Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 10

The end of Summer is coming, unfortunately for Harry, even though he had the best time with the Weasleys.

On the last evening, Mrs. Weasley conjured a sumptuous dinner that included all of Key and Harry's favorite things, ending with a mouthwatering treacle pudding.

Fred and George rounded off the evening with a display of Filibuster fireworks; they filled the kitchen with red and blue stars that bounced from ceiling to wall for at least half an hour. Then it was time for a last mug of hot chocolate and bed.

It took a long while to get started next morning. They were up at dawn, but somehow they still seemed to have a great deal to do.

Mrs. Weasley dashed about in a bad mood looking for spare socks and quills; people kept colliding on the stairs, half-dressed with bits of toast in their hands; and Mr. Weasley nearly broke his neck, tripping over a stray chicken as he crossed the yard carrying Ginny's trunk to the car.

Harry and Key couldn't see how eight people, six large trunks, two owls, and a rat were going to fit into one small Ford Anglia. They knew probably Mr. Weasley added some special features.

"Don't tell Molly", Mr. Weasley whispered to Harry and Key, as he opened the trunk and showed him how it had been magically expanded so that the luggage fitted easily.

Harry and Key smiled.

When at last they were all in the car, Mrs. Weasley glanced into the back seat, where Harry, Ron, Fred, Key, Makai, George, and Percy were all sitting comfortably side by side, and said, "Muggles do know more than we give them credit for, don't they?"

Mrs. Weasley and Ginny got into the front seat, which had been stretched so that it resembled a park bench.

"I mean, you'd never know it was this roomy from the outside, would you?" Mrs. Weasley pointed out.

Makai looks at Key, Key smiles.

"You know, Key, Makai, I'm surprised that you two aren't flying", said Fred.

"I like being by Harry's side", said Key.

Mr. Weasley started up the engine and they trundled out of the yard.

"And I stay by Key, also I'm nervous about flying like that", said Makai.

"So, how come you weren't that nervous with me?" asked Ginny.

"Because I like being with somebody and traveling lost distance, I just get sick", said Makai.

"I think it would be cool!" replied George.

George had forgotten his box of Filibuster fireworks. Five minutes after that, they skidded to a halt in the yard so that Fred could run in for his broomstick. They had almost reached the highway when Ginny shrieked that she'd left her diary. By the time she had clambered back into the car, they were running very late, and tempers were running high.

Key, Makai, and Harry are watching this craziness.

Mr. Weasley glanced at his watch and then at his wife.

"Molly, dear--" said Mr. Weasley.

"No , Arthur --" said Mrs. Weasley.

"No one would see - this little button here is an Invisibility Booster I installed - that'd get us up in the air - then we fly above the clouds. We'd be there in ten minutes and no one would be any the wiser--" said Mr. Weasley.

"I said no, Arthur, not in broad daylight--" said Mrs. Weasley.

They reached King's Cross at a quarter to eleven. Mr. Weasley dashed across the road to get trolleys for their trunks and they all hurried into the station.

"Percy first," said Mrs. Weasley, looking nervously at the clock overhead, which showed they had only five minutes to disappear casually through the barrier.

Percy strode briskly forward and vanished. Mr. Weasley went next; Fred and George followed.

"I'll take Ginny and you two come right after us," Mrs. Weasley told Harry and Ron, grabbing Ginny's hand and setting off. In the blink of an eye they were gone.

"Let's go together, we've only got a minute," Ron said to Harry.

"Ready?" Key asks Makai.

"Yeah", said Makai.

Harry made sure that Hedwig's cage was safely wedged on top of his trunk and wheeled his trolley around to face the barrier.

Key and Makai are behind Ron and Harry.

Ron and Harry try to go through platform 9 and 10, but they crash, which surprises Key and Makai.

No muggles noticed.

"What happened?" asked Ron.

Makai and Key help Ron and Harry up.

"Key, feel the platform", said Makai.

Key feels the platform and senses odd magic.

"It's closed, no wonder you couldn't go through", said Key.

"We'll miss the train", said Makai.

"More importantly what if my parents can't go through to go home", said Ron.

"Could you two try to open the platform?" asked Harry.

"We're in public plus I don't know magic like that", said Key.

"Fine, let's wait in the car", said Harry.

"The car", said Ron, then walked away.

"What is he up to?" asked Key.

"I have a bad feeling", said Makai.

They are in the car, Harry and Ron are in the front and Key with Makai are in the back.

"Ron, us flying to Hogwarts in a flying car is crazy and what if people see us?" Key pointed out.

"What other choice, do we have, plus this is an emergency", said Ron.

"Wait, we could teleport you two there and then we go there", Makai suggested.

"Why didn't you say that early?" asked Ron.

Makai teleports Ron and Harry.

"Good answer", said Key.

Key and Makai teleport away.

"Harry! Harry!" Key calls.

"I need help", said Harry, trying to avoid the whomping willow's attacks.

The whomping willow is a tree.

"What the heck is that?" asked Key, as she fly.

"I'm not sure", said Makai, while flying as well.

"Less talking, more helping please", said Ron.

Key takes Harry and Makai takes Ron, they fly away from the whomping willow tree.

They head to Hogwarts and get inside.

Once they get inside then Key and Makai make all their suitcases appear.

"Thank goodness", said Makai.

"That was insane", said Key.

"You said it", said Harry.

"Why would they plant a thing like that at a school?" asked Ron, angrily.