The Golden Thread::Book Two::Chamber of Secrets::

Precious moments

Harry Potter was having the best time of his life.

As the summer rolled by he settled into his new life easily. Mrs. Weasley helped Harry and Ron redecorate Ron's room so that it would suit both boys. Red walls with gold stars that actually glowed at night and a Gryffindor lion on the roof. Ron's side of the room was full of chudley cannons posters while Harry had hung pictures of his parents and one of him, the Weasleys and Hermione that had been taken the day his guardianship had been finalized. Mrs. Weasley had also knitted him a blanket, red with gold lightning bolts and snitches. Harry loved it and always slept with it even though he hadn't been sleeping in his own bed opting instead to drag his blanket and pillow over to Ron's bed and sleep there instead. Hermione and Ginny had become fast friends. Harry enjoyed Ginny's company as well, she was smart and funny. Harry had started to teach her how to fly.

Mr. Weasley showed Harry around the garage where he kept a ton of muggle stuff. He would smile and ruffle Harry's hair as he questioned him endlessly about everything from electricity to how the postal service worked.

He, Ron, Fred, George and Ginny would practice their flying skills before dinner most evenings, and took turns riding Harry's nimbus. Percy was harder to get along with but Harry didn't mind him all that much. He'd also gotten owls from Bill and Charlie, the other Weasley brothers, who introduced themselves and told him to ask them for advice if he ever needed it.

Harry, Ron and Hermione also made sure they had time for themselves as well, just the three of them.

How did you guys know I was in trouble? Harry asked one day as the three of them sat alone under a tree in the orchard.

Well, first of all you weren't keeping in touch.. Ron thought

And...we dreamed about it.. Hermione added

The described their dreams and the fact that they'd had them the same night.

That...Harry gulped, remembering That actually happened..

They stared at each other

This thing is more powerful than we thought..first the long distance communication at the end of last school year and now dreaming about things that are actually happening. Ron pointed out

Yeah. Who knows how much more we'll be able to do. Harry thought

I think it's only going to get more powerful as we get older. Hermione commented.

That makes sense..maybe we should try practicing too! Harry thought excitedly

Should be fun... Ron thought But for now... He poked Harry in the stomach he squeaked and rolled away

"Get him!" Ron yelled. Hermione grinned and they both began to tickle Harry who roared with laughter and pushed them away

"Stop, stop! Guys!" He chuckled. He managed to wiggle away and tackled Hermione. He poked her in the ribs which made her squeal. She pushed him off and he toppled into the grass then they both grinned at Ron who slowly away

"Oh no.." he muttered

"Oh yes!" Harry yelped and they double teamed him.

After a few more minute of playing the trio headed back to the house figuring it was around dinner time. As they walked Ron took his hand but, unlike the other times, he laced their fingers together. Harry didn't make anything of it and he saw that Ron had taken Hermione's hand in the same way.

That night a few hours after bed time Harry and Ron were just falling asleep when their door creaked open.

'Mione? Ron thought sleepily as their friend slipped into the room

What's up? Harry asked

It's no fair that you two get to cuddle and I'm all alone. Hermione pouted Can I sleep in here tonight.

Ron sighed, he just couldn't say no.

Alright, alright. Come on then.

Hermione smiled and climbed into bed, the three of them happily drifted off together. This was the first time they'd all been in the same bed since last school year and they all slept better than they had in quite awhile.

They were caught the next morning when Mrs. Weasley came in to wake Harry and Ron for breakfast when they'd slept in late. To Ron's shock nothing came of it. Mrs. Weasley had simply shaken them all gently awake and told them it was time to eat before walking back out of the room.

For the first time in his life Harry wished summer would never end.