Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 11

Inside Hogwarts, Harry, Key, Makai, and Ron are walking through the hall.

"I think the feast's already started," said Ron.

"I can confirm that", said Key.

Key makes a screen that shows Innumerable candles were hovering in midair over four long, crowded tables, making the golden plates and goblets sparkle. Overhead, the bewitched ceiling, which always mirrored the sky outside, sparkled with stars.

They see a long line of scared-looking first years filing into the Hall. Ginny was among them, easily visible because of her vivid Weasley hair.

Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall, a bespectacled witch with her hair in a tight bun, was placing the famous Hogwarts Sorting Hat on a stool before the newcomers.

A very small, mousy-haired boy had been called forward to place the hat on his head.

Harry's eyes wandered past him to where Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster, sat watching the Sorting from the staff table, his long silver beard and half-moon glasses shining brightly in the candlelight.

Several seats along, They saw Gilderoy Lockhart, dressed in robes of aquamarine. And there at the end was Hagrid, huge and hairy, drinking deeply from his goblet.

"Wait! Where's Snape?" asked Makai.

"I have a bad feeling", said Key.

"Maybe he's ill", said Ron.

"Or he left", said Harry.

"Or maybe," said a very cold voice right behind them, "he's waiting to hear why you four didn't arrive on the school train."

Key, Harry, Makai, and Ron turn around to see Snape.

"I knew something bad will happen", said Key.

"So, can you explain how come you four didn't come like everybody else, instead using teleportation?" asked Snape.

"The Platform was closed, we couldn't get through", said Makai.

"That's impossible, all the other kids got here the normal way, so if it was closed none of them would have made it here", said Snape.

"But, it's true, I sensed magic blocking the magic that let us go through, so we used our magic to get here", said Makai.

"Key, Harry, Ron, and Makai, there you are", said Abigail. "What happened?"

"Abigail, we're trying to explain it to Professor Snape, but he doesn't believe us", said Key.

"Well, I can't help, but probably you will have to go to Dumbledore", said Abigail.

Abigail takes Key, Harry, Ron, and Makai end up meeting Dumbledore.

"Thank goodness, you all are okay, I was worried, as for what you told me. We will investigate it, but for now we can't leave this unpunished", said a Dumbledore.

"I understand, sir", said Makai.

"Whatever you assign we'll do", said Key.

"Oh, I won't be assigning the punishment, that will be the head of your houses", said Dumbledore.

"Oh no", said Makai.

"It will be okay", said Key.

"I will be writing to your families tonight. I must also warn you that if you do anything like this again, I will have no choice but to expel you all", said Dumbledore.

"Understood", said Key.

Key, Harry, and Ron separate from Makai.

"Good luck", said Key, then gives Makai a kiss on the cheek.

Key, Harry, and Ron meet up, Professor McGonagall.

They explain what happened.

"It is a good thing that you didn't get to hurt by the tree, I knew it was trouble, but more importantly for your punishment, you three will have detention and You'd better get along to the hospital wing, Weasley, you're bleeding", said Professor McGonagall.

"Not much," said Ron, hastily wiping the cut over his eye with his sleeve.

"Professor, I wanted to watch my sister being Sorted--" said Ron.

"The Sorting Ceremony is over," said Professor McGonagall. "Your sister is also in Gryffindor."

"Oh, good," said Ron.

"And speaking of Gryffindor -" Professor McGonagall said sharply.

"Professor, when we took the car, term hadn't started, so - so Gryffindor shouldn't really have points taken from it - should it?" Harry finished, watching her anxiously.

Professor McGonagall gave Harry a piercing look, but he was sure she had almost smiled. Her mouth looked less thin, anyway.

"I will not take any points from Gryffindor," she said, and Harry's heart lightened considerably.

It was better than Harry and Key had expected. As for Dumbledore's writing to the Dursleys, that was nothing. They knew perfectly well they'd just be disappointed that the Whomping Willow hadn't squashed him flat.

Professor McGonagall raised her wand again and pointed it at Snape's desk. A large plate of sandwiches, two silver goblets, and a jug of iced pumpkin juice appeared with a pop.

"You will eat in here and then go straight up to your dormitory," she said. "I must also return to the feast."

When the door had closed behind her, Ron let out a long, low whistle.

"I thought we'd had it," he said, grabbing a sandwich.

"So did I," said Harry, taking one, too.

Key started eating too.

"Can you believe our luck, though?" said Ron thickly through a mouthful of chicken and ham. "Fred and George must've flown that car five or six times and no Muggle ever saw them ." He swallowed and took another huge bite. " Why couldn't we get through the barrier?"

Harry shrugged. "We'll have to watch our step from now on, though," he said, taking a grateful swig of pumpkin juice. "Wish we could've gone up to the feast..."

When they had eaten as many sandwiches as they could (the plate kept refilling itself) they rose and left the office, treading the familiar path to Gryffindor Tower.

The castle was quiet; it seemed that the feast was over.

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