said in a mock thoughtful tone "Who got full marks on his stupid quiz?"

"And who drew hearts around his lessons on her schedule?" Dean added

"Your little 'Mione of course." Neville said with a huge smirk on his face.

"Key word there is our 'Mione.." Harry muttered without thinking then his brain caught up and he clapped a hand over his mouth, looking mortified.

Nice going Harry. Ron thought, also looking embarrassed, his ears going red. Neville, Dean and Seamus practically rolled off their beds as they roared with laughter. Neville had tears in his eyes.

"Oh, shut up you prats." Ron grumbled halfheartedly while Harry hid his face in Ron's chest so the other boys wouldn't see him blushing.

"You two've got it bad." Dean chuckled finally

"Have not!" Harry protested.

"Whatever you say, Harry." Neville choked, finally gaining control of himself and sitting up on his bed "Whatever you say."

They fell silent except for the occasional chuckle from Neville. About an hour later the dorm door predictably creaked open and Hermione entered.

"Hey guys." She said, crossing the room to where Harry and Ron were and climbing into bed between them, she waved at the other boys as she passed.

"Hey, Hermione." Neville said, an amused glint in his eye as Harry snuggled up to her and Ron threw an arm around both of them. Dean and Seamus nodded to her. The dorm went quiet again as they all fell asleep one by one. Harry and Ron stayed awake for awhile longer than the others. Both of them were thinking the same thing..Hermione was their friend..their best friend. Nothing more than that...

Or was she?

Harry sighed..Ron and Hermione were both the most important people in his life and he couldn't exactly put the kind of relationship they had into words. He didn't really understand it himself.