Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 17

Syria wakes up to see Qin and Li.

"Where?" Syria questions, jumps for joy and hugs Qin and Li. "Thank goodness, you are okay".

"Of course, we are, we're tough people, plus here it's more likely we will find friends, instead of enemies", said Li.

Qin whistles.

A hawk screech is heard.

"How, I thought we can't be seen?" Syria wondered.

The hawk lands, and reveals it has the body of a cat with the wings of a hawk.

"We can't, yet this guy can sense us, it seems we are magically linked", said Li, while petting the cat-hawk.

"So, is it the only creature that can sense us or are there more?" Syria questions. "Wait, where's Key? We were together".

"We didn't see her, only you", said Qin.

"But, we can answer that there are more creatures, but only he can sense us", Li answered Syria's question.

"So, we must've been sent to different parts of the book, maybe she is in Uta, Yurya, or Uman, since I can tell this is UnaYan, but where are the gardeners?" Syria figured it out.

Li and Qin hop on the cat-hawk and put Syria on him.

The cat-hawk flies up and heads to a village that has lots of gardens.

"Whoa! It's a whole village, last place we were there was only one house that is the size of a mansion, which is the safe haven for half faes", said Syria.

"So, you were in Usirah, what did it look like?" Qin asked, looking very interested.

"A big forest but not any animals, only a rainbow hawk and only a house, so pretty much kind of prehistoric, not even a village", said Syria.

"Oh!" replied Qin and Li.

"I wish we could have seen that", said Li.

"Yeah, that would've been perfect for you two", said Syria.

"Awww! Thanks", said Li.

"I agree", said Qin.

"I hope, Key is alright", said Syria.

In an underwater city: Uta, there are water horses swimming around, children with gills/the Kedroxes, Kedrog: Black pufferfish, Liglol: colorful seahorses, etc.

Kedrog is playing ball with each other.

Ligol are spreading crystals.

The Kedroxes is dancing amongst each other,

Water horses are communicating with The Kedroxes.

Swimming around is a normal child who has short curly black hair, white skin, and a brown tail.

This child is having fun with a ball with wings.

Makai is behind a coral and Ally.

"How do we get out of here?" Makai asks Ally.

"Well, if the book world, there must be a clue to a portal", said Ally.

"That is true, we must find that", said Makai.

Makai and Ally continue swimming and see a bright light.

"Makai, do you see what I see?" Ally pointed out.

"Key is going to love this?" Makai smiles.

"I am afraid to take anything from here", said Ally.

Ally and Makai make a copy of a pearl in a sphere form.

The copy shines brightly.

Ally and Makai teleported to an abandoned coral reef that has a destroyed school.

At the school, Ally and Makai are searching through the rumble.

Ligols and Kedrogs start gathering around Ally and Makai.

"We got company", Ally points to Ligol and Kedrog.

A Ligol and a Kedrog talk to Ally and Makai.

"Oh, you want to help us", Ally realized.

Ligols and Kedrogs nodded.

"Well, we would love your help", said Ally and Makai

A.t first, they find pieces of tables, chairs, and dust.

Ally, Makai, Ligols, and Kedrogs are finding pieces of a mirror.

Together, they put the pieces together.

"I didn't realize how fast we would finish this", said Ally.

A Ligol talks to Ally and Makai.

"Sorry, we can't stay", said Ally.

"But, we need to find our friends", said Makai.

Ligols and Kedrogs look sad.

"Don't be sad, we will visit again", Ally reassures Ligols and Kedrogs.

Ally and Makai look at the mirror, the mirror glows, and a portal opens.

The portal sucks Ally and Makai in.

The portal takes them to a land where unicorns, plants, bushes, flowers, etc

This land is Uman: the great place for healers.

Among those unicorns are Toni, who is feeding them with carrots.

Betty is flying over flowers and goes over the flowers.

Keni is communicating with unicorns.

People are healing animals in lines.

These people are the healers.

The healers have flowers in their hair, green outfits, and shoes.

These healers are both male and female and age doesn't matter.

Ally and Makai land in the roses.

Betty notices them and hugs Ally and Makai.

"Ally! Makai!" exclaimed Keni.

"Keni!" replied Ally and Makai, as they are being hugged by Betty.

"Betty, let them go", said Keni.

"Oh. Okay", said Betty, then lets go of Ally and Makai.

Ally and Makai hug Keni.

"Hey, what about me?" asked Toni.

"Well, join the hug", said Makai.

Toni joins the hug.

"So, I am guessing Key isn't here either", said Makai.

"Unfortunately yes, we have checked and no sign of her, Devin, or Amy", said Keni.

"So, this is Uman, so Key must be in Yurya", said Syria.

"But, how do we get there now? There's no magical items except the unicorns", Makai asks them.

"Wait, the unicorns, maybe if we touch their horns and we get teleported there", said Betty.

"Betty, I don't think it will be that easy", said Keni.

Betty touches the horn of a unicorn and disappears.

"Or maybe it is", said Keni, looking shocked along with Toni, Syria, and Makai.

Toni, Syria, and Makai touch the horns and disappear.

They all land in the ground with the night sky in the back.

"Odd, all the other places we were in, it was always daylight", said Syria.

"So, that must mean this place is very dangerous", Keni figured out.

"It is indeed, and you are trespassing", said A person.

Keni, Amy, Betty, Syria, and Makai turns around to see a person has dark brown hair in a ponytail, white skin, wearing a blue robe named Maddock Highmore.

"We come in peace, we are fellow faes", said Makai.

"Well, except me because I am a witch", said Syria.

Maddock looks deeply at Toni, Keni, Betty, Amy, Syria, and Makai.

Maddock whistles.

Small amounts of glitter, and reveals to be a girl who has curly red hair, white skin, wearing a black robe appears.

This girl's name is Zaleria Calarook.

Zaleria walks up to them, holding Toni, Betty, Keni, Syria, and Makai's hand one by one.

Zaleria smiles and hugs Syria, Toni, Betty, Keni, and Makai one by one.

"So, have we been approved?" Amy asks Zaleria and Maddock.

"Indeed, fellow fae sister", said Zaleria.

"Oh, fellow fae sister, it's great to meet you…" replied Amy, feeling flattered.

"Zaleria, welcome to Yurya, I sense you are looking for companions", said Zaleria.

"We are indeed, Ms. Zaleria", said Keni, showing great respect.

"Then, I think we can help", said Zaleria, then takes Keni's hand. "Follow me".

Toni's eye is twitching a bit, showing her jealousy.

Zaleria leads to the two hedges.

All of them look interested.

Maddock opens the hedges.

The hedges reveals a pathway, the pathway have a magical shield above it, under the pathway there are spikes, animals, etc

"Be careful", said Zaleria. "No flying, magic, or fear".

Toni, Keni, Betty, Syria, and Makai walk slowly through the path.

The Spikes disappear.

The animals remain calm.

They continue walking through the path and they see a mysterious person in a robe.

The mysterious person is revealed to be Amy.

Toni, Betty, Keni, Syria, and Makai sees a bunch of people in robes.