Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 16

Harry spent a lot of time over the next few days dodging out of sight whenever he saw Gilderoy Lockhart coming down a corridor.

Key and Makai along with Qin, Li, Keni, Toni, Syria, Amy, Devin, and Betty are researching info on the fae's world and what it could look like in the library.

"It seems that there's all kinds of parts in our old land", said Betty.

"Yeah, there's a place for woodland creatures and garden helpers named UnaYan", said Ally, while hanging upside down.

"There's a place for healers named Uman", replied Syria.

"What about half faes?" Makai asks Syria.

"Oh, chapter 7 says that half faes have a safe haven named Usirah or some of the half faes would live in the muggle world, there was a huge debate about half faes staying in this haven and being raised there or being raised in the muggle world, which caused some trouble", Syria told Makai, while looking at a book.

"Any other pieces?" Key asks curiously.

"Yeah, two more, Uta the place for underwater creatures who the faes have befriended and the last place is Yurya the faes that protect the world from dark magic and evil muggles", said Toni, while looking at the book.

"Well, that's great info, but nothing doesn't really describe what the original home of the faes look like, what a shame", said Key, then puts her head on a book, looking like she is giving up.

"Don't give up, Key, there must be a hint somewhere in these book", replied Makai, while holding Key's hands and put her hand on the book.

Key's eyes glows along with her body, then Makai's body is glowing as well.

All the books they were looking at start flying around, the words come out of the books, the words suck them into a book.

"Key! Key!" A voice echoes.

Key opens her eyes and sees Syria.

Key gets up immediately and says "Where is everybody?"

"I don't know, when I woke up, I only saw you", said Syria, honestly. "I'm sorry".

"That's okay, it's not your fault, let's try and find them", said Key, trying to remain calm.

"Always the calm type, just like back then", said Syria.

"Don't tease me, come on", said Key, with a smirk, then takes Syria's hand.

Key and Syria walk around and sees forest all around them, they also notice how peaceful it feels, the air smells pure, the wind feels nice as well.

"It feels amazing here", said Syria, while spinning around.

"It is, but I thought we had entered the book, so how can we feel everything?" Key wondered, as a leaf landed in her hands.

"Come back here, dear child!" called a woman.

"Huh?" replied Syria and Key, looking shocked.

They see a 7-year-old girl who has long black hair, brown skin, wearing an orange dress and shoes run towards them and goes through Key.

'She went right through me', thought Key, white looking shocked.

"Come back, here", said A woman.

The woman has long brown hair, brown skin, wearing an orange dress and heels; she is 30, and is running after the girl.

"Young girl, you're not supposed to be running off on your own", said The woman.

"Should we follow them?" Syria asks Key.

"I think yes, if we are following the book we were reading, then this is Usirah, because this definitely isn't a muggle world", said Key.

"What makes you so sure?" Syria asks Key.

"Touch the tree", said Key.

Syria touches the trees.

"Oh! I feel rejuvenated", said Syria, feeling the tree's healing powers.

"See", said Key.

Key and Syria run off and see The woman has caught the girl.

"Thank goodness, they are good", said Syria.

"Of course, look", said Key.

Syria sees a giant rainbow hawk and says "Hey, I saw that in this book, that guards the place, which is why this particular place is a safe Haven, but I didn't think it would help us figure out what the fae world looks like".

"Expect that we could have seen where the species lives and that could link us to pictures of the fae world", Key pointed out, looking slightly annoyed.

Syria shakes her head, points to the hawk, and says "He got killed by a death eater during the wizarding war".

"So, it's gone along with Usirah", Key figured out.

Syria nodded and says "Sorry, but look we get to see the amazing hawk now".

"How is it that we were able to see this, if this wasn't a picture book?" Key questions.

"Maybe because you have a magically link to this world because your parents actually grew up in this place, plus in the fae world, your powers of visions were originated by the fae: Aodh Sandydash, who was one of the fae's that protects the fae world from evil muggles and magical people", Syria assumed.

"So, was she or he a good fae or a bad one?" Key wondered, as she looks at the rainbow hawk being fed to the girl.

"It was never determined, it was a very split subject", said Syria.

A few minutes later, Syria and Key follow the woman and the young girl heading to a house that is in the middle of the woods.

"That must be where the kids are here", said Syria.

Key walks into the house and goes through the door.

Syria shrugs his shoulders and walks through the door.

Once they are inside the house, Syria looks up at multiple doors that are floating, while Key is looking at family photos of the family living in there.

"So, what now? We can't just look through every door, our friends could be in danger given where they are", said Syria.

"True, let's leave", said Key.

Key and Syria tried to go through the door like before, but they got hit, since the door had changed into a brick wall.

"By any chance, do you know any destructive spells?" Syria asks Key.

Key's eyes glow and blast the brick wall, but it still stands.

"Seems it didn't work", said Key.

"Wait, maybe one of these doors can link us to where our friends are, there must be a symbol to help us, pick the right door", replied Syria.

Key looked at the doors cautiously and noticed a door that had a picture of the rainbow hawk.

Syria notices that door and takes Key's hands.

Key spreads her wings and flies up to the door.

The symbol glows and opens the door.

Key flew into the door and the door closed behind them.