Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 19

Harry spent a lot of time over the next few days dodging out of sight whenever he saw Gilderoy Lockhart coming down a corridor. Harder to avoid was Colin Creevey, who seemed to have memorized Harry's schedule. Nothing seemed to give Colin a bigger thrill than to say, "All right, Harry?" six or seven times a day and hear, "Hello, Colin," back, however exasperated Harry sounded when he said it.

Harry was glad to get some time to relax, while listening to Key's story about her adventures in the other worlds of the fae.

Key shows Harry the book.

Harry was amazed to see not the wonderful lands but also his cousin and her friends exploring these places.

"Isn't amazing, you know Harry, you look tired", said Key.

"Sorry, it's just I was trying to avoid Lockhart and Colin, I can't take it, also Hedwig is still mad at me because of the incident with the car", said Harry.

"I am sorry, here I am sharing all these stories and you are completely drained, you need to lie down", said Key, then closed the door.

"What? No, I'm fine, if anybody needs to worry about them. It's me being worried about you", Harry reassures Key.

"I have no idea, what you mean, I'm fine", Key lied, looking calm.

"Key, I have lived with you for years, I know when you are trying to avoid or hide something, what's going on?" Harry tells Key, looking serious.

"Harry, seriously it's nothing, I'm completely fine", Key lied again, sounding a bit angry.

"Fine, then let's go to Hagrid's", said Harry.

"Yeah, that's a great idea", said Key, with a smile.

Key and Harry head outside to the Hagrid's, while walking there they see Abigail.

Key goes to Abigail.

"Hi", Key puts on a fake smile.

"Key, having fun?" Abigail asks Key.

"Yeah, just went on an adventure with my friends", said Key.

"Sweetie, are you alright? You look like you saw something horrible", Abigail noticed.

"I have no idea what you are talking about", Key lied.

"Key, what's going on? I can help", Abigail offered.

"You can help, by letting go please or erasing this memory", replied Key.

Abigail and Harry look shocked after hearing Key wanting to erase a memory.

"Never mind", Key walks away, realizing what she said.

"Wait, Key, seriously please tell us", said Harry, looking concerned.

"Just let it go, okay Harry, it's not that bad", said Key, trying not to look at Harry.

"Why? Why won't tell me, your cousin, I thought we tell each other everything", Harry asks Key.

"I can't, because I can't accept the truth", Key admitted, sounding emotional.

Key spreads her wings and flies off.

"We should leave her alone for now", Abigail decided.

"But, what could be so horrible?" Harry wondered. "That she wouldn't tell me".

"I don't know, but I had to guess it has something to do with it because she looked like she was about to cry as she looked at you", Abigail remembered.

Harry looks shocked.

For the rest of the day, Key and Harry miss each other.

The next morning, Harry was shaken awake several hours earlier than he would have liked by Oliver Wood, Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

"Whassamatter?" said Harry groggily.

"Quidditch practice!" said Wood. "Come on!"

Harry squinted at the window. There was a thin mist hanging across the pink and gold sky. Now that he was awake, he couldn't understand how he could have slept through the racket the birds were making.

"Oliver," Harry croaked. "It's the crack of dawn."

"Exactly," said Wood. He was a tall and burly sixth year and, at the moment, his eyes were gleaming with a crazed enthusiasm. "It's part of our new training program. Come on, grab your broom, and let's go," said Wood heartily. "None of the other teams have started training yet; we're going to be first off the mark this year—"

Yawning and shivering slightly, Harry climbed out of bed and tried to find his Quidditch robes.

"Good man," said Wood. "Meet you on the field in fifteen minutes."

When he'd found his scarlet team robes and pulled on his cloak for warmth, Harry scribbled a note to Ron explaining where he'd gone and went down the spiral staircase to the common room, his Nimbus Two Thousand on his shoulder.

As Harry reaches the portrait hole, he starts to think about what happened with Key yesterday.

Colin Creevey with his camera is talking to Key.

"Colin, enough it's bad enough that I got woken up this dang early no more questions", Key groans.

"But, I have more questions about faes", Colin told Key, then saw Harry.

"Oh no", said Harry.

"Hey, Harry!" Colin called.

"Sorry, Colin, I'm in a hurry—Quidditch practice—" Harry told Colin.

Harry climbed through the portrait hole.

"Oh, wow! Wait for me! I've never watched a Quidditch game before!" replied Colin.

Colin scrambled through the hole after him.

"It'll be really boring," Harry said quickly, but Colin ignored him, his face shining with excitement.

Key groans, then goes through the hole.

"You were the youngest House player in a hundred years, weren't you, Harry? Weren't you?" said Colin, trotting alongside him. "You must be brilliant. I've never flown. Is it easy? Is that your own broom? Is that the best one there is?"

Key starts to glow and whispers "Lam Yaqua".

Colin's word goes silent.

Harry looked shocked, then looked at Key.

Key winks.

"Thank you", said Harry.

"You are welcome, but we can't leave him like this, can we?" Key questions.

"Leave who? Like what?" said Somebody familiar.

They see Betty with Devin as they exit the castle.

"What are you two doing out here early?" Key wondered.

"We are just having fun", Devin lied.

"We heard that all of you had to come out early, plus we are practicing a special spell", Betty told Key.

"What kind of spell?" Key asks her friends.

"You'll have to wait and see", Betty teases Key.

"By the way, we know that you saw a vision of something terrible happening to him and I have a memory loss spell since this memory is haunting you", Devin whispered.

"How did you know?" Key asks Devin in a whisper.

Betty starts talking to Harry, as she leads him to the Quidditch field.

"What about Key?" Harry asked.

"She will catch up", Betty admitted, then winks at Devin.

"Your eyes, you look like you barely got any sleep, am I correct?" Devin pointed out in a whisper.

"You are, and I haven't even told Harry and let me tell you it is killing me", Key admitted in a whisper. "Please erase this memory, I beg of you".

"Girl, if I do this, this may affect your visions", Devin warns Key in a whisper.

"I can handle any consequences", Key insisted in a whisper.

Devin's eyes glow, puts his hand on Key's head, and a ball of blue aura is taken from her and her eyes are glowing.

The rest of the Gryffindor team were already in the changing room. Wood was the only person who looked truly awake. Fred and George Weasley were sitting, puffy eyed and tousle haired, next to fourth year Alicia Spinnet, who seemed to be nodding off against the wall behind her. Her fellow Chasers, Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson, were yawning side by side opposite them.

"There you are, Harry, what kept you? And where's Key, nevermind" said Wood briskly. "Now, I wanted a quick talk with you all before we actually get onto the field, because I spent the summer devising a whole new training program, which I really think will make all the difference…"

Wood was holding up a large diagram of a Quidditch field, on which were drawn many lines, arrows, and crosses in different coloured inks. He took out his wand, tapped the board, and the arrows began to wiggle over the diagram like caterpillars. As Wood launched into a speech about his new tactics, Fred Weasley's head drooped right onto Alicia Spinnet's shoulder and he began to snore.

Key appears in the changing room, looking out of breath, and stands by Harry.

"What took you so long?" Harry asks Key in a whisper.

"Got a bit distracted", Key whispered.

"Are sure you can handle practice?" Harry whispered, looking worried.

"Of course", Key winked.

The first board took nearly twenty minutes to explain, but there was another board under that, and a third under that one.

Harry tries to ask Key what her vision is about, but Key insists that she doesn't even remember and he could see she isn't lying this time.

Harry looks at her with worry and asks in a whisper "Do you remember your journey?"

Key nodded.

Wood brings back Key and Harry's attention back on himself.

"I've got a question, Oliver," said George, who had woken with a start. "Why couldn't you have told us all this yesterday when we were awake?"

Wood wasn't pleased.

"Now, listen here, you lot," he said, glowering at them all. "We should have won the Quidditch cup last year. We're easily the best team. But unfortunately—ow

ing to circumstances beyond our control—"

Harry shifted guiltily in his seat. He had been unconscious in the hospital wing for the final match of the previous year, meaning that Gryffindor had been a player short and had suffered their worst defeat in three hundred years.

Key reassures Harry that he shouldn't feel guilty about what happened last year.

Wood took a moment to regain control of himself. Their last defeat was clearly still torturing him.

"So this year, we train harder than ever before… Okay, let's go and put our new theories into practice!" Wood shouted, seizing his broomstick and leading the way out of the locker rooms. Stiff legged and still yawning, his team followed.

They had been in the locker room so long that the sun was up completely now, although remnants of mist hung over the grass in the stadium.

As Harry and Key walked onto the field, not only did they see Betty and Devin, they saw Ron and Hermione sitting in the stands.

"Aren't you finished yet?" called Ron incredulously.

"Haven't even started," said Harry, looking jealousy at the toast and marmalade Ron and Hermione had brought out of the Great Hall. "Wood's been teaching us new moves."

Key's stomach starts growling, as she looks at the toast.

Harry mounted his broomstick and kicked at the ground, soaring up into the air. The cool morning air whipped his face, waking him far more effectively than Wood's long talk. It felt wonderful to be back on the Quidditch field.

Key and Harry smile at each other as they are flying.

Key flies off right after Harry, she smiles as she looks at the field and feels the breeze.

Harry and Key soared right around the stadium at full speed, racing Fred and George.

"What's that funny clicking noise?" called Fred as they hurtled around the corner.

Harry and Key looked into the stands.

Colin was sitting in one of the highest seats, his camera raised, taking picture after picture, the sound strangely magnified in the deserted stadium.

Harry and Key groaned as they saw Colin and heard "Look this way, Harry! This way!" he cried shrilly.

"Seems my spell weared off or somebody took it off him", Key noticed.

"Who's that?" said Fred.

"No idea," Harry and Key lied.

They fly away to get as far away from Colin as possible.

"What's going on?" said Wood, frowning, as he skimmed through the air toward them. "Why's that first year taking pictures? I don't like it. He could be a Slytherin spy, trying to find out about our new training program."

"No, he's a Gryffindor", said Key and Harry, quickly.

"And the Slytherins don't need a spy, Oliver," said George.

"What makes you say that?" said Wood testily.

"Because they're here in person," said George, pointing.

Several people in green robes were walking onto the field, broomsticks in their hands.

"I don't believe it!" Wood hissed in outrage. "I booked the field for today! We'll see about this!"

Wood shot toward the ground, landing rather harder than he meant to in his anger, staggering slightly as he dismounted.

Harry, Key, Fred, and George followed.